Waffle House

January 14, 2016

 A woman is facing several charges after going on a rampage at a Waffle House restaurant in Kennesaw, Ga., all while completely naked. The incident happened Jan. 8 around 10:30 p.m. at the location on George Busbee Parkway. According to police, the woman, identified as Jennifer Nicholson, stripped off her clothes, punched a woman in the face and then threw a plate at a window. She also threw several platters at patrons of the restaurant. When police tried to subdue Nicholson, she fought back, scratching an officer. The woman who was punched sustained a broken nose in the attack, according to police. Nicholson is facing several assault and public indecency charges. She's currently being held in the Cobb County Jail.

What’s your craziest Waffle House experience?

Slacker says that their mission could possibly be that they’re the only place open at 3 am, so no matter what the food tastes like, they’d still make a killing. He’s tempted to go see what it looks like on a Sunday at 11 am when the super hard parties get done and go get food to eat. He says that he would be glad to know that the hair he found in his waffle was from an employee who washed her hair in the kitchen there (bound to get one anyway).  There was one time he was with members of his band at a Waffle House and he was messing around with a knife and almost stabbed his brain.

Steve says that it’s not a slam to Waffle House itself, but to all of the drunken idiots that go in there and do crazy stuff. He says that the regulars there can’t be shocked anymore at the stuff that happens nightly. He said that stabbings must seem like a regular Thursday event. But that you don’t get this kind of entertainment at other places like Denny’s or IHOP. Steve says that if someone there drunkenly wants to start a fight with you, then you have to do it!    

YI! It's Intern Jorden here, and I have countless stories about Waffle House. It used to be a weekly event that my entire group of friends would go to The Grizzly Rose Thursday nights and then proceed to get food after. And every week was the same, the boys would get ridiculously intoxicated and the girlfriends would have to babysit them. My boyfriend at the time was 6'3 (a whole foot taller than me) so it was rather hard to control his drunk self when he and his friend would get into stupid antics there. It was about evey single time atleast one of them hit on the waitstaff or pass out in the booths. But the good part is that we all took countless pictures or videos of them!

-Intern Jorden