Weird Wake Up

February 18, 2016

Police in Virginia are trying to make sense of a woman's story about how she took an Uber ride to a taco restaurant and somehow woke up the next day in the backseat of a stolen car. The 22-year-old Arlington woman claims she drank a bottle of wine and called an Uber to take her to District Taco on Saturday night. She says she left the restaurant at 9:45 and walked into a nearby Hyatt hotel. After milling about the lobby for a few minutes, she walked outside and drove off in a Chevy Malibu that the valet had left running. It's not known where she drove to, but she says she woke up at 1 a.m. and drove herself to her home. At 9 a.m. she called police to say that she had a car that didn't belong to her and wasn't sure why. Cops arrived and recovered the car, which had been reported stolen. They also arrested her for grand theft auto.

Slacker went to a place called the hill and got drunk with penny pitchers he went to the bathroom and doesn’t remember anything; next thing he knew was him waking up in another town on another campus in Golden.

Steve seems to be normal and hasn’t woken up in a weird place.

What weird place have you woken up in?