Wouldn't Believe Me If I Told You

January 22, 2016

Sometimes you hear a story and just can’t believe it. Whether its divine intervention or crazy coincidence, some unbelievable stories are not only true, they can be inspiring as well.
A suspected armed attacker was 'felled by the power of God' after he allegedly attempted to kill a priest in a Colombian church. Video footage shows the would-be hooded assassin leaping from his seat at the front of the congregation and pulling out a large knife as he runs up to Pedro Pablo Martin. But he stops in his tracks as he comes within inches of the priest - who reacts to the assault with the words: "There is power in the name of Jesus". As the religious man repeats the same phrase over and over again in the same monotone voice, the mystery assailant takes his hood down before appearing to lose his bearings and falling to the floor as if the grip of a greater force. Other worshipers rushed to disarm him and stand over him, recriminating him for his actions and repeating the words of their vicar as the knifeman appears to suffer convulsions on the floor. The temple where the incident happened - the Pentecostal IPUC Bosa in the Colombian capital Bogota - wasted no time in posting a video of the drama recorded on cameras inside the church on its website. Church officials claimed the mystery assailant had also approached the priest and whispered in his ear he was there to kill him before being ordered to sit down and listen to the service.
Jennifer called in and told a story about her grandmother who passed and literally left with a smile on her face, after telling her family that she would send them a sign to let them know she was OK. Ashley called to tell her story about how a drunk driver hit her car but would have killed her if she hadn’t taken out some items from her trunk that she was planning to take out that morning but never did. Christina was in a 104-car pile-up, including fatalities, while her car was completly unscathed.
Slacker said that usually these stories sound too crazy to be true, and he usually doesn’t believe them. However, the story about the priest in Columbia has him reconsidering things, that there is no way this one is staged. Who would go through this stunt knowing they would be sent to jail for attempted murder? Slacker mentioned that Ashley’s laziness saved her life. 
Steve said these things are usually some sort of productions and scams, and then asks is the attacker and the church conspiring together to boost their attendance? Steve thinks that rigor mortis was responsible for Grandma’s smile. Steve wondered aloud if the other drivers hated Christina for her good luck.

Intern scott