Young and Dumb

January 29, 2016

Young, dumb and not full of brains! We have all done some really stupid things as kids, and luckily most of us are still around to talk about it.  Today we discussed the dumb things we did when we were young.

Hey! Kids!... Nothing GOOD Can Come From The 'Duct Tape Challenge'
A 14-year-old boy from Washington suffered facial injuries and was left blind in one eye after falling and hitting his head while playing a game called the "duct tape challenge". The teen and his friends were playing a game in which a person is bound with duct tape and tries to break free .  They learned  the game from watching videos online showing other people performing the stunt. The boy fell and hit his head… requiring 48 stitches on his head and suffering nerve damage in his right eye which left him blind.  He will spend the next few weeks re-learning how to perform basic everyday tasks as part of an inpatient rehab program.

Man tries to drink gallon of TABASCO SAUCE and the predictable happens
A foolish competitive eater finally met his match when he tried to take on a gallon of Tabasco sauce and lost - with disgusting results. The man, known as the LA Beast filmed himself attempting the challenge in a video that has been watched well over 3 million times on YouTube since it was posted. The caption said: "In an effort to add another notch to his spice belt, the L.A. BEAST happily accepted the challenge to drink an entire gallon of habanero Tabasco sauce (7,000 Scoville Heat Units). For the record, it is a terrible idea to think you can drink a gallon of Tabasco Sauce. Do not try this whatsoever." And the video shows just what a dreadful idea this is. As his body begins to convulse after the first glug he realizes his mistake, exclaiming: "Oh man, this is gonna be harder than I thought." Eventually the Tabasco wins and he ends up vomiting in a rather spectacular way. 

Slacker said that he thinks kids are acting younger and dumber than when he was a kid. However Slacker remembered a game where he would shotgun a beer while holding his breath and holding his carotid artery, then run a 40 yard dash.    

Steve said that with social media kids have a wider audience to act dumber. He said that if this was American Ninja Warrior he would watch. But Steve also recalled that he shot off a bullet without a gun, using a hammer.

Jumping off the roof with a Hefty Bag as a parachute ranks as one of my dumbest stunts as a kid.

Whats your young and dumb story?

Intern Scott