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OPP - Gunless Thanksgiving

Colin and Andrea are going to Thanksgiving at his grandma’s house, but Andrea is having second thoughts. One of Colin’s uncles has a concealed carry license, and is planning on bringing his gun to dinner. Andrea doesn’t want to go. Their two kids will be there, and what if something happens? Why is... Read More
Excited Women

BJ and Jamie - Full Show 11/14 (Audio)

Jamie tells a story about the time she was told she won homecoming queen and then didn't. Carson and Dylan still have participation trophies from when they were kids. Nike is gonna stop selling through Amazon. BJ's wife won't get rid of her car she never drives. Read More

We Can't All Be Graceful

Falling down happens a lot when we are young and it also happens when we are old, but it is ten times more embarrassing! What’s your funny fell down stories? Read More

OPP - Should She Forgive Her Brother's Bully?

Rebecca’s brother was bullied throughout high school, mainly by one specific kid. Her brother would come home covered in bruises, and sometimes crying. Well, recently that same bully saved her brothers life. He pulled him out of the way of a moving van. If he hadn’t, her brother would have been... Read More
Couple Talking

We Have To Talk

WE KNOW IT’S CLICHÉ, but talking is the most important part of a relationship. Specifically talking about these 9 topics: Their day Their sex life Appreciation of one another Division of house labor Inside jokes Finances Problems Future plans and Memories Read More