Royal Fans Shocked by George, Charlotte and Louis' Resemblance to Queen, William and Kate

Fans of the royal family could not believe how much the Cambridge children resembled the older generation in a new clip shared to social media to thank health care workers on the frontlines battling the coronavirus.
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Pondering Woman

Slacker and Steve - Do Guys Actually Like "Baby Talk"? 3/27 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve talk about women. Baby talk. Having a perfect body. These are just a couple things that some women think guys like. But is it actually true?
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Stephen Curry

Slacker and Steve - Stephen Curry Has Your Covid Answers 3/27 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve discuss Stephen Curry. He's a great basketball player...and covid-19 expert? Well, he's not actually the expert, but he did ask Dr. Fauci all the questions we wish we could ask him!
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Slacker, Steve, and Amber

Slacker and Steve - If You Have a Small Business That's Still Open: We Want to Help! It's Time for Roll Call! - FrYiday 3/27 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve do another round of Radio Roll Call! If you have a business that's still open during this outbreak we want to help! Slacker, Steve, and Amber want you to plug your business to let people know YOU'RE STILL HERE! It's time for roll call! You can also sign your...
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Woman Reading a Letter

Slacker and Steve - We Received a Letter That Stunned Us 3/27 (Audio)

Click to listen to Slacker and Steve react to a letter they received. There are a lot of people going above and beyond during the coronavirus outbreak. However, not enough thanks is given out. This letter stunned the gang!
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Hoda Kotb Breaks Down in Tears During Chat With Drew Brees Over Coronavirus Impact on Louisiana

Hoda Kotb’s heart is with the people of Louisiana. The “Today Show” anchor, who called New Orleans home for six years in the 90s, became emotional while talking with Drew Brees about how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the state. Read now.
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'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Impressively Solves Puzzle With Only One Letter

Mark Franco wowed Pat Sajak and the audience when he solved a puzzle at rapid speeds with only one letter on the board on Thursday’s episode of ‘Wheel of Fortune.’ See Franco’s impressive win now.
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Cleaning Spray

BJ and Jamie - Cleaning During Quarantine 3/27 (Audio)

Jamie has been cleaning her house like crazy because of the quarantine. Her son is trying to get out of helping her clean up stairs this weekend. SMH Dil’s house is very cluttered.
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Treasure Chest

BJ and Jamie - Another Death From Fenn Treasure Hunt 3/27 (Audio)

A man named Forest Fenn created the Fenn Treasure hunt. He says he has hidden 2 million dollars worth of gold and jewels in the Rocky Mountains. After yesterday 5 people have died looking for it.
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Peyton Manning

BJ and Jamie - Peyton Manning Crashes Students Zoom Call 3/27 (Audio)

Peyton Manning crashed a teleconference call with some students at the University of Tennesse.
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