Bourbon and Bacon Fest

Denver Bourbon & Bacon Fest 2020

Saturday, January 25, 2020
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Excited woman

BJ and Jamie - Full Show 12/6 (Audio)

We all had a great time at Alice in Winterland! Thank you Hanson for putting on a great show! BJ got someone towed!! It's Jamie's Birthday!! Carson can't pick up a chair. SMH Dil is a man whore.
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 ThamKC Creative #: 492812182

BJ and Jamie - BJ Got Someone Towed 12/6 (Audio)

BJ got someone towed last night!!
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Christmas Movie

Slacker and Steve - Do We Agree With the Top Christmas Movies of All Time? 12/5 (Audio)

The BEST Christmas movie is Love Actually! The WORST is Christmas with the Kranks! What are your favorite/least favorite Christmas movies?
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Holiday Party

Slacker and Steve - GMD - Is She the Life of the Party, or Is He Acting Like a Scrooge? 12/5 (Audio)

Jack and Becca have been married for quite some time, and Jack recently got a new job. His work is hosting a holiday party soon, and Jack doesn’t want Becca to go, but Becca wants to go. Becca tends to over drink and, make a fool of them. Becca knows she’s made mistakes in the past, but he is over...
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Jennifer Lopez ‘Would Like to Try’ To Have More Kids With Alex Rodriguez

She may sing “Ain’t Your Mama,” but Jennifer Lopez sure does love being one. The pop diva has revealed she hasn’t ruled out having more children with fiancé Alex Rodriguez , according to People . View this post on Instagram To me, the message of the year is that we’re limitless. Thank you @People...
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Horse on a Plane

Slacker and Steve - What's Up With These Horses on These Planes!? 12/4 (Audio)

I AM TIRED OF ALL THE GD ANIMALS ON THESE GD PLANES! Or something like that…I’d take a service mini horse over this lady that faked an illness, and forced an emergency landing all because she wanted a better seat. What are your flight follies?
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Pathetic Proposal

Slacker and Steve - We Can't Believe These Proposals Actually Worked! 12/4 (Audio)

Love will make you do crazy things, like proposing by putting an engagement ring in a KFC bowl. To each their own. How did you propose/how were you proposed to?
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Stamp on an Envelope

Slacker and Steve - OPP - When Sending Holiday Cards, Does It Matter What Kind of Stamp You Use? 12/4 (Audio)

With the culture that we are in now, anyone can be offended by anything…even postage stamps? That’s why Skylar called us. She’s sending letters and gifts, but should the choice of postage stamp matter? Is it a slap in the face to the recipient?
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Hit Your House

Slacker and Steve - This Happens When You Drive Too Fast at 2:00AM 12/4 (Audio)

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, wait, it’s just the plane’s evacuation slide… What’s the craziest thing that has hit your house?
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