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Help Slacker Name His Dog!

What should Slacker name his dog?
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We're Turning Into Our Parents!

Do you get angry when people leave the lights on when they're not in the room? Do you notice your neighbor's lawns? Do you wake up early without an alarm clock? CONGRATS! You're turning into your parents? When did you realize you were turning into your parents?
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GMD - She Wants A Biological Baby to Feel Like A Real Mom

Kyle and McKinley are married and have three kids from Kyle’s previous marriage. McKinley wants to have a kid of their own to make their family more complete. McKinley feels like she’s missing out on being a “real” mom by not having a child herself. Kyle’s kids look at McKinley as their true and...
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Steve is Right, But Also Wrong

Wait a second...Steve is right?!
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dollar store

We Love Saving Money, But Avoid These At the Dollar Store

There are some things you just shouldn't get at the dollar store.
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OPP: Admit to An Affair to Save the Marriage

Jennifer had an affair for about six months, and her husband doesn’t know about it. She has officially ended the affair and she knows it was wrong. She wants to fix her marriage with her husband, but doesn’t know what to do. Does she tell him about it, or does she try to repair their relationship...
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nap dress

Hear Me Out. A Dress, But For Napping

A dress specifically for napping! that already a thing?
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single dad

Dating Someone With Kids Can Be Tricky

Dating is hard enough, but dating someone with kids? Oh boy...
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Movie night

No! Casablanca is NOT the Greatest Movie of All Time!

What do you think is the greatest movie of all time?
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We gave YOU the control to ASK US (almost) ANYTHING!
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