Portugal. The Man

Sam Hill: Cool Version of "Feel It Still" on Kimmel!

Neato! Video of Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still
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Sam Hill: Charlie Puth and James Taylor Record a Tune Together!

Fans of Charlie Puth and James Taylor- check out this tune they did together! It's called "Change." Video of Charlie Puth - Change (Lyrics) feat. James Taylor
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Old West Town

Sam Hill: Are There Really Westworld Spoilers???

One dude found out the hard way that eating a Carolina Reaper could really cause some pain! This would make me think twice about trying a Carolina Reaper. — Sam Hill (@sammyhill) April 10, 2018 After her friend spilled the beans on his wedding being officiated by Adele, she...
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Sam Hill: Superbowl Selfie Kid Gets Another Photo Opp With JT and More!

Remember the Superbowl Selfie kid that took a pic with Justin Timberlake during JT's halftime show? He was able to actually meet the singer at a show last night and snap another pic. Hey, looks like he got his braces off! Lookin' good, kiddo! Great time meeting @justintimberlake #manofthewoodstour...
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Sam Hill: You Can Now Have a Lollipop That Looks Just Like Your Face

You can now get a lollipop that looks like your face. Kinda gross, kinda awesome. And then there's this. #facelicker — Sam Hill (@sammyhill) March 26, 2018 Hope you have a great week, friends! xo, Sam
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Sam Hill: "Luck Yeah" Crappy Lottery Slogan and The Cutest Weatherman Ever

Was the New Hampshire Lottery's new catch phrase of "Luck Yeah!" clever? Kinda... but offensive? You tell me. New Hampshire Lottery swears off using its ‘Luck Yeah!’ campaign over profanity concern. — (@BostonDotCom) March 21, 2018 Alrighty... those of you who are...
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Sam Hill: Dude Wants to Marry His Laptop, New Indiana Jones and Kelly's Gorgeous New Video

Ok, so I didn't necessarily mention this on the air because I found it so ridiculous- but this guy sued the state of Utah because they wouldn't let him marry his laptop. His whole point was an anti-gay marriage tactic that fell flat. It's apples and oranges no matter how you look at it, but being a...
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Sam Hill: Reusable Toilet Paper- Wow or Ew?

Would you use reusable toilet paper? I have concerns about this... mostly regarding contaminating. And then there's just the EW factor. ‘Family Cloth’ (AKA Reusable Toilet Paper) Is A Thing And I Tried It — Scary Mommy (@ScaryMommy) March 16, 2018...
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Sam Hill: Die to Live Forever, Rent the Field of Dreams House and More!

Would you be willing to die to live forever? I know, that doesn't necessarily make sense, does it? There's a new tech startup that claims they can perfectly preserve your brain so that in the future, you can be downloaded into a computer or a robot (when and if that tech is avail). But there is a...
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Watch: Taylor vs. Kenzo... Too Similar?

Taylor's new vid for "Delicate" has been released. Once again it's a love/hate situation. Some critics are apparently saying Tay's vid rips off the Kenzo fragrance ad from a couple years ago. So take a look first at Taylor's. Video of Taylor Swift - Delicate And here's that ad from Kenzo... Video...
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