BJ & Jamie's Giving Tree 2018

BJ & Jamie's Giving Tree is back again this holiday season. Below are the twenty families available for adoption. Please review and then click here to submit your adoption request. We will contact you with more information if you are selcted and the family you selected is still availble. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas from Alice 1059! 

Family 1  

Kids - Pennie girl 1, Quincy boy 10

Suggestions: Legos, dolls, Barbie, Xbox games         
Sizes: 4t and 14-16, Girl 7 boy is 6  
Likes: Coco teen titan xbox Minnie Mouse Little Einstein          
Colors: Blue and pink 

Story: My daughter is a single mother who works very hard and try's her very best for herself and her children this year she was involved in a rollover car accident on i70 east in Limon early March. Between me and the bus and her bills she gotten so far behind on playing catch up is what she is doing. And because it's just her she tries so hard to make sure that her kids don't go with but she is definitely not going to be able to do it this year please consider my daughter for this blessing she is so optimistic and hopeful please help me grant a miracle for my baby.

Family 2      

Kid - Kayden, boy 23 months        

Suggestions: Any that a 2 year old would like      
Sizes: 2t 6 in toddler 
Likes: loves animated movies          
Colors: hasn't picked a color so any color  

Story: Ryan is a single father who is struggling to pay his bills. His son is happy, healthy and thriving. Love is plentiful but money is not.

Family 3

Kids- All boys: 7, 4, 11 months       

Suggestions: Anything STEM/art/minecraft/legos     
Sizes: 7 or 8, 6 or 7, 12-18m 13/1, 12, infant 3/4 
Likes: Minecraft, Paw Patrol (Chase police dog)          
Colors: Green, blue or red (baby doesnt have preference) 

Story: Veteran husband lost job on now 7 year olds 6 birthday,son #3 was a recent surprise, moved in with wife's family for 6 months and are struggling to get back on feet even working +60 hours weekly. 

Family 4  

Kid - Jasmine (Jazzy) girl age 8     

Suggestions: LOL surprize the large doll     
Sizes:  (not listed)
Likes: she loves anything with music she likes to dance         
Colors: Purple, Pink, Blue

Story:  My Daughter Heather is a single mother with one child she is doing it all on her own she had 3 surgeries this past year. She has lymphoma edema in her legs and had a hysterectomy. this would be so nice to help her out.... love your show I listen all the time. Thank you

Family 5

Hudson and Jackson 3 1/2  (twin boys)    

Suggestions: trains or crafts    
Sizes:  3T 4
Likes: They love arts and crafts and spending time outdoors       
Colors: Blue and Green
Story: My brother lost his job about 3 months ago and he and his wife sold their home.  His wife and kids are living with her grandmother and my brother is living in Denver with my sister.  He started a new job yesterday but it does not sustain them for housing in Colorado.  My sister-in-law is a stay at home mom because the cost of day care does not allow her to work.  They are healthy and happy but a little Christmas help would go a long way.

Family 6    

Boy Marcel 11, Girl Trinity 7, Boy Kai 4                                 

Suggestions: Trinity Princess dolls Harry Potter books Barbies toy stuffed dog. Kai paw patrol toys Thomas the train toys dinosaur toys books
Sizes:  Kai shirt 5/6 boys pants 5/6 boys Marcel 7 and a half men's, Trinity 1 and half girls, Kai 11 toddler 
Likes: Marcel Fortnite and Soccer are his favorite. Trinity anything Princess or Barbies       
Colors: Marcel's black, Trinity Pink & Purple, Kai Green
Story: Victoria is a single mother of 3 kids. During the holidays is always a rough time with not really any family around and not really having the funds as a single mother to get her children anything really. She worked for a company for many many years and was laid off not to only be laid off again and just starting a new job that she doesn't make much at, but keeps a roof over her and her children's heads. These kids deserve a little something at least during Christmas.

Family 7

11 Nataleigh girl, 8  Mackenzee girl, 1 Ryleigh girl

Suggestions: Nataleigh arts and crafts, boots not snow boots, and jewelry Mackenzee boots not snow boots, dolls, arts and crafts Ryleigh learning toys
Sizes:  Nataleigh 12 pants large/extra large Mackenzee 8 pants medium large shirt Ryleigh size 18 month Nataleigh size 5 Mackenzee size 3 Ryleigh 5 toddler 
Likes: Nataleigh Andi Mack, Mackenzee Minecraft; Ryleigh Minnie Mouse        
Colors: Nataleigh teal, Mackenzee purple, Ryleigh ??
Story: We live in a motel, we would love to have a place to call home. Both parents work full time but can't save. Without an angel I can't make Christmas happen this year. We have no family around so its just us.        

Family 8    

Kids - Ixzaier 13 boy, Elijah 12 boy, Jilin 11 girl     

Suggestions: Art stuff, sports stuff, arts & crafts stuff
Sizes:  14/16, 13/14, 14/16 10,9,6 
Likes: Drawing, playing football, doing arts and crafts        
Colors: Blue, Green, Purple 

Story: Rita has custody of her 3 grandkids and is on a fixed income plus deals with health issues I know she can't afford much for them right now her car just broke down and is struggling to get that fixed these kids deserve to have gifts under the tree they've been through alot..Thanks

Family 9  

Kids - Rydon 13 (boy), Rayli 11 (girl)        

Suggestions: Rydon anything Denver football, Adidas, or WWI and WWII. Rayli purses, clothes, also anything Denver football
Sizes:  Rydon 15/16 extra long pants, large shirts. Rayli 15/16 extra long pants medium/large shirts. Rydon 9.5-10 men, Rayli 9.5-10 woman
Likes: Rydon war movies, superhero. Rayli anything girlie        
Colors: Rydon purple. Rayli pink and rose gold  
Story: Jasmyne is a amazing mom and would do anything for her kids. She is a single mom who works two jobs to support her and the kids. She is struggling to pay her bills and  wont have enough money for presents this year. 

Family 10

Kids - Isabella (16), Anthony (14), Matthew (10), and Xavier (6months) Hager

Suggestions: Playstation for the older Kids and baby toys for Xavier
Sizes:  Isabella (Small Women shirts, size 5 pant), Anthony (16-18 boys shirts, size 30X34 pants), Matthew (12-14 boys shirts and pants), Xavier (18-24 Month) 
Likes: Riding bikes, skateboarding, action and horror movies.       
Colors: Isabella (Yellow white for clothes), Anthony (Red), Matthew (Blue), Xavier (Blue or Green)

Story: My favorite person in the whole world is in desperate need this holiday. Liz is a single mother with four kids. She just started a new Job and gets her first paycheck on Christmas Eve. However, it is going to fix her SUV so that she can take her kids back and forth to school without walking in the cold and to be able to work. Please help, I want nothing but for her and the kids to have a wonderful Christmas but it is not looking good. Thank you so much and blessings.

Family 11

Kids - Seriah 10; Jo'Siah 7; Boss 3; Royalty 8 months  

Suggestions: Any
Sizes:  Seriah Bell sz 12; Jo'Siah Bell sz 8; Boss 3 sz 5; Royalty sz 18-24 months, Seriah sz 7,5; Jo'Siah sz 4; Boss sz 10; Royaltysz 5  
Likes: Any
Colors: Any                          

Story: In May, I was fortunate to land a job at Children's Medical Center in Denver. We have so many great families who come in to our office. One that stands out is Memorie's family. She does everything she can to provide and care for her family, but sometimes life throws us a lot of curve balls. Anything you could do to help would be appreciated!

Family 12  

Kids - Two girls one is two year old the other is three years old

Suggestions: The girls both love stuffed animals and dolls
Sizes:  One is in 3t and the other is in 4t. One is in a size six and the other is in a size eight. 
Likes: They both love PJ masks paw patrol and my little pony any disney movie
Colors: Pink blue and purple                           

Story: My husband and I tried helping more family this year by offering for them to move in with us. We all have been working hard to get better in this life but we have fallen on hard times. I just want what's best for our girls and I will do whatever it takes. If there is any way you could help my heart would be full of joy. I can't tell you what it would mean to us.

Family 13   

Kids - Addyson 6, Madden 3          

Suggestions: Addyson hatchimal hatchibabies and hatchimal habitat, Madden furreal munchin Rex and paw patrol fire truck
Sizes:  Addyson 6, Madden 3t, Addyson 10 toddler, Madden 9 Toddler
Likes: Addyson- barbie, Moana, loves crafts of all sorts, loves unicorns. Madden- paw patrol, anything with wheels, loves to color. 
Colors: Addyson purple, Madden orange                                          

Story: I'm struggling to keep food on the table, keeping a roof over our heads after getting into our own place after living with my parents for 2 years. Emergency gallbladder surgery removal in August has me getting caught up on my car payment and other bills. My kids deserve the world! I have also been having issues with my car and it's the only way I have to get to work and kids to school. I am trying my best to give my babies a Christmas they will remember.

Family 14    

Kids- Anthony 15, Elise 4    

Suggestions: PJ Mask Learning Game 4-year-old and for 15-year-old, he likes xbox one games
Sizes:  Size 5 boys and pants medium 33 mens, Size 12 and mens 9 1/2 
Likes: PJ Marks Legos, skateboarding older kids Legos 
Colors: Blue 4-year-old and Red and white Anthony (15-year-old)                                            

Story: My brother Chris has had a very hard year he had gotten stabbed and was put in hospital he almost didn't make it . Not too long after he took in his teenage son taking full care of him because his mom did not have home for him . With all said he has had a really ruff year with not being able to work and or keep on bills,because the long recovery of the stabbing incident and injuries.  Please help my brother and his family thank you      

Family 15

Kids - Maci 4 and Mandi 2  

Suggestions: Maci loves Frozen and Hotel Transylvania. Mandi loves food, cuddly toys and movies. 
Sizes:  Maci is 5T and Mandi is 2T, Maci 10, Mandi 4 
Likes: Disney princesses, Hotel Transylvania, peppa pig, my little pony, etc..  
Colors: Maci pink and Mandi doesn't care                                                           

Story: I recently moved to CO to be with someone I thought I was going to marry. I gave up my house in NM to take a chance on love and I got burned. From the devastation and heart break, I lost my job. I am slowly getting into the workforce again but I don't have the extra money to ice my girls a nice Christmas.

Family 16

Kid - (Boy age 7)          

Suggestions: Apple airpods, nurf guns, Legos 
Sizes:  Small boys 4 
Likes: Marvel movies  
Colors: Blue                                                          

Story: Nominating Jessica & Daniel over the last three years the husband Daniel has gotten really sick with heart failure kidney Diese and left leg amputated has gone done to one income and struggles during the holidays

Family 17

Kid - Wyatt 6-year-old male          

Suggestions: Learning toys 
Sizes:  7T ?? 
Likes: Playing with his dog, playing on the computer
Colors: Blue

Story: Janel was diagnosed with Cancer not long ago.  This on the heels of her husband loosing his mom at the first of the year to cancer as well.  She is an amazing women and i just want them to focus on fighting her cancer and not putting gifts under the tree for her little boy!

Family 18

Kids - Ethan, 10, boy; Emma, 9, girl          

Suggestions: Hot wheels garage or avengers lego sets; my life doll accessories or sewing supplies
Sizes:  Ethan: Pants- 10/12 Shirts- boys medium or large; Emma: Pants- 9/10 or 10/12, Shirts: 10/12 or girls medium Ethan: 2 or 3; Emma: 1 or 2 
Likes: Emma would LOVE some riding style boots or lace up canvas sneakers, Ethan: Building anything!, minecraft, avengers everything; Emma: Anything to do with horses, My Life Dolls (American Girl knock off), Loves sewing, Spirit Riding Free show    
Colors: Ethan: RED, or blue; Emma: PURPLE, pink and grey                                                       

Story: First this single mom Christmas, lost everything, mom has Complex PTSD with dissociation and unable to work. They are currently living on Tanf, eating from food banks and the kids have very few clothes that actually fit them. Mom fights very hard for them, worked hard to get into public housing close to the kids' Montessori school (free and she used to drive 35 minutes every morning so the kids could go to a better school). They moved in in October and she still cries talking about how lucky her family is to have their own home/ own rooms.  (Emma was so bullied at previous school that she was diagnosed with Anxiety and depression at 7.

Emma asked Santa if he could help Mommy be not so worried anymore and for everyone to be in the holiday spirit and spend time together. Ethan asked for everyone to have a home, food, and coats. He has a friend at school that was struggling with bringing lunch to school so he wants some groceries to give his family.Those were the very first things the kids asked Santa when they saw him.

Barb helps at the school, helps other single moms, and spent the last 8 years taking in those in need. She raises her kids to care about the world and others' struggles even in the face of their own struggles. They could really use some help this Christmas! Please consider their family! (Sorry this is long, didn't know how to shorten this)

Family  19       

Kids - Kaylea (10 on Christmas Eve/girl); Kinley (7.5/girl)         

Suggestions: Kaylea - Makeup mirror with light/HoverBoard/Blow dryer/Donation to Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis Foundation or Celiac Foundation to find a cure/Facial Steamer and Facial Cleanser/Rose Gold Jewelry; Kinley - Hoverboard/Silicone Baby/Baby  Doll Accessories/Desk for Room/Poopsies Slime Surprise Slime Kit/Poopsies Unicorn/ Silver Necklaces. Basketball/Volleyball/All music-would love a 2nd generation ECHO for her room to listen to music/Loves most movies/Taylor Swift; Kinley - Arts and Crafts/Disney Movies and Shows/Singing/Acting/Taylor Swift
Sizes:  Kaylea - Size 8/10; Kinley - Size 7/8  Kaylea - Size 2/3; Kinley - Size 13 
Likes: listed in suggestions   
Colors: Kaylea - Turquoise (Teal)/Coral; Kinley - Pink/Purple/Turquoise (Teal)

Story: Please consider making my daughter and her families Christmas and Holiday Season (along with their oldest daughters birthday on Christmas Eve) a little more cheery as my daughter broke her back 2 1/2 years ago. Their lives have changed drastically since her accident, along with their day to day challenge of having a daughter who is chronically ill, as they are financially struggling with the thousands of dollars of medical bills and can hardly afford to pay their mortgage month to month. My daughter and her amazing husband have both been nurses for years and have helped so many others and now it is time for others to give back and help them! Thank you for your consideration!    

Family 20   

Kids - E'Menaa (Girl) and Jay (Boy)      

Suggestions: Spider-man, Ninja Turtles, Learning Toys (for girl)
Sizes:  Girl 12-18 month, Boy 3T, 7/8 boy 12/13 month girl
Likes: Ninja Turtles, Pj Mask  
Colors: Pink Purple, Red, Blue, Green 

Story: Arias is a hard-working mom of two on her own. She lives in Greeley but works down in Cherry Creek yet she has never missed a single day of work. She could use a little holiday spirit, as this has not been the best year for her financially. The thing about Arias is you would never know how bad she is struggling by looking at her because she always has a positive attitude. Our wish is for her to have help this holiday season.                   

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