Yappy Hour

It's Yappy Hour Time!


Yi! It’s Yappy Hour!!  Things have changed a bit these days on how we wind down, chill out and throw back your favorite drink at the end of the week – even your drinking buddy has changed!  Turn that backyard quittin time home happy hour into a Tito’s Handmade Vodka Yappy Hour and show us how you do it with your pup!  Upload a photo of your Tito’s Yappy Hour buddy the week on 10/26, then join Slacker, Steve and Amber as we celebrate Tito’s Yappy Hour, on Friday10/30 from 5p-6p.  We’ll help you shake off the week with a Tito’s cocktail and fun with your furry four legged friend.  Shake up your Yappy hour with one of the Tito’s Handmade Vodka recipes below as you raise a glass with Slacker, Steve and Amber on Friday10/30!  Don’t forget to upload your favorite photo of your Yappy Hour pal to win great prizes too, like a Tito’s 54 quart cooler or Tito’s Ice Mule to keep your Yappy Hours goin!

For drink recipes: Tito's Strawberry FrescaTito's Early BirdTito's Salty Dog, and Tito's Pumkin Pie Martini! For more drink recipes click HERE! 

Upload a pic of your pup with the Tito’s Handmade Vodka Branding included only – we love you, but please refrain from submitting photos with humans. 

  • If a Tito’s Bottle is in the photo, please make sure the label is clear. We want to see it! 
  • Remember, our delicious Tito’s Handmade Vodka is for humans only. Please refrain from putting a bottle or cocktail in a dog bowl, or pointing it toward the dog bowl, or allude to the dog drinking. 
  • Please see guidelines and official rules here to submit a photo that could win!


The vision of Vodka for Dog People is to better the lives of pets and their families far and wide. As a part of that vision in ths partnership with Alice 105.9, Tito's will match all donations to Hope For Paws Colorado for the months of October and November, up to $5000.  Hope for Paws Colorado is a non-profit organization which transports at-risk rescues pets from over-crowded and under-resourced shelters and rescue groups in the mid-west and southern states to rescues, shelters and adoptive families in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region. Hope for Paws Colorado is comprised of volunteers and we have transports nearly every week, bringing 20-50 rescues pets home each transport in our high capacity transport vehicles where they ride in comfort.


PLEASE DONATE HERE  if you think you can help, and your donation will be matched by Tito’s if made by November 30, 2020.  
FOR MORE INFO ON THE CHARITY: www.hopeforpawscolorado.com





Tito’s wants to thank you for doing your part in supporting the fabulous restaurant and bar partners we have here in Denver who have weathered this tough storm with us. To find a restaurant/bar partner near you offering Tito’s To-Go with take out orders, PLEASE CLICK HERE and enter your zip code.