Tabloid Trash 730- Tebow is in, Gavin and Elin, Madonna and this years hottest toys. 9/8

Thursday, September 8th

Tim Tebow signed by Mets! - Gwen’s Ex Gavin is now dating Tiger Woods Ex Elin – Janet Jackson is up to 250 pounds and bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy – Madonna and Guy settle custody of kid, Guy gets custody – Walmart has list of hottest 25 toys for Christmas.



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Vijay in June and the signed Tim to. No. Yeah I didn't that it. You know now yeah I was still stick to my original statement my statement is this Tim Tebow will never ever. Play Major League Baseball. How well you know how much you might take is even dreams and. He hasn't against the rocks of despair even that guy from the Mets to general manager who put out a statement said he has an average average chance. Average farm. Average. You know eSATA guy he's is average. As cited its. They're trying to sell tickets in the minor leagues man you know my friend called him but that's okay that's our. Look at what point. In and called it. Cuba over Tim Tebow would call him T ball. There you are that's flooding. I thought it was Shannon. A Tim Tebow. OOC. For Timmy. Timmy is actually got his glove out this could eat some hmm we'll take me to run again of the view that the played T ball. For you have these. Anyway and yes it Tim Tebow let's see what happens I'm glad that we not glad I'm happy for him because I would tell you this you know this is the ultimate I guys. She bit and this may aid they knocked him and they take you can't do I attend team all meetings you don't issued. Greens change yeah well 08. Contract. Mean it's pretty good start to show a news. And I am DeVon drive the else. He's got him some rich bitch but here's what I have but I have to was. And this is great because I don't Gavin Rossdale right so it looked kind of bad because Gwen Stefani had doubled like shell group and they were getting all the attention they were superstars they were the couple there'd. For a big I would say even bigger than beyoncé NG easy PF that it couple. So gallons like we're gonna do. And noble book. Out of no where we're gonna go from here are gonna make a name for myself exactly gonna come back strong love Taylor grabbed a doobie with. Her new boat. So what is he due easily. Tiger's X yeah that was slower and mrs. Ingram we thing it's this is a good grab on his part yeah. Because she's worth you know my many million ought choose whatever behalf what tiger was and she got all the property. It wasn't hundreds of all yeah yeah yeah it was like I don't know 30400. Million dollars he was a billionaire. Remember him was he was the first athlete. I think one golfer for sure but I I don't know if it's who was vastly. But he was the first to reach a billion dollars remember that story she got half of it. That's in about 150. Us. That's a lot of money 150 million Seattle. Not to do it I guitar but she's worth more than that and that she is now come britches too. Let's see yours is you know property and reading you don't. And I haven't sat here and so Gavin now's latched onto it to even look at it buys. In this because these celebrity types like this. And all they really have. Because they have everything already right legends cars on apple but what they they compete against each other's network. I tell you you'd gauge your status and how well he did in choosing the next person you're gonna date. Very important. It says that she's worth a hundred million and then with the divorce Gavin ended up with 35 million. So let me she's worth 650. She is a lot of love fashion right at a fashion line and online yet that's glam stuff yeah. That helps me. In summation she was awarded 800 million I don't know how much she was awarded was a lot yeah it was like half a billion a lot of it was like I noted millions she's beating Gwynn and in the money world consistently and stuff like there. Clothing lines so well now Bubba Bubba but the fact that. Like you can hand the clothing line if you want who which is worth more money. Having the clothing line or having to move tigers off springs. Who act futures and those kids. Not a money ads to kids are. Sheen. Since he got that money plus she gets channels and born nosed kids are going to be taking care of the hill on an air. We're going to move the it. I only know I don't condone women now leading in the news we aren't getting the care we would say look try. What's your net worth mine yes I guess about. He wore her a great up and down 200. Thousand. And 200 dollar. The rich net worth is what I haven't bankrupted everything else you know they also it also includes a cards vineyard. Palaces and move those rural by the bank. Because it's just what you what you might councilman networks right now I am I don't know time right now in my life. It just should always in the. He's looking in his wallet Abdallah 83 bucks parent but don't you though that. Well it's really my life's. Tightest it curator. It's kind of depressing to hear these numbers like you know somebody that's network just 500 billion dollars as candid presently crunch all the numbers are like in the negatives. But in a peninsula. Yeah OK yeah I'm happy we have our health kind of punitive. That can beat every you're gonna die you know doing so well guys in. Here are I have to tell ideally yeah. Near. Holder would up so we'll lick about this break we're gonna do a recliner. And yeah microwave. And DJ's health issues and it's. Now I don't know that I just don't show are now I I'm I'm just I'm forecasting. Not here. Any way did I pulled Jamie. We have indeed oh yes he did right and it's all in the one person to blame mine's mother. I can't believe he would that. Actually no. I had let's hear what ascended to lay it says Jim Jackson because I never made it by 53 years old it's not going to allow. Apparently she's. Limited to her bed and she opted to under 50 am. When acts that's being. Inch 250 pounds might be every Clancy worried at all like I'm Matt chin and to want yeah. Due to four foot eleven I know it might be good if she's 250 pilots. And just say yeah. I don't see how she could be that big I mean I don't. In addition stories true I don't know I just read the crap and I may read this stuff you know that line. Madonna Guy Ritchie sell their trusty child saying today oh my god you guys get this right he got the kid right. Yeah Rocco yeah those two I don't even get into the pit with sixteen many Don lost. She lost. She she locked Egypt's. Up. And she other things and then we'll move on does this definitely can. And exhausted. Number one they Al Wal-Mart has come out with their 25 hottest toys. Really worried about this crap. When he five hottest toys for the holidays. Sounds dirty it's been numb number of lost track. There's some dirty. Numb and human animal loan and lower lip and bluster. Is a Little Lulu and I look I'm not display. The pie in the face showdown low down dirty as well yeah. Should. Were they doing there won't market and put a. I know now. Now you get their act together and ray I would tell you this insulin is a welded. Documents that stuff and meanwhile. Dirty via the trees. Out three old dirty and that it was Mary once the guy in 2002. You were tuned the that accept that with stuff or whatever and here's one that is hundreds of this is crazy this did little to scary. Okay it's a Disney princess can't have no idea what it is to handle a boy. I am where everything it costs. It's wal marts the save fourteen dollars okay to get him OK fourteen dollars. A 24 dollars. For a 103 dollars. A carriage for parents it is certain regular sized carry you out yet this is an Kelly of the lord it's like a little scary and or whether it's little little Garret. It's over 400 dollars now yeah. For the Disney princess carriage I don't think Wal-Mart people are into those don't act innocent little pricey I mean it's pricey for me that you did this is what that is. Crazed animal Wal-Mart sharper. I think reminded Kmart where they had the oh what's his name. No Adam Levine Adam Levine collection that's a T march oh yeah kmart's phones that is Wal-Mart no New England geez I would've gone the wrong story that. As so we're Wal-Mart in trouble she where where people are complaining online because signaled that they took you know that they did those so to displace away Holland. I decide yeah now my son has that Jeep that was keeping drives around. It's a. Our home grown close to printed yeah. Eight carriage that they driver and it. If not and for little girls. Hasn't round and it liquor ads putrid little girl I would read little girl I'd rather be have her in a little Jeep. In crap I can see that selling one literally did is gonna 'cause mental anguish later on announcement of the hottest stories. Yeah. Like and it doesn't crowning your driver and this pink thing and yet you think I can see. They're going around the neighborhood. I really can't Intel hour we'll part of Wal-Mart it's I didn't hear in a bit of trouble you know at least so did displacing doing in supermarkets. They do they'll make like gold post can't go into bowl season. So really created it yes well the Wal-Mart I guess tried to get to create a what happened in May they built Twin Towers. Out of soda. Disparate elements so to display handcuffed and across atop this is like Coca-Cola or Pepsi we shall never forget. And it's a Twin Towers inside the stone wore. It is like okay awaited. Who do you do. Fits into and then the Lake Mead I think am funny from aggregate at like a little you know you always run over the knock at Dover air play and really food boom. You know punitive. That was when I'm okay drinking vodka and now I would never do that. There's a way to commemorate national building a doctor pepper to what Howard is the way to do you know. And then cleared he was circulating yesterday like wal mart's catching any particular mold down elevates. Yeah. Antony. And. I think that what did the web Dario moved lives long. I mean. They are Hancock has everything. I know I'm just saying would they are in Concord and everything that we did I did anything wrong. I you know I haven't checked Donnie yet I was gonna give it a little bit of time but does it'll you know be captured and you'll be here in him. That guy any time. Rest assured the shot I forgot his name he is fine they got tablets. In weekday mornings on Ellis.