BJ & Jamie: Spying on Your Neighbors with a Drone 11/29

Tuesday, November 29th

BJ, Jamie, and Sean say "good morning!" and BJ brings up that he almost bought a drone. What would YOU use a drone for? The hosts talk about what they would do.


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BJ and Jamie. Well good morning Jamie lies the hour here and looks like you survived. Yeah. You can't miss her new you know if you need to look at it upon ought to give that boy yeah. They go home well I know within that lead today's around here Abdullah. You know. I'd rather he do that didn't to bring your germs in the years Jack stand yet because Sean locked in earlier. Percy he said to me was not feeling well. Today didn't he show on. And I said Sean don't be getting sick in the near you come in New York actually worsened meets with the subtle approach to know he's shot for G almost thought it took. It's I'll know right here in front of the ice where am I exaggerating thought Ali. Only bought through the door looked at me and I to tell when Cheney's liken it in a perky mood and she's really aren't going right she's like many. But today it's really that follow it shovels to really. It's 230. She's up to since 236. Yeah goes over in the corner here in the studio and I hear this like you know they are. Yeah how your dog you know you'll hear this from. Everybody gets what you're saying you know I like he got. Yeah fireball breaks you out of the deep sleep and get an idea yeah route yeah. Lover and her actions are back to rewrite her tax doing this is big enough now. Yeah I alluded dodging motions like the rule. Just working when they're actually and a bad. Yeah I thought it's gonna happen. At water I have got is but the magnesia I have that I Redding now. So. He's an honor these bad does that yeah she. Standing at the same thing here where it's like didn't stumble was stabbed a medic had a dozen ending Canada and in wall and you got to southern Illinois crush. It hit they had that back there I. How is your holiday it was fantastic Jeff fun oh my god we had some signs so you pictures. I want an overnight. I'd like when is you know on those doom but yet with that with my cat would not my cans and his cousin my nephew. How fondly. That one picture that you posted of those dune buggies and four wheelers yeah car commercial. Yeah I don't like here's our 2017. Line that I know. What idiot that I'm here at. I don't know why call that's pretty yeah she'd. Only dead because they all have jeeps there may Danner has keeps is gee thank you and need to get thrown and they all went up in the mountains here in Colorado and they drove it. Yeah they filmed it all the school is actually in the YouTube video. It's a me enough and it's did not everywhere dead or alive whenever I almost bought a drone god. On Cyber Monday yesterday non and in this is a Costco. Last week when I'm shopping for turkeys you watch this footage that cam shot annual bio at all. I think we need one I think we need a morning show drowned I don't know what four. With a good. I didn't we have a ceiling you Celek we've slide outside to do videotape was going on in your kids are. We just test clocked a rubber roof Pacific wedding you. EI AE IG I Lisa. Let me do it that analogy again like why do you need doubt way to do it that. Big guy and a and I yeah meanwhile she's throwing jump to the cargo box gives no dues and yet it's no she used. In those ice things that you attach to your shoes so you can walk on eyepiece. Clemens clay yes he does I couldn't say why athletes yeah. Happy she's throwing those in a basket but it BJ want to grow and water hole and a backhand Alley bar though or. Like Katie bar the door. Because cameras of the phantom force them as like 15100 dollars a real no I don't deserve 4990. I. I'll show you this oh yeah he's at. Each day that looks like it totally did hit that looks really chic look she said if you gonna get one. At least give a good what can you all here because I was like man I don't know if he's flying over the pine trees is definitely flies it into. A barn and then now. The barn out thinking yeah did you then I would think that your insurance would be like a thousand dollars. I think a lot of Linux I don't. The same thing rate you but you should get one. Yes and I think I would love that remember I've talked about that before flying over my neighbor's yard com to see what kind of I. So this summer seeds are topless. Yeah yeah yeah the top us and my neighbors and to unlock the up. Cook up a minute somebody else is not an Ithaca, New York neighborhood you. And I got that took I don't or yeah your show I'm sure there. That's not can we any discretionary cash. I don't at least an audience of Canada and I don't come to my daily media and in your neighbors topless think about that yeah. I got a little upset don't forget that I become regulars there. Oh my god all right we're all back here in the importance on Alex I.