BJ & Jamie: BJ's Got To Winterize 12/06

Tuesday, December 6th

It's getting cold (hehe!) And BJ's furnace gave out! Now he's got to think about all the other things he has to do to winterize his home. What do you still have to do?


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Vijay and Jamie Alice 1059 the BJ Jimmy morning show it is cold as. Is this morning what is it right now on nine degrees as it is nine degrees. In dropping high today 28. Tonight's low. Minus six. Culled minus sixes. And I believe. He UK okay nice snow on the way of he had hit it it that cold. Call an end. Listed you know I am with keys not stub and the the key card to get a and then knowledge they you know just all of it you know when you're like that would that that darned burnish he York's you know I. And problems in the house. She guys when it's going to be how. He's going to be. Hole diving call Mo it now all what are you should play is a bit that he. Brakes on the coldest day of the year looked. I don't know of leases listening right now or not they can I tell you some of that what you think in her at all funny if you are listening don't get upset I'm just I'm just. Venting your on the year. We got the biggest by. At 130 is more aloof. Our heat went out of a I didn't having some problems I think it's a censor because it's supposed to see a certain temperature and keeps dropping weight down to don't get caught but it takes a while before it kicks out at last I got super cold. So she woke up last night couldn't sleep. Greece okay. Maybe I can sleep in a nice tool that not a problem right there. You know cold and keep it here yeah I like cult I'm I can't rain and it Jamie's wrapped up in a blanket and almonds teacher and a burning up. OK so that's the way it is so she wakes up about 130 Jamie and she is live I guess what can I guess like please why. Because you've known about this problem forever and you've never called bingo. I'd taken it upon myself. Yeah yeah. You another blanket. I thought it was just a look. Just say look I have tried my best I've looked at various things on it and it's not been that cold like we're really hasn't. But it got down last night and I guess my faults as a repairman came up. Because it didn't kick on and so she's crazy so she's starving around the house kind of throwing crap around yelling. At 130. Know what to help my gonna do wondered. How Peter the other night yeah. I tell us is the. How to deal in two hours wall to go to work I'm not gonna accomplish anything throw an extra blanket on I'll look at it tomorrow right yeah yeah. Is he known about for ever and it was like it was just wrong. The biggest fight song shielded me you know bank the dog started howling and at. 130 tomorrow. Primarily I get up this morning this I hear all this like you always do enough she'd gone down the basement. Grabbed a couple of these a space heater type devices we have. Put one in the bathroom. So that she had a little ceremony be worn. Then another and I'd like to kick I mean they're everywhere. The other effort that yeah thing is that you didn't think about her at you just get ready I mean you're a guy you just. But she is the eggs they American who can get dressed and put on makeup and I'll let that breathe in and see what did your help get me leaders. Your renewed. Let me go get that they neither here was 130. And I had to be out into I'll. Oh yeah he couldn't retreat he. Mean at least notion is getting leader how you know what maybe you should not about. And that she get a freeze to death tomorrow I don't get to eat at your husband announced the man of Al bush. What's wrong with you you just laid there. Vienna and yeah these sleep. Yeah horrible husband doesn't get out I don't care what we have to get the legal get heaters whatever it takes exactly. Until all of. I didn't give up 2 in the morning give my Latimer solid. Hazard back spasm in her shoulder something and it wasn't one of those good massages and in the good way it was just as he can go back to sleep say that's husband yeah. You play in their Beijing manner but I. Get a blank. Blank get out of college tomorrow I can see outgrown me I don't look at tomorrow. And Agile out. So today what you have to do is you have to fix EL when she comes home from work outs has been like eighty degrees and the war. You wanna little. Buddy when them. But but but but but but the McCain. In the end up up yeah let's. It. No mental stress to them as something and it's. So we were trying to put together a the vacation. Cool I get out of town thing you know just just to she needs a little time away from. Stress. Serbia audio. We never got around to really booking anything right. And the vacations coming up in a couple of weeks and we're nowhere nowhere so she came up with the idea yesterday. Well what do we just stay home. And all these projects that you've been saying you're gonna do. We knock him out during your vacation. Cool all of these projects have been saying I'm going to do it wait wait I know your list. I don't know how to deal. So now about to get bugs I've been bragging all along and I'll get to not know exactly how to do or die I feel like I I can do this with me and YouTube I can do this. But now this the pressure's on because in two weeks I gotta start the list so you're actually gonna have to chisel out all tile tile. I had a sliding glass door often takes the reeling on it a who I got to retool Kerr from day and that's the things over a doorway. I got a six U turns are tight okay you can do the curtains I got leads in a toilet I got police and have a seat in the in the kitchen. So that's what your vacation is the. And I'm being counted on is personally can pull this off I can't tell if you know you're gonna have to run the tile pattern. Miami kid after new pick up the album makes sense with the thought that they got. It'll be a break up but but but this this is gonna be a disaster do you have any fights are gonna break out now. Elbow room dinner last gulf of truth the truth that if it. My dogs hit despite speckled wants it deleting some medicine. Yeah that the it's it's black out is how did this go from Damascus or two days ago you guys were time Madeleine the bomb us. Yeah I know look at it now know it's BJMR home improvement. The boy. Really hate you Dolly and and I'm not I agreed to it but I mean I'm I'm I'm I'm about to get busted. I don't know how to do this stuff I don't know how to do it. But this is hilarious I don't know well happy she's. Yeah re go Europe when the bombing. Going to the Bahamas who's asking about passport against hitters. Quickly he had in last night's Sid what do you think you'd knock out all the stuff I'll make the list you tackle it he said you could do it let's do it. And that. This is really experience. It. I have no clue she be better off hiring Jamie why did you write this at the expert it. It again. Boy. And now if they might go and suggest that we hire somebody to do it that's money we could go on to the bond. But variety is so CM trapped now. You know the thing isn't on is that dyslexia doesn't solve all your problems I think I thought I had a. The legend of the big men did they pick big league complex it busy man in the reflects sealed king yeah. You play until anything it's not like price it right and I do that. You know the I felt proud living in Italy round yesterday made me feel proud and Jamie white hit the dome did and look at Scotland home yesterday so I had the winter proof of place all right so I doesn't and did two hoses. About it took off bad I've done. And you felt like a man I'd tell. I went to approve the house OK can I tell you summon a can I Jason I don't let it added ten year old walk outside and do mine. He continues all I know a little light and did not hoses I was president. And she. And he is he should be proud. It showed out it was still right now but that was about what are you like all on the top of the. I need a puffed up about it isn't it. So what do you do it this is ridiculous argument stick duo into the I can't brag that Lisa about it and what I've struggled with the top. Yeah. Tires. You're funny. Jane Jane Seymour are now.