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Tuesday, January 31st


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BJ endgame he's CC and Tony you freaked out about every I don't think there are things in the world is coming you read you read you buy everything you read. I get you I read this team. Couldn't. Tell I'm a loving you. Know it's just did every month we have run decent and in new just doom and gloom every guy. Think they're true this is a good. Thing didn't aren't looking in the second coming of Christ toll yeah. So there's a rapture index set predicts in good times and the second coming of Jesus. For more than twenty years this guy has been updating indexed by mom during the news. Looking for clues about into the times it has 45 different categories which are based on signs or events. That would indicate the apocalypse from the behind the hole let me hear fewer of these and misuse these are out like I don't have the list. What area of low as amid you've got the story when you have the list of how many of some of the aside someone I know what signs. Look at this aren't because I Wendy EY no you weren't. No yeah I wanna know what two sides are. A man it sure they're based on signs are events that will indicate that at 45 categories which are based on trends or events they'll indicate the apocalypse from the Bible. I think 45 things that indicate into the Bible yeah. And. As he need to let our he's looking it up all stall and he says the higher the number the faster removing towards in as we know it's. The index by the way all here we go. The index currently sits at 183. And 225. Is the sign of the apocalypse he did Arafat he did all this math yes. And we're at 183. Okay. Here's a list walking in and I'm looking at it is shown scrolls through and I hear some of the things on your cab. A cult. I we just talked about Scientology's think. Is that are being revealed that that decision is a cult right so maybe that's why didn't. Earthquakes birdie twice we even had a mere difference of earthquakes well. Remember our bus has a fluke the plagues the planet of the flu is plagued it's presently unveiling unit at a place like. You gotta have widely juniors and leaks I think so. We need to look at bloodsuckers have been bad. So droughts. We have droughts you know. Season and the flags we entrapped and pledging a lack because California was drab and did an excellent candidate. But that's no the droughts over but right now that's floods and that's number forty. But this is right dealing and yourself well I don't know he actually much or more of that Jesus man. Son Charlie tell you what do you think about tennis. I mean is this noodle. I I don't know if it's new or not to I've never actually heard of it but I do kind of think that it's a good gauge of where we are as a as a society as a world and in the rails that. I think all these really bad things are starting to pop up. According to biblical prophecy everything's gonna get. Way worse but I feel like OK I feel like that these things right here that you could pull this list up in 1960. And in all I know I didn't do well except for and I did we have all that nuclear. Nations. Ran move. Global turmoil. Was. Security issues which we sell the big ball in Japan. I was in the weeks that was hydrogen nitrogen was dubbed I. But it wasn't nuclear. Stale. Anyway so that's what it says says that we're in a broad science. You have seen these predictions that happened quite often we seem to get d.s in the world till one day one day somebody's gonna be correct. Well so somebody could be Gregory yeah I don't know what that is but somebody's gonna nailed this one that. It well this is been studying this and in the calculations for twenty years of his I'm just given credit because he hasn't been saying for twenty years it's gonna end. He's just now saying after I've been studying this did the math I've been doing across dictate when all that stuff first and that here's a 45 sides of the rapture according to the Bible and I endurance and yet you know carry the one global glut in these have read our highest number. The index is currently saying its highest number ever. Love things. In this guy's not saying that this rapture index is a prediction to the rapture. It's just an index designed to measure the type of activity could act as a precursor and needs to send the higher the number you bastard that were rather than towards the end of the possibly well. Hey you know what people just dacha Eisen with the it and atrocity and crush until she tees and just say and get together. You can't form in no I'm not come to work tomorrow. Not today I want to think about this cannot tell you story after this the hook up. If this guys are onto and he is a second coming is all and end it let's say it's gonna be. Midnight tonight. Somebody did that. Oh did what I did today what would you do to get a hit lately and tonight at midnight. Get my sleep number bed and I get a tombstone cheese pizza cinema now I need. In my sleep and you did that last.