BJ & Jamie: Car talk Distracted drivers and upset wives. 3/15

Wednesday, March 15th

Bj has a friend that was in a bad car crash, he was hit head on by a distracted driver. The other driver was watching a video on his phone when he crossed the center line. We talk about all the distracted drivers on the road, we have all seen someone reading a book and driving not just texting. A video of a woman who takes a hammer to her husband’s car because he cheated.    


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Vijay and Jamie how. I was just telling Jimmy something a little story off the air but anything we can talk about it on the air but I have a buddy of mine that was in a terrible car accident. That was last Friday they were hit by a distracted driver and hit him head ought he's gonna be okay got a few broken bones of the a lot of the old hit. Is odd knocked out of suck. Wow but he's gonna be okay and we were just talking about distractions and people that are driving and help distract did you get that was so unseemly about a lady I saw one day reading a book put down the road he she hit she literally hey that's what her shoulder attached. Gary and we look first of all they should be illegal to even sell them. I've never heard of the book I don't think I heard this I'm no I don't think they sell a book holder for his hearing. Yes they do not have a you can apply a book holder for seriously yeah. He is our I have yeah I look guys are not lying to you I'm on I twenty thought yeah. I see it now as soon as the one I've seen it's where this kind of hangs on the area. I guess in your Little League practice or something that's when you spoke of there it is. And then there's well there's 12 but the one I saw was more of a down. And it was more like a cradle holder was likely clipboard style. It was more like say cradled the books so the ladies driving down the road. Inch I Riyadh bookish. Pete that at the outset but no he hears black bring this up as my buddy who was in this horrible car accident. They were hit by distracted driver this person and anything they were like 2223 years old in it really doesn't matter you can be 45 years so. They were watching the video on their phone. They were driving all they were driving. Watching a video from the other is going to be a big distraction which which I guess if you get used to it in the newer cars it's okay. Most touch screens. GPS whatever you wanna call that the screen to scan all your controls for the radio in the temperature in every. Yeah things are huge distraction too don't you think. Well my car had to recall because my car was stuck on reversed the reverse camera. Oh well back into the normal and they just all I can now that's not okay. I don't recall my car and gone forward guidance is backwards blocked with a. But that's a distraction and that's a huge distraction it's to have that monitors to get in front of you into what you Rhode disappear behind it. Huge distraction and I guess she did a lot yeah. I don't know about yield but I I don't know is that it probably year to a couple of years ago but I did it I didn't distracted before. Where I use my phone in the car but I've sworn in off down. I really have I've gotten to the point that I put my phone on like if I'm gonna listen to a radio stations throughout the country or whatever it is I'm gonna listen to him. A music whatever I'll put a number four early in the parking lot in out of touch and yet I. Think what you don't. Actually understand either isn't how many women have almost died in killed their babies. While trying to reach for a pacifier. Oh yeah all my guy is moms I think the death. I actually do the risky Reid yeah he's you know our resident bad cars seem to read or write any drafts of out of your. I can feel I feel because he's crying and I don't feel in singing yeah. Yeah yeah that. It only takes Cynthia. I know you never have those moments and it. You ever get one of those moments where it literally scares them do you know what daddy and that's why bring up the pacifier and where you literally get distracted for a brief second. And then when you look back up again you are headed for disaster. Could be used at the very last moment corrected steering wheel just enough. To avoid that disaster what is the worst feeling in the world its wake up. Call he had especially when you have a baby and needed for a roof off of ROI agree I had no matter what the distraction of my got you know I am money managers like almost killed. Like I get it in almost killed the people come in at less than it was almost the same thing he had on I know. Flashbacks. But that's it a couple of players. It goes to a lonely and within diet they study at a cars did you see the. Did you see the video of the woman that to her house or boyfriend was cheating in destroyed that car. That that's running it all of the web right now thinner song about that doesn't what's her name sing that song and I had done. There will be played on Emerson took her keys. Sketch of what's a song from this. Kato next. And being able are paying C. Tell you Kerry underwater again. Every players of that and I look back on sheets and Alia. This lady and I think she's an Atlanta Georgia I'm not sure where but she is the guy has a Mercedes. She finds out that he's cheated on him we've all seen this action before. She'd literally takes a hammer in goes out to his car as they videotape and she goes to work she takes up all part of the hammer Jamie wolf. The clock I get the call in writes on the hood of this Mercedes this is a man. Thousand dollar car. He she bash is out everywhere now. It can listen to the audio on this is her leading on this car. And she's got some dude out there that's a videotaping this but he cheated so he deserves this so she's got the hammer and at the very end. You're gonna hear this great being don't waste. It's like the fingernails. On a chalkboard. Which year that the scratching your steps her bright genius you saw. Et al-Qaeda stuffed into the hood of his car. That's a righty. What does she feel so right. BC us. That's true righty and where would that end of the can deploy I. And what I'm watching it it's a BMW is that right at seven seriously. It's it via little either way so 90000 dollar car I don't study it well it's. So a lot. Yeah. The contract and destroys husbands luxury car with hammer there's more than a lot of that going and yeah he's gotten. Out of Lebanon the picture. I I'm out. You get that well I think because. These men love their car so much and so the woman the mistress is an arousing Ike what can it be that you know make me feel better isn't like the beloved car. You and I actually know somebody did this happen again. Yes she as she tried to pass and I really hard it was convertible. Who can be connected to a good diet food to baseball bash it didn't do a baseball bat to it yeah golf club herself I don't know what. I think it was. Tiger Woods why should. Even did the same they remember your ticket and bad golf club do it as she did that's not oh that's right Jeff did yeah when he was on metal spree of all the longer gap when she found that she took that today escalated with nationally for idea I. It would Tiger Woods though I think each had a deserved it fourteen I can go ahead. That would. Senator. Do you hookers are getting hardly enough and that really will not a remember leg guys. At each inch T we see more on Alex.