BJ & Jamie: Female NFL play by play broadcaster. 5/17

Wednesday, May 17th

The NFL has hired a female broadcaster and she will be calling her first Monday night game between the Broncos and the Chargers. Jamie says she thinks this is dumb and there is no reason for it. She will be the first woman since 1987 to call a football game.


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The PGA and Jamie. And I know what you're supposed to talk about next but because I said let's not do this can I don't really wanna talk for a disconnect feel Latin and make a whole lot of people mad so let's start scratch scratched. It was and now I have music. No I teach you need to get to solve your chest and I think tank no witnesses. Cut off the air and then I sit and Eagles looked up that other. And it's. Like the Ali this is Asian perfect timing. No football season's only ten weeks away. There. Yeah. I amnesty via listen to be ideal. Well this is on that's exactly said and can be let me read the headlines again. The first woman has been added to Monday Night Football. The football booths to coldly game. Between the chargers in the Broncos. Are Denver Broncos. And I said and I know all you evidently had a about a bank said. Dumb I I feel like he knows some things don't really need to throw woman in it to make it you know equal opportunity. Is what I am I don't. I don't need a woman to call the game. Again I just I don't need it I know it's politically correct thing to do but you know decent about a woman like I like Jack Donahoe has done. And this is a casual about. You know in the ice and it's about time. Lots of you sit there. And you all don't go. I said it's about time Sean I'd say hey come odd Witten have been kept out of both. Shot. Okay the only place you would allow leavenworth that the poll booths city to be the broadcast Booth she these. She'll be the first woman and a boost for regular season games in 1987. With chick named Gail. Did I played for Seattle and cancel some chick named Theo that would assist student did an article actually saves a chick named Gail there. And well in. Is it that we can be equal but here's one problem with that that women on them. Now on the field stuff you know to the women they have scantily. And they're out there with their babies and Todd and a look at Roethlisberger. Attractive about the play has never at least. So probably it means similar like on EST I think advanced to the broadcast because a lot of meals that are watching the game and they like to see them. I ESP and they have short skirts on their you know I can't remember Gillian. What's happening dealing. Some LA I kissed or what but it Gillian when she used to do the whether he should of kissed her broadcast a nuclear and sporting event. And that was really has taken off via. Gillian whatever her name is but she did all the weather for the NFL remembered Gillian Michaels now that's she's done intent. Massey at -- she's a lesbian yes she is right but it's that she's a fitness group chipped history though no deal ready to name but she would be. I'm done with a with bags I don't know like he had been talking about yeah yeah it's not boobs and here's my question is he second jackpot. Right now. That was on the and if a broadcast video fox is this what. It's like it didn't. Now Bruno and I don't I don't know no that's not where they go on this when Jamie in this this one's all about technique in and the skill of calling a football and I. Praising me and I mean image the Roland let it is it evil and like Leno really the inherently well. Together and say it's about time of my death amoled is her name now who aren't familiar with this lady because she calls a lot of ESP and stuff. Yeah she does a lot of ESP and stuff and you know. I don't need her leg and finally the couple dudes. You know column in game yeah I don't need a girl iron just decide feel again it's limit art. 30322. Alice dye 3032225423. What you take your view. You know you can't get a you suppressing women didn't I'd feel like I I feel like I am with you on the fact that I feel like this is. Forced of course I don't feel like that there's a public cut demand right now. Put this specific person to be in the Booth to call Monday Night Football I think people are very satisfied wolf we already have to have Monday Night Football. And I feel like it's forced to for equality. And now let me let me just say this is like the president of the United States stuff I truly believe the woman be in the White House and no problem with that. At this football that fairly by their. Gonna Jack's. Cilic of making payments and incredibly intelligent in your hand tax. I mourn. On the soapbox. Any. I. Don't need. An. You know there. At any at all. Yeah the Jack Ewing Jamie can say that if I have started off this break saying that I would be catching sold much crap right now. I. Made it. It. The island by him and anyone who feel Jamie would even managing change them and no no I mean that's doing just what it is I can't say how I. About Jim yes. Melissa. What's up. I don't think women go on in the back there I hate. Lifting even I'm a bit quiet I apart the president do you out so I don't think he's still. They just I mean it's all sexual to all these ESPN have you ever seen and they don't like who. Figured let them and ball not to aren't true Adam did the wrong even on radio. But my god and the I'd just say it now I can speak my mind you girls are speaking your mind. Is it worth losing all this done it is force yeah. But. Not not that that kind of and sport you know eat it it's. I don't know about somebody's injury isn't thought that the I happened. You mean in their growing. It. Actively dizzy now here is the thing I did read something. Where I used to refer male and doctor because you know like today elements and I just let this thing where you are more likely that the that the of the female doctor. But yes you are meant no more. They're just literally you know more compassion they have more time for you they try to think more outside of the box and they don't just go yeah it take they're gonna in the morning. Or whatever that they that you are more likely to live with a female I. I think I would agree with that because but my doctor piecemeal a demonic conveyor belt I hit. It you know like he said you know I does that go through he just does what he wants to do and and I'm on just for that the thing just keeps like the next net has done it here in the same problems should pay lays out. I have let's. We need you really don't care at our column. All are not at Egypt and a girl Leighton in the box and she just beat GB. Qualified to be it needed it she earned the right to either the right either action and I don't either because. A lack of Earl. She's and it which easy it is to. Box in a got to. Look. I've heard this way I ESPN this lady knows her now. I think we're selling it short if you guide your thinking of these women that are on the sideline we show in the bill loosens up this woman's life that way this what does that. Qualified broadcaster. It you mentioned that you didn't like her voice I. I personally if I I would rather listen to the guys that hold the game and what I'm used to didn't dim dim to switch it up just for the sake of switching it up with a female broadcaster that's the way I feel. I prefer. Actually the guys calling on Nike FT and in the end you know Terry Bradshaw I know they can call the game because Terry Brad does kind of buffoon I. People actually play the game to talk about the game. Exactly they've got so much experience and so much inside knowledge of the game and she's like I've rod heard. Me. I don't know you don't let our blood that she. I guess good. You know put pulls only ten weeks the last I heard. In the importance on Alex.