Slacker and Steve - Frustrated Fundraiser 2/19

Friday, February 19th


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And there. On sort of people who weren't kind of even even even know. You know we live in a time where being Philanthropic and and you've seen these are very. Like shined upon thing you know wolf defense is extreme absolutely. There's somebody listening who has a problem who's just kind of looked from what I understand. Thinking enough does not okay pom Heidi. Hey you know I tell us what's going on. Well. I have a daughter and completely at her school other school have been encouraging all the kids you know become part of like. Fundraisers and you know event that their school it is at cherry Durbin it's great and do I'm involved in I would have my daughter and you know use. Grace you know Angel and I and I want her to grow up you know understand like that it's good to get back and that it's good. You know continue like you're twenty Philanthropic you know yeah. It now she wants to join. Girl Scouts and yeah I I. It's flat out. In a muddy things an attorney that I am the one doing the work in my daughter's you know socializing was also you know fine but I also have a jaw. How odd and you know are starting to get a lot on me to you know take on this stuff and I in and I first see you know I start if I let her join. Girl Scouts. Under the telling these cookies at my job and call me any members. And getting them to do that you know I'm walking door to door with my daughter and my begging people to buy candy and cookies you know and that. Do you already doing now with things like. You know cook teasing pretzels and bread dough and different things from your school and coming testament to jump roper humming laughs well Mikey do end. Honestly yes every single time you know it's being you know. But at a ploy is to think it but to the parent to do all that stuff it's like learning sure but I'm really doing all the work and yeah. I don't I don't think I wanted to do we go out I don't I don't I don't have a ticket policy. Way way way so because you know. That's not selfish at all the other Girl Scouts is good for girls we came. No I I agree I agree that the good thing and that's great but you know I might. Is there a way to teacher you know continue teaching her to be found Brockbank candidate but without her doing that broke out. About within a few words are really pretty. It is certainly when you can say it's it's not a Girl Scouts can you say no to your schools now you know campaign can UCC noted there American hardest decision him anal. It didn't win Jenny pretty I don't have to keep. At some point at night and letting me but I kind of am and what we do you know. What can shoot I give it the office or whatever we can shoot I I don't I don't want my kids and I'm sorry I don't mean hijacked your OPP Heidi but like. I kind of agree with you. Really not where we had to be a parent. Parent I'm teaching my kids to do would you teach your kids to do is two point does. I'm broke so everyone else to know some. Kind of so we will tell you know luckily it's nice you know I value this charity can do this hump but not because my school principal says or does my scout leader says. But every day eat. RS to dinosaurs one campaign into my kids' school. Style home. And welcome to America that's not that's not the all my prayers are real idea because if you're gonna pour CME. You can't afford to tell you. You pretty Jews right but if you're a means you try new mall because your kids who get ostracize her kids his muscles you just set it ideas about social. You do all the work you're kidding it's all the benefits of the social that's how schools works you know what Agassi was brilliant but the girl scouts of the come knocking at my door is. Is the girl looks all Q and precious and and all that stuff and hooks me and she sets the hook mama's standing behind your sheep when Karl we're only as it sets the book. Yes. So you want your child to have the benefits of Girl Scouts because you don't wanna drag the red wagon up. Draws and kicked. I can't you've done and are beginning that this you do everything at school and if I don't PTA everything I'm there every day after what barracks. Maybe you let her join the Girl Scouts and you have to say noticing just how do you ballet mom that's really rare and usual parents you have finite amount of so you could all I'm. Mom do you I don't understand addict I intend to do they got to help time for themselves they'd they'd get to the eleventh you like it in my life to that right now though. You know. Your little girl in the eye and know what's going on all even all your friends during Girl Scouts or even though all your friends are earning trophies in American Heart Association or this or that. Do a great job like my kids are not fighting these little puppies I was like who's the brilliant moves. Jericho Smart big geared towards the kids or else sucks kids and which sucks that there is Leonard wood these puppies on and it's iTunes there's really at its status thing for your kids and if they only have two puppies and their friends have tended to mean clearly he. Reserve during the match. Alrighty I I get it so. I don't get too far in your lights were decent and nice thick. Financially. Do you have the means to help. Yes it is hot hot so I don't even honest about it's it's just about disappoint us all of his charity south. And it's you know I and I wanted to think that a politically glazed over as your next at the work you're doing but you know just to get fields like blanket. I got this one to Heidi sucker got this one. As parents you want your kid to be the best in everything including socially there's certain things you can continue to sacrifice to make sure your kid excels socially and these are the prices you pay for your kid. I'm Heidi we're trying to find an answer for you I don't know that there is one merlot from pain on anybody else inside boxes are in their eyes. Let's hope he can she sing no draws gets a chance to see noticing the school this is not about charity and you guys is it's about your kids' social standing this is you're out. I can't I hear it. All of my parents and once again it now and always in this now nears and that's a I don't I don't everybody at my soccer might ever ask you have nots because do I understand there's a specific school related things and then you have the girl's. Do you ask ask you wanted to ask you aren't. Tour for Heidi Singh know these aren't protecting you are. Do I appreciate that Heidi thank you appreciate that you're not kidding me up burned up fruit cookies in the dough the cookie or whatever. What can she deal there's certain things you have to pick and choose and you pick the ones that are best socially for your kids and you got to sacrifice for that one you do not. I noticed something it's not about charity has some charisma about social status if. Or mom. And you can help are either not join the girl's just join them maybe say no other things real loser she doesn't what do you do how do you tell people eventually under also knows I'm charitable you can't you have the means got to get shut the time got a new wind is not enough. Any. Yeah yeah see I knew what he's. I personally think it's our way over extended there have three kids. We're also in education and kids so how many times it is here at home with calmer lack pared their parents are over extending man defining my worry too much stuff. My time we can we find them for points out it's been huge commitment and I had to make him cut other things he wanted to do. Because I I didn't go to my husband does but it's still a lot to huge commitment it's actually very expensive to get into you have eight. Quite a bit settled uniform and all the things that they do and so I would see really re seeing the. You should Boy Scouts and I don't bash on girls just it just is this Amos soccer is now like soccer when I was little was like he shortened practice in the match today and then you play a game but now it's like practice Tuesday so two days a week. Team turn immense. Drive to a different cities and on regional tournament site I don't. It's the act its act I've across the board I just think it. Kids they're getting stressed out and I even MacArthur and extract they're even have time to do your homework sometimes it's like really overwhelming I think. Didn't get rid of this idea that could be it could carry you get your kids everything that you they want her. Or you sacrifice your peace and happiness and harm just so they can you know add one more thing to their. To read any. They Jenny soccer yes and I'm glad my parents expose me to as much. Avenues have created I'm telling you this Steve I appreciate my bringing it in you and your childhood there wasn't as much you don't tell you his age there's. My kid now so like he's reason for diabetes next Mans heart association this month clicks on an art it's like dude I sell candy bars. Once a year rule that was it not. So pin every month and do his homework. And do reading and do brightest thing about every night. Indian soccer. Ambien karate and be in baseball it's it's it's and then if he if he added. Boy Scouts or similar it's it's true Mott the moment I'm supposed to be. Kid I know you when Jennie Wright I feel bad tell my guys when you consider condescending tones. Treadmill and I sort of a pretty good I am assuming I can drop you guys had no idea what you're taking other lawyers say hey look we want to sell you content parent. But I don't think you wish he could take her daughter to go how. You know feed the homeless that you are evacuate these aren't hurt schedule it's convenient for her. And still explode the child for the same learning experience pitch it doesn't have to beat like. Everything it's fundraising and and peddling hard person to try to checked my score of the donation we don't participate in any of the under it extra than the school and getting a 100% of aggregate. Since it's. So terrible at it until he when I look at the teachers are like so is you sound not getting a Martin Zeno Mike. You know is how did you eat you got a check in the beginning here I like you were written. Especially I don't yeah yeah. Horrible wrapping paper company pension money when extra. Absolutely they can ask you guys why Jeb kids if you don't want. Backstage didn't Denny you're all right Steve it. What you're a guy who compares everything your childhood if you would not recognize that we tauzin it is now it's not it has nothing to do with the way you grew up when there's a you're stressed out meeting up one activity. In an entirely unlike well in the mood for a motel owner ICO two commuter client. What did several club next Thursday with more long days alone the floods. Our kids now see how this judge all this CEO of the company couldn't keep. She wouldn't even need a private jet and an ad may end to keep their crap too. Other you're air that's cute could be tough but. Yeah he brought him into the wind only really the more you do that voice to voice I'm too old now UT I just. Yeah she just tired just talk you were just being condescending a second I don't trust you absolutely want it always is asking questions I'm just trying to learn Richard the. But yeah I know I it's so I don't SN police unit to a bit mom a lot of free Richard. Your. Heads when you don't want it stays at home since you don't Jennings. I think honestly whatever your chip wants to do in life. That's all just part of being a parent. You get out there and she shares oh I don't wanna do the work that's just part of being a parent you have your. Yeah I have Greek CDC and you Sonoma my girls are in Girl Scouts yeah Pacino myself right. No my wife works as well pot holes that you on this. Who bought time parents both my girls are girls out. Yes I have to ship those cookies everywhere my job but precious art of being an apparent your kid's smile at the great destroyed in the world and that's what. Lawny Yemen my coworker sound right coming pitch in the latest sanctions. Yeah Jesus candles this month I am Glenn years that's why I have my seal until I quit and I got. I'm on high beside you guys inside I'd rather just or cash Janet Richards thanks for being the good parents and parents can keep it if it was the Richard Steve Sho. You'd be bro bro. Tony every week dawn today is higher memory I did. I will be happy your kids react to your partner. Steve would be unhappy Richard thank you for exposing our children every pot you Richard the I did you jet how much you hate to leave working with a guy like Richard. May well they've always so it's not can I can lose your ground that you made on your point now willing to concede this argue that it's. Let's ask if it. Yeah. I Conroy. Tony are right now I like the girl scout dog a freshman high school. And my parents didn't hold my hand you broke out economy needs you aren't my arm. And they helped out and make Ted I don't think you should take Toppert India weight from her just because you can't get back. Larry Alfred not look like you because I wouldn't trade the girl's life and had done according to do in the middle school by any means. Which is so good I love that about you I stayed I stayed longer I didn't go all the way eagle. But I assume the Boy Scouts longer enter brilliant it's underfoot that most people would ask almighty and we lost her. We read she was basically sand saying yes doing. Man up and deal mum. Now is using it's just listening tonight your daughter be involved and it got to look but let her. I put on her own you don't have to so the problem is so many moms what they do. He's get so involved in it did like when he comes and sell the cookies. They take a brochure to work for them they go stand in front of the grocery store and hagel people don't do it. Richard kinross counts yes but if she sells five bucks is total. And it is what it is welcome to read or not they're not gonna kick around a Girl Scouts is ordered us and then maybe if she can't afford to be in the American Heart Association dang of the diabetes stand or whatever charity you want to say you're school. Your kid eventually has to learn responsibility. And where. When to say no you don't you don't have to do all we as parents don't want our kids to fail in any thing. And that's a problem you wanted to raise a hundred bucks 200 plus 500 bucks for every charity com. Acts 203040000. Dollars a year your kids are responsible for the other problem I see is parents you just don't wanna put forth the staffers in the time to go ahead and Xperia that in fact you can never enough effort to finish the sentence. They gage still holds friends did awesome care costs just the yeah hey guys so we really love talk show what do what do you say to a variety. All right here's my deal my kids' school not only with the fundraising is that each daily have to volunteer forty hours a year. Know what I tell my kids as I'm only gonna pay for the fundraisers or the school gets all of the many. None of the other stuff and with the dodge Connelly your like it but it really get the money out of the piggy bank to get it. So denies signed. But then it's dubbed Asia's my son's got two dogs my daughter's only got one dog and then it's like my sons about to get his third gaga a few days and she's only got one and a mind. Guys and the next most of its discontinue his penguins last OK it's god guys it's. You know what I see is the time that you guys spent whining about being a parent you could relate sold an extra couple box is a good here's what I could I don't watch your kid I couldn't do anything though. That is right. Here that I just pulled out. My little brief Q and what that says ask your coworkers and friends here is Steve you learn my lesson don't talk to Jim when you listen I don't want to. Time to me why is it time to me to pitch you or you wind. Why aren't you and I. You know you don't care about American hasn't I didn't you don't hear about America my kids didn't jump throw for the American Heart Association are united in I didn't really know don't you take your fringe of the person who asked kids sold music and I sent it to be a parent you sign up to be spring that he personally as a parent my. You could get my kids the dog economy in my I don't see how her how to do it now now I just can't open it knows concept Natasha. I do here and our you know my you dog I know it changes by no one knew once we do okay here's what I do I judge you complain about you driving from a distance or why your top. Of course he's not just a cure you should if you're a dude you're hello how are here now that maybe she's. Really dangerous we'll look at all all I want to complain barrel one of them. Precedes. A you did last word I believe is the. I drank a lot I let my target for about a year when I wanted to derail it ain't broke out Fokker everything. Or about why he actually let me get everything as you drag my butt literally every single one of these bank and it that I hear gee that's our means that. I don't wanna do you all of these I know you're exhausted you don't mind while beat you got really into the on the walk on really really helps because I knew you know so now that I am I am like 21 years old now until when I wanna get involved with all of it or Asian. I know that the right one that I reading reading reading light and. Do you up your mum precious genius she Terrence. She Kurds and took time to act like. I was delusional and you're solution this entire time I was terrible and you do that everybody's gonna hit Euro would Jesus came to orders. It's lawn under Christie's answer just to run out of bed until. Sure it's any secret status maybe you might have been referenced are Clinton I'm more than half right. Clear out the form you fill out about 175. Title your body and I'm like yeah I just sort of sound off on this. It is an Obama now or FaceBook dot com slash slacker and Steve Ference.