Slacker and Steve - Daughter Birth Control 2/22

Monday, February 22nd


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Stay right there. So wind to lecture kids grow up for her when she would not let him and protect him by now let and number oh. That's the question basically of today's or PP and she's actually on the phone says she's gonna tell us a story last year. Allison's. Yeah I he's what's going on yes. Well my daughter and she's fourteen years old. He has got a new boyfriend. And I also does start by the boyfriend called rail lines were excited about it now I'm I'm not as dumb luck or not one of those nine huge. I'm the head and the fans try to win and I'm not quite know that teenagers. Target has. I revelations they're yeah. Then anything seen on the American and pretend like it's not happen. I'm thinking it's time. To have a conversation with my daughter and maybe how Turco on birth control. It's. How safe do you. She's fourteenth thanks. But I live. Rather have a fourteen year old daughter on birth control then a fourteen year old daughter is pregnant these men and Campbell. Thinking it's the most realistic thing to do you know what I'm wondering my husband is. It's been very traditional kind of father he's actually not gonna go to this at all he's he's probably rather. Get a got to go try and exploit patient man and go through this idea. And so I guess my question how do you Hawaii. I convinced my husband that this is. The right thing to do it. Schoen pictures unfortunately. Well there's that passed I mean you should (%expletive) up. So another words in his mind if you puts your daughter her birth control this is a wise is a go do whatever you do are you telling me you don't feel ONG as he married the daughter I do you tell somebody. I remember thinking. If privacy thoughts on I can drive a little crazy shirt because I'm safer. Yes I had a helmet on when I just put it first started Steen an element was nice first started skiing in the trees in drop out soon are you crazy stuff so if it alassane. Gives her like she's talking about this boyfriend you want to during the OK here's birth control you're saying tell your boyfriend for. The light is green no no of course you're always say all right. No way there's got to be there's an idea. And I'm sorry Alison and I don't mean to be your husband's. But I am a father of a young girl she's granted only in elementary school at this point but. There's a point where I know. It's due. You're absolutely green lighting her if you if you put if you walked cheered it seems she's gonna say when you say I wanna get you wanna tell she's gonna be like. Oh really me. She does even like I'm gonna get less act mean I'm gonna. Like she don't have regular. It woman's time she's gonna stink mom just said go for you know Allison slacker I'm beginning to realize this might be a gender thing between dad in my city until a little OK but how listens she's the woman she knows is she. Right eat don't you okay you acquiesce in the Obama in this instance we just talked. Yeah I just Elena do you look back to keep saying it ought to be realistic about how teenagers aren't. You start having relations thousand. I was eleven or later teenager as a teenager. Okay ten armed. Do you not think it when you tell us she's on the till she's gonna go and do it from. You can go ahead and do it anyway so I would rather have an understanding that. There it is to have there slacker. Dude I think good dads and when it comes to daughters. Turner you won it oh I know you wanna keeper pristine in your little baby but there comes a point where mom. Knows better hurry because she because she's a woman. I need to I Jews but I'm boy lies so I know what other fourteen your choice of which takes. Opinion tell you it's doing he's thinking OK that's why Allison Allison and well are you saying that Allison doesn't trust the the values you still should understand what the boy you sing to the boys waiting for a green miles is your daughter Al-Jazeera this notion. Yes Alison that's why she's there can't figure judge you don't even get when you're doing not a licensed pushing the button. Alison you're pushing the button are you Ellison. Don't worry it isn't there live as the border into her suicide bombs or do. Hi I know your choice so what you're asking essays. How do you approach your husband makes you wanna do this flat daughter what have you talked to the daughter she's bored with being number controls did she come to you where you were you this your distinctive about yeah you're going to be a mom. I'm I'm Justine I'm trying to think to the next step she hadn't we haven't talked about. Tax dusty does include a talk about the said that you needed to advance sorry know what can I know. Usually don't see unique because it's a person like really bad that. It's time to a stop thinking of your little fourteen year old as a fourteen year are you need to start ringing ever as good suggest. That's feelings are validated here he wants to protect the daughter so as long as humanly possibly here and palaces and aren't you kind of give as usual changing its and so already used this analogy as soon as you change it from a stop sign to yield. People will speed they'll go through that intersection and they are like it's their job slacker Allison zero daughter's gonna see the division between the husband being dad. And mom here and that that comes into play too juicy you're not on a united front you guys got to get on the united front you how easy it is okay. Let me just say this does it Orakpo or really ask you this. Easy any part of you thinking about doing this without asking him first. Yeah snow how he now where we're gonna do this Terrell and. Are you sure Sarah. Birth control without us I am so to always you know dare you better find out down the road it's an utterly and she's been on a three year you don't do that. Don't wanna it. All right so we need to find a way to approach. A conservative side there. About his fourteen year old and say look man I know you're you don't think you're ready. This is gonna work but she's ready to damn well you're ready or not always happen and it all adds herb dean view right now you can do she got up shaking you or shut down you and I am sure you. Thank you I don't give a crap if she's ready aren't ready so she's not ready Allison you have your hands full on this one. I'm yeah hang on we're gonna try to decent guys. My advice is don't do it I know I don't nice is find what's current events in look milestone recap when good moms know best when it comes to this I know you do. Tourists males and I hate to say this in this instance you have kinda know set. Trying to do I K I Y so why don't raiser this whole time you have got done everything else but now I know. JJ cards like I trust me. But you know what this is a huge this problem and most households geek dads and their little girls all right if you like to help her out in getting the conservative dad too. The OK with birth control we need your help right about now Maurice. Why don't worry we have you disguising a new round you never know I you'll be much prettier now do you have voice just as Roth what do you think. I had. Addicts a daughter that will start arguing your thirteen. Had a baby beautiful baby girl. My daughter had no lights after about. Yeah. Yeah control all I want her now. So what the daughter know. He looked at girls. How do you give our child the film downtown Amman more to eat me all or whatever. As long natural child doesn't know you wanted to get everything is peer pressure that other lemon sharks. Hard and protect destroy you know. Re going moment any IE. My idea this is a great idea. You can you can go out and shot which. Now her shot at last her charm Ramon. You're sitting breaks your. Child into being on birth control should not earning that right because you're the mom that child underage kids living in your house you know it's no. I've got this you'll force did allison's idea or your ideas is lorries ideas. I thought maybe out what you got to the point where we're talking to other people felt we would pull out of those death spiral. But we just pushed the yoke straight down and have a win this is the best idea a bank arm. So that if she has relations she's got a goalie set up but she doesn't even know it. Right. And you know but can you see him my arm instead on all hurt you here you know. She missed out on going through. I depression gene and I am right score and reason Clinton and downs. You know show shock to all of our. Up you want Lori I finally. I got it I finally figured it out or I can't wait to hear this if you don't want me raise it a grandchild. If you do you got to give your kid on some sorts of burn yes otherwise you're crazy. They can't even call Laurie I don't I don't think nor any a lot of people lining up on the do you your kid in the Tim Bush justice no doesn't hurt her in the mom's doing what's best for her just because she doesn't know what mom is doing his best perks does it make it wrong I just don't think the birth control works that way out of the union grind it out in milk. I don't think it's one of those things you can it's not a roof he did come. Not all little alcohol abuse and also give you a thirteen year old forging a pepperoni and anything that. You guys and we're coming up with recent looses you guy I am sorry hey I didn't catch smile on his team it's Allison. Alison I am 100 pretend that your side you and I think a lot of colors or color of an inch saying that there's an obvious double standard this would be mcgetrick commerce nuclear talking about a fourteen year old boy niche but aside from that. This mentality your I didn't need tree he admits someone aged. Backwoods Louisiana Kentucky type thinking which when dad's house this idea that touched a lot and get you know. Color guy not anybody who either brings my daughter so made four or whatever catch what they're really saying it is such. I am gonna choose who you're going to be intimate ways you are not gonna make that choice I mean she's true it is through your academic patch and that is so backwards. Allison a great deal. The joy do you think they're when you give the kid birth control as too early an age do you green light him a little bit. Maybe a little bit but let's all the thing to about it I'm. Led niche that moment strikes pops if we're not prepared action we made a RD take that step anyway so she is doing their absolute great big huge I really stretching and really Yahoo!. Sounds incredibly young. It it. What is this you Ali you that it's only how it is because people keep. Pushing their kids at an earlier and earlier age to where juicy shorts to deal on birth control it's like we're moving the line and while you say that it's all sash and you try to pull the mine back. Can't we ease and it. Even if you don't want to line to move forward tee at least hold the line. She's surge or not it's gonna make this person be intimate look sick but that's a sexual lives our children. What. We do we allows them to seasonal 22. And in earlier and earlier age in the minutes I think dads should be making a decision on who see I'm always so I'm still. He should be deciding who she sleeps with it's but I still isn't kinda early to Louisiana I I agree with what you're saying but I'm saying it's. Easy easy if you do you view it seats to meet put the helmet on and I I'm more reckless that way if I know I've got protection I'm going to use it I mean. Confrontation with terrorists and to soundly there he expired. You chemical irritation of malware and to be that irresponsibly and everything that goes into it cash my dad's saying no you don't get Q I get to make that decision is just wrong. Is it just feels wrong I love the did you just sitting my last three were trying to be a part well I was just. The fifth Cheney I if I mean I don't think I'm I'm not like Diana's and I don't I just I feel like. This model would put eleven year old some birth control. Why don't we put who you know you can tomorrow are you when you. They sense that I guess I I guess it's somebody next. Dot if somebody knows they're daughters to be intimate that that it is I am you know that's a conversation between that ceremony but it's you know my daughter are you can make the decision when he's ready cure she can make the decision or even. I would assume though I have the convent school make whatever decision home so it. For my god that's what slackers going to be learning at this at this hour is are getting your favorite karate I did your point I do I it's it's it's tough it's tough it's it's impossible to think it was like I just feel like it's. It's dangerous it's a dangerous game to play to say. Go ahead it's like saying quarter marked as tight rope because there's a net below you if it's. If there's no net down there. And you shall what I wrote they won't do it right but as soon as you say Vanessa and they're besides everybody want I knew I wasn't really say you don't want to ever but now definitely you know Lockett because now I'm safe and protected. Amber. He and I what do you think. So I was good numbers in her own outfit CNET and how relations with comma key adopt terrorist Arnett. And bonnet doesn't mean it's issued you know run a lot corn and it's getting any moniker right now I think as she has already get a chance to come agree united forged with now husband because she doesn't do that in the kid's gonna split. Parents you know and ties a fight for married and she won't let me Kim former dollar that need to be total. It logical to keep emotion out of there and that's probably going to be harder for data. Trying to protect against everything. You know it doesn't protect against somebody like and that's TV which they need to be completely a 100% honest with their daughter about. You know how diligently is technically risky behavior. That you need to be mature enough to protect yourself against these risks because they're not there are you look. Out for the rest of your life not your fault it's not just to keep it there's other stuff and it can cause serious health complications that. Amber don't you think you're more the exception in the rules don't you think most other girls who had been put numbers control assist team and hadn't. Get it right away. I don't think so not if their parents know most of my friends have parents like mine where X being my mom did come to me and how this hard conversation about what it got to protect against everything and you can end up. You know apple getting serious illness that you're stuck with for the rest video like if you make one simple mistake you know I mean they're able to have that tough conversation with their daughter and be honest about what the risks are. Ben Sheets in all I'm sure she's a Smart young girls you've got to make the right decision. Is it okay if we just going heading giver her birth control just behind your back slipping in her putting her someplace. A soccer. Sponsor and I affect your body in other ways and if she's having serious side effects. That's another thing you said it doesn't have to work but there to find out what our control works for her huge jump on my own work for everybody. Yeah the sale you know all and you go home for a while it's making you crazy you're meeting your name her team much. And I have anything that I had such again because I literally eat and they Corey beat currency haunt him like alkaline your hat off for married and yeah. C got to be careful to yeah sorry you win two other girls Ruth the idea I UT reenter back at least no one ever those other ones thank goodness that's typical of a and are still. Sinclair. Why he's. Thanks. Well I thought I don't credit union public health and I irritated he attic clinic she and I eight Jerry you're coming from black hair but we had numerous fourteen your are they use cane and end. And they were pregnant and us am I'm birth control. Now a bigot Hambrecht and told doesn't mean you won't. No matter around it gets below you're less likely to get pregnant so they go for an. Dad's feelings don't matter I don't know ceiling and we Sunnis and yeah you don't want that like pre marital problems it actually finding him the reader that 40% of pregnant Heatley Lester Unclei candidates because it's. Fatal lack of access to birth control and I. A self control. You know. Pia well thank you better call Claire anyway XP wit is here's the thing and we don't have time to get to Daniel but he's basically saying. Just because he's got car insurance doesn't mean he's been intentionally in Iraq good yeah all he nailed it right there it's not that's a perfect. Yeah it's not the perfect analogy it's. Because he's. Because. You George George you're on the birth control pill to do something to protect you when you do something you want to deal. You don't go buy car insurance because you want to get in a crashing you want to be covered afterward car insurance is for when something bad happens you. Relations is a good thing so so getting that he's not like insurance for relations it's just. Making relations just a little bit safer. Boom covered itself. That's correct I. Improved I think it is sore elbow out Alison and her soon to be roof seed daughter alpha we would love your advice online or FaceBook dot com slash slackers defense.