Slacker and Steve - 37 and Afraid to Leave 2/23

Tuesday, February 23rd


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And I hate these type of OP keeps. I'm gonna say this you hated for a different reason an idea of oh yeah just youth stating that all people are miserable because they're actually miserable. And I think that all people. Perceive themselves to be miserable because everybody wants to believe they should be a car dashing in and has something better than what they have right now while. I think maybe she might just need not seen people may be saddled. But some people. Or your Blair. You know we're pleased it's like it's not always trying to let it be something that you're not during your marriage you know. Yet judges say yes I I don't even read this and Marty fired up because I just read through it. People. Are. Comfortable. Everybody want go to Google but I mean I'm like not so it's. Introduce new road look the other one went don't go. Nothing to. Stay in your rots the cat so. Good at the moon than we saw little. I look at. We cut the your time yet young guys are high kick back and I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm gonna bring down a notch or seven. Am my husband and I were high school sweethearts and we got married when I was nineteen. We've been married for eighteen years now and need some advice keep first ball I can't see any people that you you don't know anybody else in high school as your same person you get married he never let anybody else that's those are my parents and they are probably your parents yeah. When I had my mom was trying to leave town and my dad place. Had people like drive to the county line beginner and talent that he atmosphere so neither a home. But neither are your parents have ever experienced anybody else they just know each other. But that's a good thing sometimes not terrorists the married for eighteen years now I need some advice I've only been in a relationship but my husband I was happy through my twenties. But he sir to wonder if there was more out there. I'm 37 now and I feel like I've missed out on life I'm I'm I'm unhappy and I find myself constantly daydream Biederman about what my life would have been like. I want to settle down so young and I'm wondering if it's time to move on I'm just so scared I honestly don't know how to live without him. Because we've been together our entire adult lives is your problem. The white Lieberman Chris being even more unhappy without him or live with the choices I made what do I do this is from candy candy. Don't Ryder radio show he did this answer. I'm not trying to lighten pool pool we do and honestly we're gonna get the right answer for. Because there's so many of you listening you're all have been in this which every one of you I don't think it I don't think everybody is I think it's of people. I'm telling you I feel like. It's of people who got married this young it's. Actually you're it's your top. No I'm saying you still isn't always and I don't work dude you don't know anybody else you've got to come down until we get good. Guarantee you don't know what are you just don't know what that is a must you know what good is do you think you would light. If I would tell you right now I wish I'd never tasted a better wine in the wine I used to drink because tiger spoiling it distress among. Yes and it's until Jewish you've never tried ex drug because now you chaismatic. The people who are nearing a high school leg they don't know better they don't know me better and they can just be happy chewing their kind of show. Hold no this isn't usually this happens especially for the woman in the relationship you. She should be and you think you're supposed to be in Karachi or not. Urged us to Lincoln a movie you're it's not going to be but smooth. This is kind of mundane all of it's a dredge for you people you Mary thanks you too. All war Monday. I got home although. Nobody got a clear remembered what Ryerson. Cole it's like there's mundane might it dated and things of life single night. I see my duty to a woman whenever you like whatever everything's new and gotta pay your bills you still gotta take issue our recent and I don't care who you think to appoint some yeah there's a term called marriage Rudd there's not a firm called single right. Does and when you're a single ready just to kill yourself. So it's not you just did there is no row when you're that you all know. Synch though you wrote I have choices I can tell you you're mutually isn't she stuck in a marriage like all you people are you're looking like soccer said the grass is gonna this is this this is all you. Actually deduct a prompt it. Rob is a problem. Not carriage or is a problem everybody yup it's probably. Don't take you past marriages legal. Driver and little seeds are perfectly good honey right now probably look and you're at how BS I'm going some dank. Little. What he has but you always look at the trade up just what are looking to trade up but other than that you also do your run seen every girl. It's just a Carson's blue just every stop trying to the edge. I'd much he's shot trying to better yourself. Anyway years they should try to better yourself and your married more learn more but you're stuck in a rut it's your job to get out of the rough nice and again she's a woman she Jordan do you see the irony of blood cannot run. Got a cigarette or how I. I know. Like we go to one disappointment before. Like your normal. Worried and they're so. It's all gift don't you just and my case is it's a pattern to his schedule your brother is. It's pattern and instead. You want to yeah try to hang. Yeah. He youths took. That is huge billboards hasn't run right. I'm around him yeah and I know the kidneys are rock that if I would aficionado of rock Zack she's in a marriage rocks I think a lot of people are great so did NBC Russell is a bad thing it is a bad thing. No it's not for you it's just scheduled. Here's the thing we need to get her out of the lead and that's what we need to decide are we going with with teams even team can be are. Like she's she's yeah she's a live now. Move onto until things had she doesn't say anything about this person doesn't love that she didn't say they're roommates she. Yes you tell she's 37 I feel like Amazon in my life I wish that she she. Because you are just stupid TV and feels like what was I supposed to do just what can be. You may have. Left town and gone on to be a famous actress you probably would not you probably just wanted to know at a diner in a different town. With a different guy who they like your husband and he be doing the same Dana go on. I don't wish it never a whole all of it. Always show instead of what if you're not miserable. People are. Uh huh are you so you're selling here before so we did defend some. You know its leaders say and that she made her red bed and now she was lied it further around stuff are rotten lie I don't think she has to I just think she needs to examine. Did she really want now. She really wonder what else is out there does it work and she's not out anything just jumped right out she's what does. Gabor and her size she's uploading them nearly as she's not blaming the guy you can tell you can tell. I don't like he Stoller youth. She didn't win reached him. I. And so we need to get her out of this if there's anybody else who found that place where they're like I don't see zero tonight. And why I call you every one call it you want everyone let's get that we talked to knew there obviously the same thing always got us like you're speaking to marry you it's. As Yelp and hopefully most of them stayed in realize know somebody they built an entire life with is better them. Very well I'm sorry is this your nap time the boy if can you try to help T knee out and I'm gonna go trying to might take some and take the edge off 82 can. Yeah yeah yeah. I'm glad she didn't know what I would the night out is everybody there moral cheer up. I photographs are or predict they will. Apparently. It's working out their credit I give I. Know everybody out in general G. Katy you're on a relationship but you just you or you don't like anymore he just didn't there was nothing for you spend it. No I don't know what did you do not a huge and you don't always because you. Now that's not well. You are happy relationship you have to you're right there they'll each let me show up shot is what exactly are already and then. I recall about Ole Ole. Ole incredible. Shape. Well Katie she's not happy so how to we help are you happy that what's your advice. And there are let me try. Yeah despite all of your apple actually I'm actually. So really. She's already tried and I'm typical guy you know what I think I deserve some I think I deserve turnstile. With 22 year old women. Just come into whenever the hell I'm OK and I say I am taken number saying behind me now. Mid sandbar you're taken number no you yeah. But he can't and I don't can't yeah doesn't he doesn't exist so. You're saying you suckers saying that once I you know relationship I got a right it's the only thing I ever truly dad. I cannot get in our added yeah. I'm not going now owns. I can find turnstiles. It was or something truly wrong she sing a single thing your like. He jerked me can we finally time she's saying I'm daydreaming she's you're you're dreaming because she because of you that's your fault it's not his thoughts. It's not something. I haven't important and I don't ask don't do you. Check out. If I understand it you. Are important well not try to work they're actually. So you owe it to dog does most come for the first couple months but I am bored right now so I just had to kill you guys you guys she's been in this verse eighteen years she's given 37 years of her life just like she's a 37 year old you dinner. I know you won't be Shia does yeah I was sick she's got to realize when she comes out there desolate and guess what's out there for you. Steve. Has a whole bunch of mixes of cassette you sneeze wrong he's a really cool and attractive it's. A stick your husband you'd do. You'll die because Rihanna. Yeah oh yeah I did it cool you down. Well I can look my boyfriend on wall even the other feel not only prison I've been what is gonna get after like seven years. Rihanna and limit his girls my age. But this senior apparently you can't miss something that you haven't experienced. What if you go out and you need to do everything that you wanted to kill and realize that it was nothing that you wanted to. So many people know there are gone to a club goes I wanna be a club girl and you get different three nights tonight. This is dumb but some club girls I am I wish to be a suburban mom and get there like well this is dumped its newly re evaluate at least you really didn't she does she. Do you think she's. Husbands are boring see this she's got just don't see you know US. They don't loan or rust of her life and you know no other man in your life except the guy you're wit doesn't that's got above GO. No I mean honestly if you think about you really can't miss something that you haven't had a. Sure poll. If you happen to be twenty years old on setting up the turnstile you embryonic. I don't oasis. Pandora go I am. God what it comes to relations and you you're you're never gonna know it's better that she doesn't it's always there she doesn't know Prioleau. Who can assure you I've ever said Darrell. Luckily didn't. Call home while they didn't go green and that I mean that's very insightful you can't miss it if you never have another run personal cost to the. This is. A nice. He adds I think he didn't need to borrow and tried different scene where her man. We're in the same boat won't know catch your married in the in the rug to. All eyes inlet my husband and I think eighteen and Tony junior later. Don't know any other man either new deal. No ideas they're not gonna make me sound bad. Post so you knew you were slower you riot Friday yeah. Unless you know we probably do different things we had 898 and most of the people hide behind you are not rat. They didn't go home and watch TV we got the club no we aren't. Content with the same person moved here. Where and shifts. Achieved via. So you think she doesn't do I just ask you where do you think this longing comes from is it movies called easy erotic literature assault is the Internet now. What why do people start to have this thing where it's like one I've got. It is perfectly good idea. Is not enough for me where does that come from. Comes from light I do think it comes from my television and thinking it's like they grabbed the lead greener but they can get like app you're the party over your current home. All loans are your Roland out of bed you know trying to grab your clothes and it did not pocket change or whatever it's not as graded stakes they. It's not. Eaten your marriage and yours is marriages sound like Derek scintillating as well. I don't know that it's here. I think human contact prayed about it we have to scheduled to meet dominates is. Today students to please do. Something you do you'll. No sir did you did you like to walk the walk in his restaurants and he's got salt from the ceiling tiles. They're scheduled to walk you could actually warped. And do you like. Sure you're your resume but we're discouraging crab to do. All yeah. The league so yeah. So are really since I'm mostly sorry. I need to review your own machine sometimes a person's soul back right yeah. I don't so what do you think the. I'm so it seems blocker on that so I. Know. You're Lou Sarah Connor picked me so mad that she. This is so selfish she didn't have a negative thing to say about her husband and I didn't say she wasn't in a loving marriage she would stay. You know what I. Alan it straight line it it did not and she shirts. Eddie has the. Usually a lot of energy and drew a rule out the door yeah. Theory ABC. Yeah. Older women start to go. They I know commitment and I'm still not a tradable T shirt whether she should sue oracle does your club poll out. Oh yeah thanks round. I think that she's seeing are big lead season. It's like slacker I think everybody watches Ricardo here underneath you can't have something good. And they wanna which illustrate it and add it hit you. News flash card deshields aren't real if it thinks that's real reality T. Not from real good guys so what you're telling me is a god you're gonna. How has made when he was the boss what what will you guys are unhappy huge is continue to be unhappy you don't do any means no. Change is like you know maybe. How come they let her hunt. Known in on how would you sort you logical. And you know I didn't porting I'm gonna leave an eighteen year marriage obviously things have gone right enough for Curtis being married and number eight. Kenya Airways and get out your we can so I can hear you McConnell and senator we appreciate. There are on your amazing and he stood up to Steve it's all we lost our guy will also also embalmed. Bottom line is I'm writes for the first time I its its first on top of Mario. Click here no purchase should. If it's if you still wanna sound op idea I think most everybody said I'm personally for you. Today it's not due date if she doesn't mean wrong with her marriage she shouldn't really leave it that she's daydreaming there's something wrong in the marriage her. So he should she heard enough appreciation and current and culture authority and he should come look when he joined me in mice holy search for a little holy Grail of 22 year old turnstile got your back on now and know where it is where you wanna give candy anymore advice do an online FaceBook dot com slash dislike her his defense.