BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 6:30- Tom hurt, Mel B is dirty, Arnold in Terminator 6 and Jonah Hill not the fat guy. 8/14

Monday, August 14th

Tom Cruise may have broken his leg while doing his own stunts for his next movie, trying to jump from one building to another – Turns out that a lot of rich people have a lot of unclaimed money -   Mel B’s ex nanny has released reports of forced 3 sums with her and Mel’s husband up to 3 times a week. – Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are back at it again, they were seen at an Ed Sheeran concert together – Arnold will be in Terminator 6 – Teen Choice Awards Maroon 5 won. – Sinead O’Connor posts more videos. She is happy, then sad again. - Jonah Hill is asked by an interviewer is he is still seen as the fat guy in Hollywood.


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Vijay and Jamie I think Tom Cruise broke his leg yes so video he had asked. So I guess Tom Cruise was doing a Mission Impossible stunt because you actually do his own stunt and listening in from a crane. And he he runs and he tries to jump. From blend into the other but when he jumped he can this thing just slammed into the other build in east 55 years old and does his own stunts this Mission Impossible six movie which he's always been zone. He's got to stop at some pointed him out now is going to when he shortened old. Yes snow. He missed any slammed into the building any scene hobble and he's just problem and so. We don't know if it's broken or cracked the actor you see the video I did he smacks into the wall he's day east in Diddy fault. I sigh it's not he's he's like just out. Board you know or Tom group. Get well soon embody. And Tom Cruise. Intent here Tom Cruise Justin Bieber tiny west Mel Gibson get regeneron are all just so rich that they have unclaimed money. I guess there's this thing now in credit karma does where you can check certain claim dump money on it. And it says that time the US has 2000 dollars from PayPal footlocker and insurance money. Tom Cruise as 1324. Dollars and and cashed check from Paramount Pictures. Given Jenner has almost 4000 dollars for an insurance money as cash yet Mel Gibson 216 dollars from triple I. And Justin Bieber in nineteen dollars from PayPal. Sounds like he'll. Absent. You being on to a check you know the best way now I'd add to the edge anyway is simply by getting Giricek that's what I do. Nowhere opponent if I only know her ten dollars I Ratajczak the only beef that she'd ever catch. So it's perfect. And you've you've got to burden of you know you your conscience. Of paying Herbie you feel good about it but you know she's never heard cash. I don't know I put a I know and get kids where they play this. I don't know arsenal I can't play is our. Well that five dollar check camera do you give cash and Elena. On the port by the way my entire ride clean out your kitty know what happened robbed. Them in and get robbed. I did it my all three slots. Of the for the cars all three slots. Look I wasn't tried to slam you that you don't work you don't go out there you know do we yourself it was a joke PG robbed. Now who I don't sorry but you're on the islands to the neighbors stop I just like I. Around the Internet right I think you're leaving Eudora is quite erupt. They are driving and they literally am I getting. An encampment my neighbors they stopped. The car yeah reverse to that of the the doors up on the garage right. First and they're like all I got what happened. You don't have actually done that before we're driving through the neighborhood NIC a garage door open. So impressed with the organization. And its all stock. It literally just kind of your hair brush thing. And we should have brought that. Yeah I cannot. Those boards with a little tiny things you this machine and it goes on you get home deep and that black silverlight. I'd go I am fully in command of the vehicle thrown in the garage never knew it and the bottom up it's kind of I would even hang up the finger board for the. Angers. And it it's kind of fun when you put him up because then you wanna hang stuff you know like because I about the different clips and different sizes of stuffed animals stuff. I would go bike tools to go led differing things in just put my opinion. It. I and as I entered the and then in the of money can come. It says meld these ex nanny releases an explosive 128. Page. Dossier there. Dishing uncomfortable threesome sphere of sect state league's more. MLB is not meant she. She is. Now they've always despised her own commission known. And that she was the camera man and she film Padilla. All the stuff going on in the paint turn on her husband's name did Belo artist name is Stephen creepy human creepy yet. Me. So 36 year old or re aim. At least. Said she had. She did would did these things with these two without multiple times a week. She's the third we. Yup how. A so she's a baby sitter she filed a 128 cent paid so all libel lawsuit. And sees Tanya thing of those who have that would. The bizarre though because I mean personal bizarre that you are in that relationship. With the married the couple. Of celebrities to adapt but. To know that ear over there you know three important things a week in their video taping. Different sessions and everything and then once the because it's inevitable you're gonna have a breakup. You know something's gonna go bad with numbers out a match you always heard that line you know something's gonna go bad with a brace okay so to know that those videos are out there. It could be used at any time. I guess. She says that while she I would have relations with Mel B multiple times in a week. She says that she never had and relations with Stephen scraper without Mel B instructions and content and being there. She says that all of a sudden she was fired last September and ended at 300000. Dollars seven. Back at all that's very nice of her not to sneak behind an obese that business. You know want that gives you a lot of the hope. For wet for her there's a person. I'm not judging her you know. Was there for awhile yeah I know she would never but she would never go behind meld these facts you know what you gotta give her props. And Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are back gathered again. I don't know if I was Orlando Bloom if I get back together with Katy Perry does Katy Perry said on camera that the best lover she never had was. None of the bodies are wondering islands is named John Jay John Mayer. And that Orlando Bloom a second. My second stop bad. Actually said you were set it would you get back the other intersected at a 500 that's good that I intersect and out of three that's not a good. But I got a feeling that number pretty and it still gives him to prudently got a job. And what he's up to pass a house. So I guess Katy Perry in Orlando Bloom went to an inch in concert together yeah. On Saturday night. She's 32 he's forty they were matching black baseball caps. To stay intact NATO although people signed an and then they Wear them seen cuddling up to and cheer and love songs. Ball boy. I think it has an effect on everybody go not again even if they're not getting back together you skate caught at the moment couple drinks of triumph. Yeah that one's on when your legs don't work like they did Valentine yeah yeah that's yes that's a romantic under some. Yeah and Dan you've got the on that one cheaper fuel we ask you know I know that you and arugula outlined to my dad you know you're smelled something like that in my bed like cute like I am in love with the shape of you and then let me just throw out what that apron about it. Go ahead and get. But it doesn't matter what shape is because you're in love with okay. So it really doesn't matter Tennessee and he does is this out at the you know what. What's that word he used eggs. Well. You see had say hello to him about the gag if that's you know it looks like that looks like the Michelin Man. Zero OK but my exit with state flags. And chicken feet article. Had. You got chicken feed it's just a brown body not closeness of the on the it's OK team got to post them on him. And make sure and candidates out here it is BJ Shea Dubuque. The move and that they're in love with the shape aren't a good artist. I'm mentally and post it because I think it's fantastic. In women and he'll be knocked. Arnold Schwarzenegger to appear in terminator. X. Had too much work done fear and. They need a lot of make up the I saw him last week on something Africa what it was but I saw him last week you man is he looked him rough. You write his own slew. I don't know what happened to the two of them that California was supposed to be in Victoria. Yeah. It Ed as she looks really. Me only. Kinda sick the next can basically. So sunken in it and he he looks yes he's just had so much work done on its face is just it doesn't look like. Anywhere near normal. James Cameron is. He's he directed the first two movies in the series and he'll be back for terminator six. And he did confirm that Arnold BA star in the next series to. I don't know. They're gonna have to do this when like you they've done a couple of the others where he wears it half mask yeah I think I am currently covers up all plastic surgery because it's little. Is not good man. And it finally teen choice awards you watched Atlanta and oh yeah yes I'm lonely and Louis we have seen choice of words. I have some audio from that and that is and number six on the account and then. Accepting the decade you're ward. I'm. But the fact the fact that teenagers. All of you. We did after all the time and efforts on and on 2002. Like most of you hadn't been born at that point. So it's kind of funny because he's like we're old and her. Supplements work here isn't one thing I did write a play that's really odd hour is should he go to number four let me explain this first. So NATO Conner posted another video and she's super happy guys and thankful for our great week in and just really fantastic let's list. Who aren't treason and. Resolution. Apart from the week's similar tune regroup. We built on FaceBook who knows right this is true and unbelievable this week. And I go to think that this is being being truthful we Google and. To Jeddah beautiful weeks so we're all stoked right. Yeah and forty hours later. Sheen posted the center. Okay and totally destroyed now at the end of the month about the hospitals. How many elusive baloney. I'm learning just kind to me into the hospital and then benefited the end Vernon that he fiscal theme. I think those soon in the hospital. And some dental and group actually and Lou routine move whose. Diminish combination of the moon and the truth something. You know what's going to them I think you know. She's had in those teeny white bipolar of swings in doubt I was thinking of suing the I think it got the room bites you you maybe you have those up so basically and it is China now today I feel like I'm in the mid. It could go either way well it depends like I get really cold could turn down the dam or condition and then I go to. She's going down now that but when it's a little. There she went right back up again just like she NATO gone crazy. I don't get an even when you listen to that first clip that you played in her talking about what an amazing week it was. It almost makes you think dead it was all just a publicity shot. Bet that this video that she posted about being just you know it is crazy and and out of control and all by herself at a hotel that issue which is seeking attention and what she got a FaceBook in the blog. Didn't it was acting wait I got about did you want. And then after that was over the engineer do it again yeah and Ambac and M. Hopefully that's not mean I. And then finally I nice to finally bet but finally this is a very very opera moment you know Jonah Hill right. Will he lost a lot of weight thanks so much weight and that this is what happened. Where are you still considered bad guy. Our fear anything because I ran into now look and a bad one. The disaster is getting dirty in fact I know how it was still hard. Where is everybody lately you know my whole you know on the strength you're healthy. Kill the other questions. Whom he was not in the news now when you throw in that are Smart yeah it's very inheritance and you're trying to say OK you're a dummy yeah. And he he has his man. Wigginton and got some really. Each inch and more on Alex I.