BJ & Jamie: Hand to Hand benefit and the new Apple iPhone may have a problem. 9/13

Wednesday, September 13th

The Hand to Hand Benefit was good but it went political and a lot of them talked about the dangers of Global Warming and Donald Trump. Even Stevie Wonder said if you don’t believe in Global Warming your are blind and Beyonce says it causes earth quacks. And Apple’s new iPhone 10 has a glitch during the presentation.      


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Vijay and Jean and then he didn't benefit concert last night for Harvey and hurricane Irma. I guess it went very well because there are 44 million dollars and counting. You know that depth player kind of set the bar way to ivory to pick it up well when JJ watts. By himself exactly can raise at least 60% of what they raised last night. No this is all that's success that's that's what I'm saying is like his bar is so crazy guy in 44 million dollars for telecast that includes people like beyoncé Justin Bieber George Clooney share Leo DiCaprio Jamie Foxx and many many others. In three cities New York Los Angeles and Nashville I don't know JJ watt almost beatle. Am what you're saying I didn't see that he knows and but mussina got all political. I don't know why these people have to do this I don't know why you cash. Well yeah around about why they bring it up that tell you know we came out of that Paris peace accord being with the global warming things so that was a trump thing so yeah around about way they talked about unity bring in the you know the division it's in the country and yes that's a slam at Toronto no doubt about it but they got out there and Stevie Wonder kicks this thing off the these play in the piano he doesn't solve yourself but. He did OK here's this should she be loves his joke yeah yeah like. You're all the sympathy usually aren't dumb shot after that anyone. Who believes that there is no such thing as global warming. Most people are. David Gergen that you've you don't believe in global warming you must meet Brian Kelly should get the last track. Then it's. Who believes that there is no such thing as global warming. Most people line yet. The lower. Please take a song. Stevie let's just say he's going to church organ. It's like we were listening to a sermon. Lord save us all. Again here's a print their he's beyoncé didn't beyoncé believes that global warming causes earthquakes. That. Any indexes climate change are playing our world's every game just this past season we see devastation from muscling in June and eight point one earthquake in Mexico. And multiple cats are hurt. Yeah. The tracking my wife I. Don't have to. She did fractured right and she'd say fracking got a democratic. Because. A. That was not well publicized as I said earlier Jamie and I had no idea this things aren't we go to a lot of stuff every day for the show. And and double our policy publicity whatsoever for this team in concert but just popped out of nowhere last night. Well and then I think you brought up a great languages. Kind of appeared to meeting yesterday the new iPhone came out which is a thousand freaking dollars. And all apple doting it was what five million bucks. Five million dollars this is an 800 billion debate dollar conquer our company and they donate five million. JJ watch him on his own. Is that what thirty million already can you got Wal-Mart there there 45 or fifty million apple does five in their worth. Twenty times or anybody else. They keep the thousand dollar phone yet to find out that is weird it's done it and now I know they said that apple under wrote dissing last night was basically for a lot of the stuff that went on but it could be more than a couple of billion dollars. And at that time I didn't see it didn't get publicity throughout it absolutely did and not only that it was Kerry but every single network ABC NBC CBS everybody cut carried this thing last night. And that was all free. They don't they did that time. Broke her kids so apple little ghost. That's never an apple user you know and I don't listen to these people can be there wonders bastards. With pieces of equipment are okay. Which will get to news that new well maybe these booby head it's peace Jimmy may be right moment and yet don't get that phone book I. Listen to this Stevie Wonder beyoncé. And again you got George Clooney Justin Bieber and all the people who want their last night. And their talk about global warming and how we have to you know the ozone and in these. Carbon dioxide that we put into the a system that his calls a global warming. Every one of these people. Have a project. Of the book but look I know yelled you know he's so hypocritical. To sit there and listening to this when I know that every one of those. People left that even I asked that on a private jet think about it I think about it think about it. Boy Jamie I hate when you're right I am always right no you're not really am. Wet wet now. The iPhone. Yet the peace or give me crap yesterday about how even elitist you are when you have an iPhone compared to the android's because. Easy to Europe you don't state you know don't say it. No you're went about your the problem. I know that's what you said yesterday we don't have to rehash it. So yesterday was the big an annual day of the ado I thought this is the iPhone H. And you also have that the new ten which is the anniversary phone right. I'm. So one of the features is facial recognition. So the CEO you know that they have the home button whenever yet there is a home but grace as I get in Japan and stare at it and so scary to me. They stared down now that I need a home button. I'll look at what I want all button on the back up and down the way out looking at me went up the backup bond there upon without anyway. There on stage the CEO gets up there and they're gonna show the facial recognition feature now it works zone didn't work. Here is iPhone ten now unlocking it is as easy as looking at it. And swiping up and you know it's true that it can't. Hole. Let's. Good about governor. And get right then. Woodward wouldn't Wear a bit to go through the backdoor coding it different why wouldn't they practice that want to try to. Get the Lucio got. What stage with a facial wrecked pigeon crap clothes look thousand dollar followed Alan yeah. Here is iPhone ten now unlocking it is is easy is looking at it. And swiping up and you know strata and again. Whole. Global let's. Good back up there are people. And get right and ran in Egypt. Well and making. It pretty well. Outlets outlets but he does that cause them that it does order. And awful. You know they kind of deserve forgiving five million dollars at an old car and it's time. Practice and asking if I wish you did that I'm sure they practiced numerous times I am sure but. For some reason that particular moment I don't know what it's out of the light of the stage or whatever but it didn't work. You freaks again line for these phones are getting it. I don't get it either. Not again like I give upload a little you know our body. Boy Colin me yesterday again he's he's he's gonna be first deadline looming burst in line to get this phone I just don't get it. They eat. I know you can be geek kid and he kinda into the technology thing but come on the time to work out teams like us. This is it teach you people don't know the joy of having anal well exactly. You've got millions. Of some things worked exactly as they did. And it's. In the mornings on Alex.