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Monday, October 2nd

Horrible shooting in Las Vegas overnight and at least 50 people are dead and 200 injured a man shot at a country music festival from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Casino Hotel.  


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Vijay and yeah. Now it is the BJ Jamie morning show and man isn't a serious data today. And it's so weird feeling when you walk into the building commission never. But we've had this way too many times happen yeah way to many times I really lock and seal in the same way like how we can handle this on the air. What do we know this is so you know. The big story this morning as a mass shooting in Las Vegas and Los Vegas strip last night. Where a lot of people a lot of people were shot a gunman from Mandalay bay hotel 32 floor opened fire at a country concert. Across the street. So here's what I know is that and now I've read in the does that an update seven minutes ago the F fifteen people have lost their lives. 200 injured it was called the route. 91 harvest festival. And it was a three day event this is the last day of the three day event was wrapping up a 40000 people were in attendance get out of here a forty. 1040000. People all credit until concert when you watch the video this morning. It looks 40000 it's huge and in this guy was a gun. Opens fire from the Mandalay bay hotel which is directly in the background of the crowd. Actually the stage area. And easy video to have Jason all teens onstage performing running from the states that video screen that is there's so much audio out there this audio the gunfire I don't think we're gonna play the gunfire itself I agree with that I think we're just gonna stick to a couple of things first of all the Clark county sheriff's department. The actual share came out. A couple of hours ago and made a statement in Las Vegas to give us an update don't exactly what happened and what's going on as we currently see it. While we're watching the concert from the east side of the stage and we heard a succession of office on that sets I wouldn't say it again. This is the sheriff's. We experienced an active shooter situation. Approximately 1008 PM tonight we had calls come into dispatch. Of multiple shots being fired from the direction of the Mandalay bay towards. The route nine. 32 floor of the Mandalay bay. Officers responded to that location and engaged the suspect. At that location he is dead currently. Now as far as number of victims I cannot give you an accurate number at this point we have well in excess of hundred plus injured. And excess of twenty plus. That have died. At this point is an update on that that's old audio shown to get Hillary talks about there's 5050. Plus debt and over 200 injured. Yeah until those are some of those it and become it is critically injured it's going to be a higher number there's no doubt about it it's staggering. Cell some of the things that also happen they don't think about it but everybody was they shut down the Mandalay bay. Hotel bright so then all these people and then you care support. But at the moment you could have your body stuff in the room he had nowhere to go you don't know it. So that was causing some panic and then they diverted a ton of flights because the rumor got out this is huge terroristic act two with bombs rent so the surgeon birding all the flights into Las Vegas and turn them around. How would you go on the Internet and you know Internet is it's just loaded with people and comments of people making accusations. People saying they were there here's what happened. There's a lot of false reporting out there there's a whole lot. And in fact a lot of media is warning people I don't believe everything just stick to the you know to the nuts and bolts of the situation would give you all the details as we get them. But there's a lot of information floating round. Here is one of the things that that was cleared up and say it actually happened. That these people started scattering everywhere now as Jamie said 40000 people a year gunfire they first thought it was fireworks I think correct part of the show. Well he he did one round a whole round of hundreds of bullets and then I don't know if he reloaded or took a little break with any shot again yeah and they said the second wave this when people got oh this is real because people are. Falling the first time that people can can you put your head around. You don't expect him. Yeah I mean it's completely out of the norm and so you see this happening in you think that is part of the show the fireworks are going off year does all the time when it comes to a shooting like this some. At a concert nightclub what every day as people thinks they think it's part of the show. Well people started scattering and people started running. And if you know the Las Vegas Strip right. Next to the Mandalay Bay's offense and that that's actually. Our actually where this slot is there's a sense of at least onto the airport. People were running out on the tarmac. Like and that's stopped a lot of flights to. Because they had no idea why these people that torn down this fence and run out into the airport tarmac. I heard one guy this isn't really good idea again if this means. So you know those those holes the drainage ditch holes that concrete goals London that. The roads yes you know it looks like that's where it cloud it lives are now a guy jumped in there. In those Colbert then like Coburn you can down into the sewage Shia. I think I would tonight did you once I realized this is going out now remember they they are not giving all the details but we're just you know going on non. The dramatics of something like this occurring and what could be used they're saying an AK 47 and I at least one gun that you're seeing multiple guns and he. Actually checked into a hotel group. Yeah at the Mandalay bay on the 32 floor and they said they found a ton of weapons are not naming them all a ton of weapons in his room. Now those AK forty sevens and and guns like that they have these drums that you could actually glowed a hundred shells at a time. You can rip off a hundred shells in a matter of seconds. It and who knows how many times he fired him and he. Over 200 injured he got over fifty plus dead. Now it's just a crazy scene you know Las Vegas and Jimmie and I were talking about this earlier you know Las Vegas is is so close to Denver. You gotta know that some people and I hope everybody's safe. But you got to know some people from Denver had to be at the concert and then you mentioned that we have a friend. Whose wife was. Yet you know him. And and his wife and she's there and I was ecstatic crazy how you know life goes because she was posting up based on. Current budget girlfriends and of those that been planning this trip and it's it's a whole they're all country music fans. Haven't the time of their life I mean I was so FaceBook jealous seriously. Five girls that time of their lives pictures would drinks umbrellas. And by the pool amazing and then all of a sudden. I see that she marks herself say it's as safe and I was like white. I know what happened but immediately when you season I marked themselves say if you're like oh god. You know some immediately is wrong and then I scroll down and sent massive shooting in Vegas oh my god. Yes and that was just that was not what I expected to seek. The police think there is an accomplice here and they say they have the woman in custody they don't know she is actually the accomplice but they think chi is. Now he's here and what they're saying is he's not related to any militant groups up in La but they don't know what he pollen they have no idea they have no idea what the police and this guy was in this guy to. It is. 64 years old he is dead. They did kill him last night but here's something that happened. Now this is just coming out and I just found this on one of the new services. A mystery woman kicked out of the biggest country music fest last night. She was kicked out after shouting terrifying threats just hours before the gunman opened fire. She was screaming. Alex before before the the gunman opened fire she ran around the concert screaming they're all around you. You're all going to die. Ha she did this repeatedly. Eventually. People turned her into security security see you gotta go. This let's see the double up and I would detained after police said they were hunting for an Asian woman which by the way they've already you. I have arrested her earnings Mary Lou. But I mean I was it would it detained or yesterday or when she was yelling doesn't. To final was gone Oliver. Could she be because according to what I heard this morning I don't know what else junior so many different stories that he generally the guy that was doing the shooting. Federal late in it was this female. And that's Safina and they're wondering if she knew this was gonna happen if some woman doctor screaming all this so who knows what the eventual story's going to be. Arlene Ellis that gunman is dead and that his Sam companion is. It is under custody right in past years some are witnesses so the event last that unfolded it's the largest mass shooting ever in the United States. I'll Wear a watch the concert from the east side of the stage and we heard a succession of pops it and it did yeah I mean unbelievably it sounded like fireworks. But as they kept rattling off then we realized something was up and and Jason Allen dean actually turned around. And ran off the stage. And that's when we realize. You know rear end that. Yeah you know it's something that was going on so I've seen everybody in the crowd. Actually got down. Terrified I'm absolutely terrified me goosebumps. Just absolutely terrifying incident yeah an I don't know if this is mental illness I don't know if this is just hate and no. What is and that's the weird part is if you when this just happens like Orlando and I'll let you wanna get into these people's lives an and and I mean Orlando was it was a whole different Oprah we think I don't know yet. But you might get their heads into what is what what happened written it go wrong for you. First thing I thought when I saw the story this morning is why. Yeah why don't want to look what's going on here who thinks like that what is it conflicts. I don't know I don't know and it's just absolutely horrified. Sixty floor like is even crazier than it doesn't matter what age but even I mean you guys it's like. You're 64 you've gone through a lot of LR and you've made it. You know it here's one of the things I thought of this morning Jamie and somebody things go through you're in your exactly right in so many things go through your head. I just left of mass gathering yesterday. At Mile High Stadium I would football team yesterday 77000. People and I think in the myself oh my goodness you know people look. People like this guy look for situations like that where there are mass gathering of people he knew this concert was going on in you know exactly what he's about to do an arsenal a newsroom. But again and this is what makes me I guess so paranoid. Listen you go into the stadium you pat down you look at only looking at her she can't take your purse term they'd metal detecting they do other stuff. But there is nothing they can do for a guy that's over there on the 32 floor and air shoot at a crowd there are certain situation and even there eagerly and whoever thought that. There are certain situations. Where come hell or high water there's nothing you can do to prevent them. Unless. He'd been caught at Mandalay bay carrying out this arsenal into will probably had a suitcase photos via hijacked yet you carry LC and Jessica we obviously saw it a Bellman rallied port. No shares it unbelievable mass shooting last night in Las Vegas, Nevada we'll continue to give these vetoes this we get in this one because I got a feeling that every ten minutes or so there there will be updates this morning. And so give those to you as soon as we get a handgun. Into anymore.