BJ & Jamie: OJ Simpson is out of prison! 10/02

Monday, October 2nd

OJ Simpson was released from Prison early on Sunday Morning he was snuck out of the prison so as to not create a big scene. He was in for 9 years and we wonder what the first thing is you would want after getting out of the slammer. Reports are the first vehicle he was seen in was a white SUV getting gas.  OJ also say he will do his first interview with anyone who will give him $5 Million.


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PGA endgame and oh yes look out OJ Simpson is on though lose folks I had no idea. You'd didn't know he got out of prison on soon late Saturday night I think it was I didn't mean them nowadays. Even out of the prison Jamie Lee slid in until carts outside of Reno. And they drove him to another facility he went through all the check out process is they are signed his papers had a Coca-Cola he would see the potential Google you is that. Aladdin yeah city and not I'm looking at the picture resigning he gives a jump back. He's gotten sneakers on to win who bought those been in jail nine years. And there's 33 year sentence he was in the Vegas not Vegas but Nevada. Jail for nine years only the first thing it went after nine years in jail I. Probably hamburger. Funny I would it was food as well big old fat hamburger a ticket go with blu yet he Polly Jean Siebert. It would be great country with a juicy burger unknown hit with youngster and that all shocker. Yeah and I would go that deep dish a supreme pizza from Pizza Hut. Would you be out of the mine are good too much and I'm not a big pizza thing that is my favorite thing I do eat pizza OJ Simpson was ought to loosen up some of the paparazzi tracked him down he was it vehicle. They set and I saw this yesterday and I thought oh my goodness are running Q is this why you talk like that. I did to myself like a grandma. By god help accuse us beset erotic. No ironic but this time he's an erotic well I didn't mean you're right. They've set. The first vehicle he was spotted and that was a white SUV. No. That did they do that really yes. Well why did this and we accept that I didn't see the video I don't know. But I thought bronco all right I'll think boards at that. I don't know at screens they said the very first vehicle he was spotty it if I'm not mistaken it was at a 7-Eleven. It was at a convenience store and somebody spotted him and they got video. Walked into OJ Simpson they saw him in this vehicle and ran up to the vehicle exit just stimulus. It was a white issue date. That is. This the first looks. At war and it is went over. More I don't know. Why Clark. You'd be so dumb look. On her hip and so. Colors in the world to get a white QB that's almost like you should begin the hour. There seen it happen now I don't but big brown is so I can repeat it's crazy that aren't here's the audio the guy speak in the OJ. Do you have to do would be out. When you're an adult could go stall in the so why the movie. Hopefully. You know we're jealous of where you lose sleep the last. Wow. OJ Simpson in a white. SUV that seems to redeem it seems crazy it's what you couldn't even write discrete. He's not going to Florida now let's sustained may well he has to stay in Vegas for a period of tot he doesn't have a choice because they have to clear his way of because of his role to get back to Florida now Florida officials are saying we don't want you. None I've read he said originally wanted to be with his family in Florida but now he he says that he wants to stay in Vegas odds against. This is act on and make it's you don't need to be and makes no I I there's nothing to them making. I think he has to stay in Vegas because of his parole that's probably why saying what he's saying but from everything I'm reading. He was and is headed to Florida eventually he's gonna go play golf in Florida and he would this children's lives and a reform bullet in the saint Pete Clearwater area. So he's probably headed to Florida but the port officials say hey we have to look at his job record behind Bart because they haven't seen that yet they have several different things they wanna look at because they say he'd lied his parole hearings. Saying he's never been an abusive person which is that it out about why. And they think they have a way to block him from coming to Florida. We have. He thinks them tonight sub web is really really really really really rich friends like he's going to be mine mine a roommate. Rich friends like that so let me see if I chill coupled evil and then I rob some guy gunpoint now I have some super mega rich friends like here. Take my yacht Derek Miles. There like does not right. But I do agree with the that if he stays in Vegas you know I mentioned last week that within a year one year from yesterday. That OJ Simpson will be back in jail we will do so as it is in Vegas if he stays in Vegas I'm gonna drop dead down to three months and good job he's gonna be in jail within three months PCs in Las Vegas, Nevada. That's problems mrs. OJ Simpson also says he wants five. Million dollars for the first interview. He says he'll take an hour meg and Kelly Lester holt Robin rot robbers. Robert Tucker Michael Strahan she'll take Oprah Winfrey he'll take any of those but he wants five. Million dollars. What does he unfair. An audience. I mean. Really connects already gained I'd watch him and everything it's already happened and should tricky his rotation I'll atlas. They should scheduling UK and they should say okay we'll give you five million or maybe even ten million and it didn't check on a string and pull out from under no give it to the goldmans. I think you put a string have you seen that isn't really threatening you do the dollar this that in and then he eventually goes to. I've seen it before. They could do that to admit making mad Mike Kiely you lecture he got to be careful that's OK but they should do think he's gonna write the check and give it to the goldmans because he owes them what. 36 and I. Hats and playing yeah he done that what you paid seven I saw you have a tape via right yet. And they're also saying. That because of taped conversations cactus. OJ Simpson has not paid all the goldmans 36 million dollars. That the interest since the seen since this trial happened where have they want. Since then the interest added up it's now at a hundred million dollars. 36 million becomes a hundred million dollars did include interest in the air that's what this is. But it just doesn't just load the 36 million he doesn't know it was interest it goes 100 million dollar accorded to them OK okay. This testing according to. Re just make sure I got to strike according to. Tape recording that I used record yes they have tape of OJ Simpson. And according to this tape. OJ Simpson has an all short count with eons it. They pushed play and record. Iranians are. You want to drill ice block foreign in the grass I don't wanna punish the industry. I don't and offshore accounts don't. Don't mess should be a link neighbor or they'll kill you and there's offshore accounts and millions. Oh geez on the loose. And the importance on Alex. I.