BJ & Jamie: A couple scams Amazon for 1.2 Million. 10/3

Tuesday, October 3rd

A couple admits to stealing 1.2 million in products from Amazon. We are not sure how they did it but they would order expensive products and then tell Amazon that they were broken and then they would sell the product to someone for cash. Amazon is thinking about opening a new location here in Denver. BJ is feeling a bit guilty about using Amazon so much.   


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PGA in Jamie Jamie yeah kind of a CU as an Amazon expert. I am the Amazon expert asking anything I want to ask a question did you see the couple admitted that they sold one point two million dollars in merchandise and so you said that come out and I don't get I don't get a I don't guess we are Narnia. Here's bossi is this for beaten Haas and you know here's what assess and then you tell me and maybe somebody attacks that will know how this works OK I can do all the couple. They bought hundreds of electronics such as go pro cameras Samsung Smart watches video game systems the list goes on and on. Did they would tell Amazon the products were working. They were not working and requested a replacement at no charge so Amazon listen another. The couple then would take those items in sell them to another party who would pay them for. And this went on for a long time enemy one point two million dollars so tough I don't get I don't get in there how did you get to keep the original that didn't work. And gee just kids and file a report says didn't work. And then they send you another lending again and I don't I don't know I don't know that when. Anytime I've returned someday I did they give you that label in unison economic boxing is in the back I would and any nation or play now they have to get that 11. Are you sure know I guess not I'm not sure because that they how they make one point two million dollar. I don't thing. You don't know that I think about it because this incident that wants you bomb I think that you can keep. You'll have to see end the broker wooden bat before you get the new way. That's a flawed if you let him know that it's. Maybe civilian takes nucleus of his and I think it's just want that if you let them know that do the merchandise is broken. They will completely replace it quickly for. And you've got like I don't know for five days to box up the old one and send it back. Now most of the drop. I mean they made one point two million dollars I don't know what works and I don't know I geno this whereby in for an Amazon another distribution place or one of those huge places again did you see that we wrote up a proponent for Denver where. I quit it. He has like 151000 jobs or something in the end but they still open the other when trying to knowing one another and another ammonia around. But in a roars like now you know and endeavors like I to be honest it is tough when. And stern feels sorry for some of these other places that are going out of business are discussed them as a doctor I really have to them and starting to feel like that none affection prime anymore. You know the prime and an of them depriving you pork but they have to think about letting go no doubt that I need to support my local businesses Jay Leno I we've. I so much I so much for you you I know I know I'm not rotten all walled off and I did say used stopping Rodman could. Shot and I both what you'd keep driving never do that above ground letting you. Lego. Tim a garage. Yeah I'm sending a problem it's in my garage you can't that was gonna put it up did you. Everything you can it's just beaming recliner on the blotter get a big rat is on Panama will map out ground. And it actually makes and it was reap what you put enough. It's like refurbish it like Sydney not sure what if I throw up but he outdoor pool and he wanted to mobile purple heart is she didn't know. Good friend. That day and you look at it longingly and then and then I was like well location on his you kind of candidate knows you can have and then BJ's they. I remember that yeah right now your High. Court dealt out and then you don't even use. No not at all not at all I'll I'll put it up I'll put it up it's too late in season I'll put it up. I'll put it up show and I invite you draw party the only catch is you got to keep assured us. I revenue I didn't get to topless and I have an idea. And how about the Harris ice skating rink. All that would react to devote. You know my dad did that he indeed but that is queen or whatever it's called you put all over patio I mean everywhere Oliver and they filled it up with water. In my added that's. And fill them up with water all our whole entire happy hump and any took some that I know I made its move and we an ice skating rink in our backyard from the kids in the neighborhood. What a ten. Argue that for my kid I'll do it up the whole Lotta bull will skate cooks to ski all winter. In important. Alex I.