Slacker and Steve - Brutal Breakup 10/3

Tuesday, October 3rd


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Steve. I had about brutal break too little really on what's going on suddenly she always is guided by a the amount of stuff that makes we find it relates to one another and I don't know what's going on in the universe must hums it's pretty some. I think one of my favorites is a do you staged robbery to make it easier wind he breaks up with his girlfriend Lucy Liu on the his girlfriend went on vacation together at the end of August she dumped her while they're away but he knew tough when they got back to their home. Bombings she had to move out so we hired someone in my 150 bucks to break in their house while they're weight in steel all of her stuff just her stuff though not a it was yeah oh. Had very specific tastes. All our stuff almost as if there was a list. Just said robber. With a 100 dollars or so I've heard with the armed cops figured it out because she reported the robbery and old acts that's one that's a vertebrae don't even need the robbery part. I think breaking up while you're on vacation I was gonna say you does. I had I mean I've been there well I didn't call it makes X woman who's who was there were reunions. Who we know you don't travel you first off you don't get a long term relationships and when you do you don't trap but like some traveling with someone it's topic to break you up the he had and it's Europe. On the verge of something you've suddenly. Did you think well I mean we're gonna go light can be paradise of things and great mountain there you rely on each other new yacht and sometimes since it's not good I've never done the breaker because I know. She's going to be you know I've asked for another room. She's gonna be horrendously in the works we Marty picked our seats for the return flight how I'll live through a crappy relationship the break we get back so it is an excellent relations. Oh you review that's usually why I wanna break up. Oh yours does not have enough relations might. Expect it. Played 6700 Dave feels ready. Armed yet. I definitely wouldn't as many around my house upon god and other woman constant Pennsylvania would overwhelmed broken your ex husband's home. Trash the place and grow up. Seizure she smashed several items to do indoors 'cause exit extensive damage why is you've got broken up with get over yourself the all she knows number two. I'd like to say grow well she didn't like the way she was broken up with. So she asks you critique him want a review assets right. It would really more class at least Santo I'm showing up much past. But nothing is actually got. This Canadian couple follow. This is one of my Seaver break us Arnold is a brutal break up they've been battling in court floor now two years yeah their breakup. Over hockey tickets I guess Canada its big deal yet it is that the Oilers who the Oilers own Edmonton's. That you for knowing that were Goodling the eighties. It's just that tonight we'll these guys are just a Little League didn't do leg side eyes so as I don't know there in your opinion yet. I'm apparently you will see its are hard to get dough oh so not they couldn't just like go get another sad. The dude was cool given her fifteen grand a month in alimony bow shot she should he give. Opt ticket soak his thirteen river wasn't enough to know talk to you know that's that's a brutal part she's like I know how much this means you. So I want to lose I wanted tickets instead it was punitive. That was 100% are going. Doing. I'm not cocky and suddenly presentations. I compliance. I want to thank the I don't line and we want you we wanna hear like the brutal leg if you if you're excellent site till or is. It's just the breakup itself was brutal aggregation. Bombed apparently a bunch of people on the whisper app to talk about how they were broken up. Their marriages. Broke up via text Luisa whispers of when you bent on anonymity he's been told exactly one user said his now wife texted him. Did she was ending their twelve year marriage. And she was in the next room. What it's a way you wouldn't call Paul Malone. Wouldn't do and if you're trying to watch football. League. And keep that city just to pick it. Another man wrote his wife texted him while you while he was in his grandmother's funeral Tahoe its very purpose whereas I can clear out of the house. Everybody in now. That's my mouse makes you just go through tests sound really tell me that people are reaches earth march. You've reached for your phone somebody did. A zillion. Now there's only got a spirit though I don't think. Took three con woman sent her husband's answer saying he wasn't coming home from work and he was divorcing. Cebu that's acceptable melodies to give broken up by via text did you arrest people oh you know little little I don't know if you can bring. In the kitchen and you should get out of I was up at night for our Rem bird. Has worth threat. So you got a brutal breakup we would love to hear your stories I tell me. Yeah I yet brutal breakup. Yeah I am. There are on vacation I will tell and it went right last thing before we got married literally immigrated to meet. An eight GE I got home. Look at that Coleman each hit home extremely tailored. And the links learning his word and that's and we. Public and people want to come back better. I try to relate cheated after that little slalom at all. You literally he decided he didn't get drawn to tell you when you got back from vacation was over. I guess yeah really it is. Attention to what I got home allegedly had little if you but it does yield the last eighteen. Long Larry Bird and you're getting married in my own tell all than he does. Maybe two weeks earlier. Gonna go to Japan are honing. All see you still have a ticket you know her. I do what you can only had only treat everything already side that really. It's no but it. Was sitting in this house and say hey I simply for ten leaked this and try to bring this Oregon. You really caller Kelly these cuts media. Guide brutal breakups. I am so it would not too long ago I was dating this skit and Canada. That's cheating on wall and then if that girl that you machine on me that broke out at me or him. And I got mature in my biology class at least twenty minutes later and after school that day I had an emergency appendectomy. Mold you almost yeah that's part trip data view in addition to your heart also hopeful. Well. I'm. That's that's kind of brutal out if he broke up with you while you're going in the anesthesia that you're kind of backwards 99 at the lake or three. Seven. Crude oil that's a great well there's good actually hand my job ideology and it's not easy to bugs like. I am becoming just for the countdown. It's conceptually that is. She's just drifting up into flat out about it. Do you Alley. API brutal breakout. So I was getting married to another one and I'll. Pick up where at a ceremony on dotted. You technical merit by the day I got talent and then they came back I think you're an anti output a lit bit marriage like. Want to. This. Not not I don't doubt yeah what what happened between. You don't even know what you know I. I don't I don't recommend hunt you can't edit my English he dating someone I have been another. And I got. What I. And that give that's brutal news. Two in each. Guys if you have CD puts this as a serie. Brutal break that's what happened. Why are so potent car probably gone all the years. The the end of the union at beauty. Amber you know when we now brigadier. And the DD was a little poignant ceremony. At. Least discusses. The all we see so his way to breaking up it was liked. So. And you might need to go to a clinic yeah. I got to the hole. And violate other respect our kind of Bangalore New York tomorrow. I'm pretty clothes I don't wanna look but here they are my up and meet other. I was sleeping with anybody on home on our food no holes and give the calls. Many. I brutal Britain's. Although I don't know when it. I'd go to this go while Russia would marvel out of like in my thirties forties and outlawed in Manila going to like our mid life crisis I don't know. But I didn't like a year but I never live with dirt. Arm I would move into one place to another so I was between plays or so sheriff's nude to go and stay with her I stayed with rebel imovie and the water went off two days later the electricity went off to them about a week later. I got a publisher are ma she got on the eviction notice. Arms and had two little kids. Mom and she was about to live her truck. So. She persuaded mean arm that she would try to car and if I ran into grab some money from the speech from that and so those are we can get away with it. All she did you run a store do we call this robbery. This run error it up. Why yes. Cheap yes so why when he committed robbery or shortest woman I never took dime a bit like it ought to order. On it was so we do that we did it again but this time I did it there were two people that he asked. That gave me two more counts arm once she got him when he about a week later Chicago cops on me put me in jail. I'm still on parole. Okay. I. Do it. Maybe she and rob and then 200 MB and oh yeah keep the money. Liberal or a phone that can that's almost better than the anesthesiologist.