Slacker and Steve - Simple Pleasure 10/3

Tuesday, October 3rd


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Steve on the 22 other people's things that make them happy but go forward I would do the things come up with yeah. It's rich. We are kind of sit around thinking about like. Fun nice things to talk about you know end simple pleasures the little things and the little things that make us happy. And there's a new survey. That found the top ten things the people consistently said make them happy. And mom I'm not gonna say that these things make me sad it's not the things that make me. Crazy happy yeah I mean to lake number two and having some of these time we just relax and do nothing okay that's my life right so I come. Just take effect seems like him please just do. In my doing tomorrow facts. I don't have that. The war there in perpetuity perpetuity guy doing a good deed. Milk. I bought these answers if you've got some simple pleasure I want to beat more. I don't even know what I want from me. You and I talked about this but when I pulled weed that whole thing comes sole reason Omaha. This these Jai enormous brood comes out feeling of pleasure I derived just from that it's just it's. I'll give you know having a lazy Sunday great pulling we'd. One of those warns that you know almost nine times out of ten to snap off the dot in this time just the ground he's got the perfect amount of moisture whenever yeah this is like. In just a whole would want the whole pull your leg and she's doing all right Ali. I suppose I've ever earlier. Age compensatory islands of the take a team. Showed exactly the ground Dick I got it took. Its dudes at the crippled yeah. Is such a good players masimo now we junior Rhonda let's try. Along now that's a great library while ago we are hearing from an old friends and number eight. Milk is a while some. He's not have to argue forever a half thought Hillary go what do this let's Kutcher didn't chase is what brokerage house you were gonna stretch but. Still right there. There is there's no simple pleasure and hear from moment to call 'cause there's a reason they're there thanks gentlemen whereas SuSE. It's finding money. I do like that I like finding now are you talking about William Moran a vast it'll hold talks to a can reach an apocalypse. Of your fridge does and I. You figure how to last time I wore it best solution region they're all yeah yeah. Let's do that leather vest that I Wear shirtless on occasion when you or your house okay but that was not the weekly asset and should not anymore. What are you talking it would put out a vast well I just I don't I don't literally just that exact thing happening now the best. With a coat and I had put on in forever silly little peek note. A little bit rainy and I was like arbiters on pulling as partisans are who. The whole bunch of old nasty extra Dominic roaming hands out and mixed into the extra gum was a twenty stinging. Ask the office well. Every now and then I forgot the royal insurance covering. They like to have a profit sharing things that they would send an agreement to check in now we go while it's just another thing and it's actually forty Bob. It. It I have just after those I was for you to deposit them too big an entire big during the days and now you are getting a compliment. And I never give compliment so I don't know I get so many it's like it is and it's like suckers apartment don't mind so I know where two superb years now top economist bounce off. Getting a good deal. I do kind of did that book because I do whatever the asteroid is paying so what are we mega deal I believe this is my wife simple pleasure. Because I will go I'm like I need some new genes select. Banana republic to trampled. If she sex stuff. Our direct codes and she's our didn't go to I swear to god and she took her three days to buy any jeans. But she sent me the things he was like all right I percentage off here's what I've got no shipping. And then I whipped or this other. Other web site to get there she goes through which she logs under this one website and then take it to that out of it's creatures opens she's like so I got 70% off no shipping and we're getting seven dollar. Cash back and went. That that is wicked but it takes three. I just I need to change it could. Have been going into war with. Coach Saul painful price Ali I just because it's like a two plus I clean sheets. Yeah out. Now one's okay that was up I don't feel that aren't as much as of the people I guess I'm just it's because you gotta wash your room and you got a dry in the new enemy the bad by the time we don't want all that work is just where's my paid off what's the all. You are Jerry's. Kate I don't say the words of English was so how do you sleep I have a million. You're naked naked give me that fee I'll kick off sorry I. You don't have to get a visual record for the measure but yeah strategy. About we suggests the picture yeah. Think about it. Which. Okay and it has an odd man. So can expect it. Doesn't want little. Your microphone doesn't work because you haven't turned it on. Me and now there's I might civil and what they go to the throat plays are like a self serve ice cream place and a filling my co owner label and get to the an immediate like that. Perfect little loose ball. There's. Since world like that's a good look at and all of a sudden you're like deep professional ice cream or just another guy like me to play. Did not put enough for him that. That's a girl I guess you've announced one okay glue it Steve what are you guys it's when I'm eating popcorn in a don't give them a little hostile whenever that goes domain loan them always call you and don't get what they don't get it down here you because of review we Jiri partly I'll die the tiny little correlates yeah that's stating that just Padres aren't. And that burden he's the yeah sound like a cat with a hairball. OK I was the only one spank you when it but that doesn't happen to show you this much I popcorn into my simple pleasures when everybody just over the popcorn and they start walking away with a bull bull needs I'm like stop oh I'll do and I'll eat a well who's got a job to get abused semiconductor similar parties to look around that particular role like this far away from being a Cornet. It's like I'm it's. Natural parmesan cheese on oh you go on your way you dress it up to see you look at the assault on their total assault on. The bottom. It's the my other one is on warm towels I know that sounds stupid but. I would if it if I had a billion dollars and can afford it I would have a dry air. Bright in my bathroom. And I would warm I don't beat over into warmer tells. But I want an out of the dryer is in the smell good. And it's like we put the uniform code or markers or our thanks indicted you can feel the Downey Bayern there that. That's that the two dogs and uncle doesn't matter. Like this. Refuel when you feel like to wipe your face with the snow globe to have yeah. Which. Order you cause its role in close to the guys and America who. That's that's a good pleasure that so we're getting used radio station if there's something. It is a great simple pleasure we wanna hear it from Sarah. Yeah I would your simple pleasure. When we're running one of those really terrible re not an area and you feel preach you put it there are you learning that text that oil you're hired. I. You are leaning ally and oh spring your static I look back. Our secure do you know if you've seen them or do you just like junior little strut and you'll like and I'm so much cooler. Hacked it being Greg totally cool like Teddy Eddie in college I. True and you thought it. I expect that they. Are totally right on at the park them. I believe they're not particularly here in our. Say no no you have that yeah you this very few times we're two people who dated run into each other and one of them isn't winning that is true it's like and it's for me it's always the opposite way and it's not I'm not winning it -- it's just I happen to run into them. On that day were at sprinkler break and I had my hands knee deep in mud where's your. You know my Crocs. I do need more regular and and there's good. Are you but I don't look like it right now clearly warned it ditches now. They even call meg inch or. I would your simple pleasure. Oh you know you go grocery shopping and you have your parents like there are numbered and there. Were entering yeah. Instead at the beginning about forty normally I don't because then you see everything you all your baiting. I have never done that but I'm gonna tell you I'm gonna start doing what I was doing okay so you go to Hershey store and you you none of us bring our rewards cards with this we in our phone number oh and if you do it first thing and when you enter your link to your eggs in 9399. It immediately and it goes minus 69. Susan each items as that happens and if you do that if you like deep. Do all your items and then go and term rewards number it would just do all your rewards. General OK Rowling and the match shopper you are. Do you just say it's the that's cool good that's actually a good one. Yeah my husband like turned me I'm continuing that. I would like your budget dork forgetting it at play and then I believe all that kind how. It's slow and it sounds like fun because it's just it's like a slot machine. It's like instead of being here's a report on this item here's a war it's at the very and it's like oh my god wig you're rewards member. Let's here's all your savings savings you signals your breath until now it's up 10. I'd like that I'm not I'm stealing now 1 thing I am seriously doing from this month because it's just had a three and her first and but if you knew in his DN do you boobs everything you have to. That's actually I would jokes stick to know boo boo being released. I'm also stealing that looked at it I mean you wanna do the movie commercialized for. Xena. In I put your simple pleasure. The Ernie get a new iPhone or hear any new electronic. Little plastic. Dicker. My oh my god don't know gene you're gonna know gee I don't know what your opinion is of Steve now but you're about to hate as you noted though I might tie the guy that we. Eggs all the protection you guys on the merchandise I would do this house one time and saw his Dyson vacuum. That he had had for like two years they still had a damn plastic or did you did to protect geno. My car. I would go over there needs healing in our. Do you know I have to you know you're not allowed in my neighborhood. Isn't awestruck though I know the ceiling of like an especially when it's really like now on the Sony your new UT oh yes that's like Murray. And it comes off I get that. But it's there to protect your kids better protect. During shipping Steve not sore and learn life of me I know it's kind of days you Gina it's not. You do not do that though I do appealing about the euros and nine yourself one of the greatest joys in life you know the second only is child Burks most kitchen number one this peeling the crap up your battle and we million users job. I recent. Beyond united would you simple pleasure. I'm Patricia blue blood and that is after a horrible day at work. I go all the armed greeted by my your dogs. Still about army and lovely in just me as we all get. I'll do one better John and I miss just. Absolutely you know every one better than that is does your dog saw you in the morning but when you go on vacation. That yeah. But down tail because they can't control it and so they put down their tail all craziness just didn't want salt. Oh. Why don't want you lose 10 good did you within the gonna seed Americans out there is to get their estimated ten or doing away from well Texas had no what I. I leave them on instead of that whole week shall there be more happy when I get home for so that's. Arsenal TV yes good with Ohio. Yeah Syria. And I don't leave this highway my dog is dead enough comes our nation and its coach if you raise kill us but. Yeah I don't it was your simple pleasure. So is there really girlie one but when you see here ladies and you get into bed if you're like below that meeting appealing a ball. Knowing that I know. When you shave everything you get in a bad OK I don't see resonated so you know better than I don't know I mean it's yes. 'cause there are no friction poses smooth and it's just so it's a cool new law. I'm doing exactly that day when the seat tickets like perfectly cool. And it's so smooth out. Icy mess just like my samurai sword it's like you're the samurai sword Corning likes. I feel it big you could call Rachel teleglobe she knows simple pleasures going. The practice. Her comments on Guernsey days through periods.