Slacker and Steve - Doggie Damage 10/3

Tuesday, October 3rd


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CN. Com did you stories in the news where dog d.s have damaged some stocks and bonds. Tend to get really blunt what I gotta get to do depressing for once like okay. Every neighborhood do you are you subscribing you like your next door rapper and that is the pages that are in your neighborhood I've seen ours I'm not on it though. In my neighborhood right now. They're makes every day it's thanks. He just kind of corgi wandering around the green belt over by the her cleanly and there's like all he's always I don't samplings NC chairman's remarks on her. It is all this stuff Skype today is blowing up wins. We found an all black lab. Wandering the neighborhood ball doesn't ME tags and there and it's like my wife is blown my c'mon my dog was a black lab and so I liked in this mood right now or minus. I wanna go in just yeah I mean. I know it's not Mo Joseph but a cycle I gotta go get that dog right I give. It's added so it's just there's no I don't Nortel. I don't doubt somebody else is actually think it's garnering no free though you re enjoying a folded into their house I think now auto limited yeah. Damn over in this neighborhood and not get over here isn't Tim pitched well. But this summer dog you'll probably do some of the damage that we're gonna talk about car there's a dog in Arizona. That Tom. He knows how to open the back door of the owner's house all of this or those whose story I don't understand how your dogs and cats opened doors in stone wall. Only now they can riddler reach Paul Hamels. Ever see those studios and on FaceBook. Where there's literally a cat double climbed all the way up to get to this a latch or door while other cats and dogs or wait for the door come open source conspiracy it is you go you do the door now this you know they've got to figure out. This dog knows push open the backdoor. On and apparently the dark bloody hand. Hot. She. The woman gets home seek a second. On the dog is what in a bunch of chicken yells. The dark like ten rounds up to chickens and it's about who she got into dogs. Oh they didn't listen yeah. The chickens just went back okay because I know some breeds are instinctual move around up other heard you ask her animal as chief Kevin talks complete yeah. No he's not it adds it's so they don't understand English so that's heard. If not getting that out of something new so does that solemn thing to do exactly that could have slipped well we're my third. That's dog he damaged his you know what happens in chickens or walk around your house haven't had the pleasure I'm Jessica there's poop. And they kinda change a group. We do with their very go go there through the respectful but they don't win to go I don't know this is my favorite moment when Steve gets caught. Right in the middle of like those little vulnerable Clark showed a man would know no chance they're like why. This isn't what we hoopla. I know we got Aaron in nearby the dog but let's respect where were seed but the always loved the women I don't know why they go. Ask you know a there are good don't Tommy could. Put there if you Rhode Island. When they won't do it emits a limited Florida and chickens oldest Aron two so then we started looking in another read posts of night. Don't you damage. My dog. You'll remember listen mode Joseph ripped up about. 151000 dollars Lewinsky thing you remember that sprinkler system is he running to the did a sliding glass door holding. Oh like a twenty foot chunk of the TV see this buried her my house and just mud up to his knuckles like around any scientific. Yeah. How long it took me to do this and now the book is all about Jenna. Here I got this tied for UT CU six laps. Boatload zoom. Yeah. Some of the people on on rent it or sand there and their dog destroyed a sofa for Mikey had just destroyed the whole thing both. One of them eight brand new pair of 300 dollar sunglasses. Wohl. Why would your but there's don't understand the dog Joey underwear I kind of debt but metal and glass I don't why would the what. What color of your head meets a dog wanted to yet. But lets you can look how much he hurt you eating you sweat and they are sure to make sure ray bans smell like a burger anyone he would. Somebody they're they're brand new counts too many Wiener dog shredded an eight foot tout that hey accounts have been delivered that same day so Romo 150 dollars her from. From Borough Arnold program director had like two boxers. When they would eat a mattress today did you do truly you know gas stocks for every technique how old now why have breached. I told visual we're gonna they'll. Open up the phones trio. And we wanna hear how old. Much damage destruction in your dog he's did we want your best dog damage stories. Kelly. Yes dot damage. Okay now I'm my dad got out of that. I am I came home from work a light. On as grand amonte that aren't locked or diet now. I'm and then aren't very like something. Like. As if somebody with learning a lot can now I can't at least I thought somebody was how. And they ended up writing were great like let down my front door at. And then on my diet what a man and a machine had worn out the heart of Europe weighed all the a whole kit and was there. It blows away the and I do dogs felt guilty enough to know that like if I close deadbolt it will delay the amount of time before I get busted through this. If you think I get. It eludes. I unbelievable. In the cup it was very clear just scratch out. And and now you have the bus door as well we're a good job guys thousands of dollars in the damage. Your dog no rights is they're they're cute cuddly and there's. Did great you need a mom I don't know what that means the great means it's probably better extensive you know that's expensive and easier damage. Tim. Yeah I guess you guys are done these habits. Okay I had a friend who had a daughter Labrador Retriever and every time they go to work it but the dog inside his house you know it's hard. To stay and this guy would go into the covered and everything out of that one kind and they came home underdog could take it a huge bag of flour and it just actually. Yeah. It's. It. Losers and there's no amount of vacuuming its ever gonna get our legs in every time you generally hang wet you. Blue haze. Yup it was. Still the best thing you can do adapt when his pounder realistic sign in front of their house and go at this is someone else is how to cook but this is the next homeowners he's showing. That's OK okay David thank you all. That song there's no I'm serious flower yeah discs are some damage to regard him. Camille. Hey guys I. Now I'm here we had a yellow lab Tellme would either had bad women ending up little were entire lawn mower or await that and all the lighting up or out. Yeah. C. You knew the guy but I was actually putting out that biting on the how often you are following right behind and taking all of it right often needing just. Your dog's a law that would like guides I've known dogs to trim around the door whenever cousin just like its latest. I learn how to keep your teeth but decided that's impressive look at tape and then a lawnmower that's open. Dance. That's impressive what he's double cages are zoo are passing the lawn mowers got to know. How the dog. I mean I'm pretty I mean they led the Indian ayalon mark after the mad dog. Obviously about all the plastic he took he had so say I just aren't good. And. Disney classic like rubber things your boat we do for your leg presses stuff around the rubber tires they love that stuff faster also. That's some damage thank you can't Camille Jan. I thought I. So do you think Brenda my entire crew completed stated so alone and they left in the track about like twenty minutes half an hour to go and grab her alarm. Greg creed wouldn't single out the dog hit total detracts from the inside out kids owls eat. The center console its dashboard like shredded the entire interior and I. How. Photos or did it look like a bear attack afterwards yeah. Can't get insurance covered up just it's I mean I guess it does decide I don't know it's your own animal. Property I'm news can't get up. Property and it's not like an accident that they got the bike he covers the they had to pay to have been hired Josh order. Snow and all that is not she's still a little ironic how our listeners think they give me the call Brian. Yeah I got damaged. Yup so. Star mark dog went through fuel load screen. The orders inflict. By a hundred block that knowing that you want to replace books when I know you chased down. Our next door neighbor who was writing on the opposite direction moment motorcycle. There and pulling him off with a motorcycle and a motorcycle helmet. Yeah. This hole that is some awesome and I music and it's. The doctor Abdullah employ one.