Bj & Jamie: Jamies gift from Hubba Hubbard. 10/4

Wednesday, October 4th

Everyone at Fox31 knows that Jamie has the hots for Jeremy Hubbard and the news got out and the crew at Fox talked about it.. And Jamie talked about how she is trying to break up his marriage well yesterday a gift showed up and it was a giant Fat Head of Jeremy’s face!


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PGA and Jamie are you OK are you okay and LeBron. The bidding. All of those sexy. You went down to get some nuts. Yeah and then pistachios again and then had a bohemian quarter and it doesn't make it. It doesn't know they'll like him yeah. Yet dad and finished all right here's the deal are we just talked about Columbus Day blood test that that didn't. So then are you working on Monday yes you know you are back your mind so will be here for Columbus Day I would take enough that he. Lyndon so no no no no no no no I think we work on Columbus Day and just to celebrate Columbus at. If nothing else right but. Forget about Columbus and forget about it forget about him cut and and attack I forget about it might not something major has developed here note Jamie and I got a text yesterday saying hey we've got a message here he and deliberate sit over from your new boyfriend. That's married. Yeah but I can kind of takes fox 31 hit Jeremy Hubbard as you know he listens to our show that get a whole thing honest a couple of days ago last week against a laws. Where. They they made quite obvious that they genie is got this lob I love Jimmy Haber infatuation we've Jeremy fashion right obsession. Yeah that's a bit more war. He is. Am I changed. Actually it is and I column so she posted this who would you rather input G Herbie up there with a another news anchor tag. And obviously. Got people to vote more for Jeremy did the other guy quote Jeremy got wind of the so they talked about it on the wealth something developed. I got prince from Jeremy. Can't we get. This Vicente. Did you what if his wife knows troubling club. I feel like. It's you know 50% of marriage is fine I don't know that Jamie. God knows it's in Nike's 100 presented at this. Oh yeah that was as well so it's time for a new ride new husband our soul what was a deal what what have. Against so I got a humongous. Humongous. Picture and Jeremy Hubbard is a picture. They admonition to manage and I already. It. Although. God. Gone off. The year. That the development of. It's not just a picture it's me and CD's on sports. Games where they have these giant. Bin. Ahead it's not them but the face. And their Ronnie black or stick like a yards. Between my legs. Does that turn. Out not to talk about. I. The applicant on line item that is to urge you look at this he its chairman Alice. Jeremy I only because they are huge get through that don't hardly it may that is allegedly taken in the car. Especially me I need for me not to be with them all of the time you sit that you're out passenger seat. Jot down the looted belt on him hole yeah yeah right across his face it sleep next to me nicely. Every day boom. Her tingle up on the roof flickering gable roofing. He didn't. Hingis is shameless plug holes so he can use my head again and again team again and again act by Suzy here. And do it. Did you leave a note immediately loved you know he's just as he guys. I just society in Iran to handle it much but I CN. Agitating. Turnaround and turnaround runway as the Democrats like. Well there was a note attached to it and who haven't yet well look I'd like the only. And I said. I don't know let me get that. Some real quick yeah. And I skidded on you at all the perfect sound byte for Jimmy Atlanta that may have hovered around from fox thirty learn you have to. You make in this. Well I probably should given you this note sooner. Since it's at it's it's it's it's a little bit there. With the told and got. Its joint united makes it's first the ball and we should give it what to us sooner it's note. You know when I know it says says dear Jeannie. I love you Annapolis Maryland for you. And so he can. Think you have to read. As as I loves me it's really letting the Scotland to. Yeah me I'm not American music. Looked at that had little to smile on his station while that smile is urging me. To me. What you started back around. Today. I. Gotta say John we've got a load nearly a year jamming up. I. Yeah a good path back to what you play turning back around. And looks up seed and John what what works and as we just please let it out I'll. I got a note here for yet from the sender of the giant Hubbard man who wasn't Hubbard we went it let me read. It wasn't. Saints. By a Jeremy Hubbard but he looks. Yeah a way that was last. Via the oh yeah yeah yeah the wrong guy Jeremy Rowell was a problem aren't going our dear Jamie please accept this gift from me. You put me in tears laughing these last few mornings a lot with ABBA ABBA Albert. Right to enemy the man who's done. And right now I see now though it's it's this. I'd love Kevin unspeakable the view we bull the wood as I speak for both of us. Aris the theory. Let's check yeah. That is Coco yet it is work wife my arch nemesis chicken love when you don't know she loves him. She's in my way home there. This could be like it's sending you miss yet to back off her her lover this is like a love quadruple I stood and giving you this note earlier I don't. Yeah not from Jeremy every didn't get it right so I. Please accept this gift from me you have put me in tears laughing this last few mornings I along with Jereme Hubble Hubble Hubbard. I too am a big fan of your show by the way we would both love to speak with view. We can make this happen and it. X Ole. There and stay and a pre you know at the problem is with us she used for cannot. Prove who she asked if she league. Hit that putt at an. Earlier question now you can do it. I. Yes. Yes playing hard to get it he's overrated. Thank you think. As answer Alan's is going yeah. We get it done without the admission that he is out certainly that's what he saw I think Wednesday about. That study and playing hard together and I get yeah two more yeah that is supposed to play hard again. What's a plumber who with offer should just give Jeremy himself who it's from my arch nemesis again. We at war and she's she's super hot legs and how well did not how come she had that it. You reported that she ordered it and she probably has those kids all over the yeah I'm. In weekday mornings are now. I ice.