Slacker and Steve - OPP: Pregnant Cheater 10/4

Wednesday, October 4th


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Staying on the so anytime we do an OPP that involves infidelity I guess four. I get nervous and I think I'm more nervous about this one minute then while she's she's gone through something and she doesn't she wants our help the doesn't want anybody to know with her Coca so we're calling her candy as usual. And we got voice just as a runner candy. You guys. What you catch us all Upton who will see if we can help with. Garnered little army Aaron looked for the in the past month or else and I and I just received a full. From a woman who Ecevit having an affair what I hope that it. And when I confronted him about it he booted it I hit arm. He heard there are. He'd. Done what they're having relations with him in and you are trying to be a big help out. Well clearly you would you have had relations with him it as long as he's the father of the baby so when did you EZR is that true what's. Mean how do you feel right now I don't even. Are you sound remarkably calm Tom is it true that you're not have relations with them. No I know are so that got pregnant and I've been very uptight about my party. And breezy and comfortable in my skin you're. And what are you need your help where it's. My current regard creepy because rated RE reader for deeper but there. Are being art. I understand what are looking giving him what key here is the key black and he now but all my current speaker creepy or what it. Oh. They sing it's what you shouldn't. Divorce him. Have the divorce proceedings done about the time you're giving birth and I'm not trying to be devalued here tonight though that's a time when no regulations. Go through that have a baby raise the baby on your own that's that's. That's their scenario. Only you are having my own but media. Not happy here. Pardon me out of my life. And I am sorry he cheated and and some people that's that's a that's in a sense that you can't bounce back from and some people can forget it sounds like you're one of the armed. I got just ask you are are you forgiving here or are you blaming you know because it sounds like she's whom she tried to just say. You've taught me. But I did it because you weren't doing anything are you accepting that is the reason why it happens. I do think it's partly my fault all I think there are 810 Q and seeing fuel. Really you can marriage could spell it BI MF all. We dissect it. So you're carrying around a nurturing a life in your body I mean you have kind of your own thing clock and gone in no way in Illinois woman's pregnant I think a lot of other things are really prioritize my. Well he's okay Mike getting this and that and now he's. Throwing guilt on top of that and you're you're accepting Miguel your owning all that. Laporte prime preparing but I thought why I need you glorify him. Being ridiculous but speaking wrote a quarter due to the normal K and I did the right. So is it actually might follow here cute aren't we kind of. I don't it's a weird place that you're in for sure I iams. Do you I mean if if we if if we told you right now they yeah you you you you should have taken care of your own garden. On. Then then what you'll stay with him in this is a war let this be a warning to all of you pregnant women. All your. While your keep taking care of yourself and growing baby inside you he'd also take care of your man. Or else he's got a free license to go Wales loyalists are you being facetious or you I can't decide if he's sleazy mindset is kind of is that if if if we tell you to stay then is that where your minus. You are me and you know I'd like it. Stay married or not cause any trouble. Okay and I know stress that this time for a mom is the last thing the moms need to stop with. So I just I look good particularly I'm sorry forgive my ignorance but I can go back to the save you work he accused you of being the reason why he cheated in your owning that. If you're saying it's your family's partially your phone minutes all pregnant women's faults and their husbands cheat on them that it's her fault for not being continue to be a white to do white plea duties and stuff for. Yeah I feel like our old. I must say this I don't wanna take a okay teeny weeny do you where do you some advice I just want you know. I'm a person who thinks that I wouldn't forget to cheer but I am I'm also the person who. Would do what you're doing go. Yeah man I cutter Ross I was being a jerk. And I I probably bear some responsibility for driving her into the arms of another man and I did take your only net. I just think it's a little crazy US leg of all people on the planet who had an excuse. Tend not be taken care of your husband as social priorities go around the same time you that's yeah I don't. But I but I did I applaud you for only thing. You're real or perceived part in the affair. What sucks is it sounds like you want to forget them. Whether you're right you're wrong and now you're being influenced by other people who say you can't forgive him because he's manipulating units thanks. Nobody's just allowed to live their life slipped a bit to check with our parents and check with our FaceBook friends to make sure we found out they don't paint my house screaming he's I don't Haywood everybody or might represent pleasant as. And a if you wanna forgive your husband unique this call to be over if you want to dance off yes if you truly want to forget your husband I like I wanna be the one who says. Forgive them. If you're asking NASA asked the rest of the world how hard they each. Are your friends right this is insane for you to take any responsibility Baja. Will do that we're gonna do up for you right now yeah so. You hang tight now pay their community I opened the way. That's what I'm sorry I I am a person who's laid up a person a cheats has done something wrong in the relationship. But there may have this something that drove them to that. Doesn't right doesn't he would don't condone it but so there Yasser could be issues that drove the person what ends the fact is she's holding it in putting it on her daughter percent you're taking too much on her. But. So what's your Jamie you now. Should she listen to her friends are seeing lead this dude she's four months pregnant nude slugger I don't think we're gonna your constructive criticism I think we're just giving you women just tee and off honor. We we need bolts and I don't know it's Joey he's he's lost on her wolf snap her out of it and get her to move on great but maybe she shouldn't move may be. Easy issue right. We should that she should be owning and all edit before Steve I know you know USC at ten married man do I say gentlemen. Take care of your women or else I will tell you stuff corner mom come along well court emporium on T and he says she stops corner man. 'cause she was taking care for pregnant body righty he stepped out she's willing to forgive him but no one else except says he blamed her and she's owning it. What should she do next Brittany. Yeah I what do you think. On I think she's doing the right thing being that I am. A woman that has been cheated on in the past I know the devastation behind it. But I also think that being that she's pregnant and she is owning up to what she's done. I think it definitely need. A situation where they can work through it they can follow that. Irma and I think that it's something that she should pursue for the greater good of her whole entire entire gambling really barrel. Do you think she was her fault you were. Can't imagine fairly curve ball and I don't think that it with his ball I think that it was obvious that something that they did not work through properly to gather. They're they need to communicate on you know more respectful of all with each other about for the greater good of that baby that are on the way I think it is. Better that they work on that through her term and try and work things out I think she's doing very well. Wow I'll okay not a call we thought we were gonna get but nice you in the right there and OK you know I. I think when any when there's any problem in a relationship it's easy to point a finger up one person in cedar. I'm. A 100% agree and I think that's the problem in relationships today I think we need to stop pointing the finger and we need to work through our problem. I mean they married each other. She's she's pointing the finger back hitter selves yeah he already admitted they had you know lord. It was not a good who. All they both made a mistake and other. Person's mind I mean he thinks that she's been around she thinks that he's not only need to work out and they need to import. I knew she needs to go back to making sure she's doing her wife leave you easy tiger takes children and I look I mean. That everyone has needs and if you don't do their learners need someone well it wasn't a crass of him OK I guess he's right. It's it's their dynamic it's crazy out that Sarah. Yeah. I. And I. Don't. And finally I didn't go very you're going to get this straight now no one deserves that and that's only like slacker where I don't Clinton she eats it. Second only to think about is you've got about eighty in the air and hey you know I don't need to get Il. Actress dressed when you're going to get pregnant they hurt and it fact we're not sure what to feel that we'll be focused on the light that pairing and bite you. And that answer might I. Little creek that way nobody can tell you you have to forgive him or you now Turkey amp you know nobody can you tell me yourself. She doesn't make a decision herself she made the decision herself to forgive him. But she's what your friends talk around it. You keep which of. You know and I heard talking to completely agree that because they won TP eats eat it you're the there's no going back. They're really it then but I mean they they'll light that groaning I think it figures yet here they get Medicare well right now I don't think pressure under a rug. Definitely weaken beyond just try not to over struck yourself about it. Right machine thinks that her husband should be the priority. He needs to bring them all. Now that I'm worried about it eat at home. Campaign. Didn't give him another topic you need all that it would be adverse to bring criminal there you know let's say you racing that baby. All see now yeah I. I'm not defending the cheater I'm not. But it's like if I don't ever cook my wife Camille ever if I can you. Literally. Never person never ever serve her food I can't get pissed when she comes home with take out IT or goes he did someone else's I chance. It's it's like she's even if I don't make. Who needs a priority at least some times. If I finally come never priority items he I have to take some of the blame I asked him it's. Easy kind of priority when I know I am eighty having a lot like. Who become an art and prioritize making help and he didn't I had my. Are the priority to you still gotta cook for your wife every once in awhile thank you for the cost Sara appreciate it. Needs. You are not just you're just not. Internal state. Totally I'm going to look well I'd have finally my reporter peace and pick I don't know twenty weeks pregnant on my birthday. That my husband had been having an affair. The world won't he won't be given feed somebody for a little bit and this year picking on week much of the responsibility Newton nor hope all. Can be moved bolder than you've ever going to be hurt her life and you should particular perks if. You wanted the relation then he should meet her feel beautiful picture pupil. Good thing for the parent can do it for him. Per critic you mom so much of her probable reasonably enough to collect pitching theory could conclude. Because I'll tell you I didn't notice anything. All the abuse that I put up with the older they Peter we're married I didn't realize it. Until all that happened directly and might open and return to therapy. And right there are conferred reporting all the things we you don't get over the years which were completely. Completely not a perfect appeared pattern. And broke Hugh downs. Yeah you broke you know depending on him at all on I know I would employ with where people trying to control full. Irons the pounds having a baby groans the current director Porter and life. It's real I mean you're you're you're happy go right this. I know they do performance owns and I want my children and I impact and much more patient. And put it can grieve. Good for non U Slough off the human ecology and I think you might be the one who gets through sandy appreciate it. I didn't realize how many women were gonna say we will them. A ton more people that are saying Auburn through looser I'd go through this oh yeah now is. You know if you have resource is for candy and her man cheated on her she's taking. She's probably all the responsibility we don't think she's a take all please save you all should she stay with a man or not we'll take the rest of your comments for candy over on the soccer and Steve FaceBook page.