Slacker and Steve - Phone Notifications 10/4

Wednesday, October 4th


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Staying on every so you and I are gonna save everybody listening a ton of hard to make a ton of mental stress by telling you. It'll never work no I don't think your idea and deserted you guys Charles notations on your found there it is you can't turn a mall lot beaches in your phone is now just a paper weights okay. But there is the study out of the Nottingham Trent university in England that one in three notification we get on our Smartphones. Actually put us in a worst mood. I see that. Goes yeah are you do for you it's three and three. Okay every time your phone makes a sound yeah. You get might get uptight and Mike watts. You know I people you don't get to hear this but he'll literally screams wife at his phone I you know every single time he goes outside you know and that's not good when the weather's the tax through email or somebody snaps and you know whatever it is to me are you clean that sound was somebody wants something for so would you it's kind of ironic because. Mike I'll watch using. Stupid and your phone to send a text vacuous your phone down and it's like. Like it yeah. Steve I don't principal you'll respond to them because you're the commerce say yeah. How are you going to win the answer is a finite. If you don't. I don't respond to the Mets rude. Little. I've always found it funny that you just did and I increasingly. More angry and like pros they're only there early responding yeah. It adds little if you break out of me and that's your body and the you don't see Steve by like a vortex measure myself. I'm quite so it's not if the candidates try to answer your question in bed. It's so old. A view about this is stupid logo bottom line is just. Turn it off okay smooth that you guys. Think it's about getting your snapped just. Don't you have push notifications for your FaceBook account your tweets. Did you do that then your phones Kimberly did and every third line for most people sets us on edge of players I set up favorites like at night. You. The and when my wife and my parents are the only people licking their whole meat and it'll come through everybody else are seeing if I happen to look down but it. Will not go boot he would never buzz my firm focused might be little off topic real quick bullied or use any clarification so. I get yelled at once for sending someone attacks while they were sleeping is that their prime. That's some real. I said he DND did you not disturb. Yeah text me 2 in the morning I'll get it. But I think you know no not bad it's like you know do you just have. Do you junior text me like dude there are denominated in something that is half an end bad that's why have you won the actors I'll never and I don't touch my parents and things they wanna call me whatever it. Everybody else notice vacations. Often those are indications are every time what are your friends do something small on a social media site I don't have a FaceBook setup that way and neither do you yeah like every site. All right guys so it's a dissuaded you like oh my got to where I can be some go to the new look inside. Here's a pretty I just say it's like yeah. I just I took the time stopped what I was doing I was doing some cool and I stopped because of your boots. And did not say. But you just got excited when you heard that during your story you sometimes I think you are to be that's fascinates me to know when decide never excited when you memories I have heard I don't know if you look at the people get so excited when they hear that because what happens and that's the whole crux of the story. You're excited because you think it's is magical technology OK it's gonna show you something. But it's nice isn't it it's it's nothing and you're irritated OK you can. Don't go there. It's post ran as opposed. And I notice is that and then eventually like screw this I'm done and that's all day long all day I I'd be due under every day there turn your notification off people.