Slacker and Steve - Sending Food Back 10/4

Wednesday, October 4th


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Steve aren't there. On this and our show more often should. And I really think I did my attitude about it is warped but I think your real easy war go I'm dead spot on. They are better server. Now they need candidates on us but I know sir as I stated servers have been around servers. Yup so I knew. Which sensor backed up and when it's okay and when it's not okay to ever and I did a lot of I'm with you I never send it back you were worth the same amount ever need to get better attic why. Because. Because CD it's their job to get us to the bright truth so if they have made a mistake yeah. He needs enough. They need to know and they need to make him right so you always say we we need to know we make a mistake right and I do it all the time where it's like I'll order the last time I'll. I was I was somewhere I swear I ordered like. Think it's some sort of finish. In the broccoli chicken or someone just like I it's still quite so it's helped us how the colors of the night. Holes I want to let me just seeing much more. Also approved the broad white blue applicants for being middle of gay got morning's Regis you cook didn't happen but it was literally brought a concert and I can't. So not even if it's the wrong food as wasn't prepared incorrectly early put too much what are on it was Colin we we we are restaurants in Vegas you what I ate at a restaurant and thank you seem to gather. I order my steak rare plus. That's how I eat my stick yuck you know it's amazing and you win your. Well just eat the wrong thing to lower end series they're all right. Well that what insurers out quite well because they did you weird went to sushi place he'll bring your little Don Ross a fertile you never liked. Tartar or car Tosh you were some the very beginning that like now now. FTC syrup lessons music touched and they brought me like it was well done state that's better isn't even close. No that's terrible that's ruining settled untenable in I didn't send in fact I didn't do anything about it. There's a scenario that happened to a friend emerge recently. In this is what this what is what brings this conversation up again. I believes that I need to get better I need to get more aggressive but I need rest despite its current address is not a reward which word you were unum us this assertive Soka. I need to how I need you know I need to go like in Vegas Merced that that's steak house. When they intend to see it when I cut into that chunk of shoe leather I should win enough I think that's not even in the ambulance when I ordered. I guess I just sailing indeed bad when you're going to be deemed an aggressive do you know what I do I do I gotta say that that. But let me let me lay out this other scenario and a minority know your opinion will be just feel about Boca. Michelle. Goes out to dinner. Always a meat and potatoes dude. It's like. Start something new he's going through divorce. Music and one turnover and least so we should carry look at the menu he's like the new do waitresses like saying. Chilean sea bass just means. When he read who it's the small little miso sauce on he's like this is a moment to try something new. So he truck he's like all take. And she'd recommended. Brings it out sit down hoping to show us what sticks is organic is the worst thing he's ever when his mouth ever. It's terrible. To him it's terrible does that mean it's terror okay item in Europe I. I know you actually go to her correctly of beautifully like do or what else but he just isn't it probably looks okay. But really like India look at the customer did not like to Ron send that back here's a tip in ways she stepped out on a limb. And ordered something that he didn't know he liked so that's he is probable it is so he pays for it he wants and how. It right in those sort of like this can I get the steak instead but an external stimuli goma gotta feeling on science and they're so now he's off the hook you know what's on them I don't know the legal and the backroom and others whom. Now the guy Bowe was she. Asks OK tell us. We came to my point now the restaurant can be so 100% in the wrong. Put your just inconvenience the entire staff of the restaurant and it's not your fault again it but the second you said that back and that waitress or waiter takes it through the back the back kitchen to get. They're talking crap like all the. It's gonna put us me about a bust there. Yes they're ripping you apart but I guess then so what you're seeing is a few ordered to sea bass and you didn't like too many was prepared correctly. You're not gonna say a word I'm not Heidi I hate or else I don't think you should you do get to go to a restaurant try to dish number one on the menu to bring it out now like that democratic position number two there's number three. Go to HQ and you've got a tape for some you have to pay for that we actually have servers in the in the in the tank Renault. I mean there's took that will be enough Heather is back there as well you guys hate new heat if we send it back to you pay it now I don't. We are done. You don't even order a video first I mean Celebrex I guess it really messed up it's not a big deal play golf the senate not because I just don't to like it's. What are some call it that way she's blowing or had asked you do you had to step up. Five cents in back to bite or in the Chilean sea bass and then I don't like it in the back and they made a person you're nice I know you worked at a great restaurant you're going to be collect. But you hate. And if I. And don't go down to the very last by. And then tell us he isn't seek. And you'll want to write it otherwise would like no one might wonder are you mad at me if I sit back to bite one you just pay for. Painful it's out of your chance it's huge he's looking back now other. It hit back heels saying I don't want make that jump in your try to rip her off but I'm not saying that the. Not singing and put up little deal and there are normally or changed by that then yeah. Asking you is does that cost you. How movement does it didn't cost you little big. And I think if what if if you finish it it cost me like it by sending you back you're gonna be happier min you're going to be better and yeah I'm gonna get a better better kick out of it. You have to arms. You have to explain why that's being taken yup. Did you see it's only Deluca I don't just try to do is if you cooked it wrong that's okay. And I can send it back apps. Yeah we method to do it at the kitchen people because now they're just lost your money don't get mad at the ships and workshop on sprite that's I don't get mad at all insane as some sort of back so friend of show. Now this is the final of this the final wrinkle the changes different. The waitress. Recommended the sea bass tonight so. She sold them on it. No she he asked her for a recommendation now it's back on you know. And she's like to see das is amazing that you don't they do it's she's gonna recommend whatever they need to get rid of whatever word yeah and and he should have known as don't Pallet. This dude is yeah this Judy stage. For breakfast lunch and dinner you're not gonna lights Chilean sea bass for so it's on him he should descend to back. Easy you. Eric asked. Yeah ice you server. I'm not I'm not now that I went for about six years who. I'm from you and let the pro am at the food rather it would you don't like get one it's unknown if there was courtroom that's fine. But say some things I am what I did the most with people who lit. Didn't say anything entire meal only adds fine every time you can again and then they don't need a hip or area and or they even know arm a little. It's just a terrible meal. Young bands and now suddenly it's on you and I wasn't I wasn't able. Yeah that's bunk now you're even call so bottom line and zones in about everyone should the bush even I Napier. Not too little beach I think claims to know about it but the real servers are you know just a minute no. The real server directly behind duke with the conservative I don't know right where bleached. Nice restaurants they're I want to Chile is a real soon.