BJ & Jamie: Tabloid Trash 7:30 10/5

Thursday, October 5th

Tabloid Trash:  a google phone can offer you a translation piece that can instantly translate any language. Rockies take a loss last night and they’re kicked out of the play offs. Nsync might do a reunion show during the half time show during the super bowl. Mark Salling from Glee pleaded guilty to tons of photos of child pornography. dancing with the stars drama is over. Lionel Richie says he hates Scott Disick and is not happy with her daughter for dating him. Kardashian’s are suing Black China.


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CJ and Jamie. Let out a little bit better. All right here's the deal okay tell me everything you know rain yup possible today and okay rain tomorrow. Guys for the weekend of the blowout is sprinkler system yes and then Monday's no. And it's delegate Wednesday of next week I'm telling you man to be a bat. Ed Winter Monday is Columbus Day exodus known Columbus then yeah. You all and of will be here for Columbus Day what if something that Kayla welcome. Mean ten. Even. Iconic you know. C'mon now. Tell me the truth and then. Coming into town and no. No. I was missing and about maybe make an assuming and and a figure that dale. Don't know if we're gonna have the snow I was snowman what about tiny what they don't even intentionally. Maybe just make it asked me. You even knew couldn't add Google products. I have to yeah. And now I know you're asking yourself but I have T-Mobile because it's it's the best network out there. How like get a new Google phone let me tell me how you can leisure T-Mobile service to a new Google phone. What you do you buy that Google phone directly from Google and ask for it to be unlocked by Google they'll unlocking and then. If you put your T-Mobile carrier read on it's called the pixel. Yeah today is any and it's amazing the pixel to. A pixel to express teens she fourteen I don't know what if it went that it's amazing because you put these earbuds that. Do you not iPhone had those wireless earbuds. Yeah and much realism you can't really replace them they're like a fortune right and they're just wireless are amazing people love on them. Well Google to one up for those people just one up the old team and not know the iPhone because what they did is they made these ear. Odds that translate forty languages instantly so I probably end right. They we go to let's say Dennis Monday you eyewear event of the way well. When they speak there and I'm Venezuelan never bit me in the I associated days begin live and as a layman and and Lithuania commend this beat OK back. We go to Lithuania. And I'm like I remember how to speak Lithuanian in my debt and those few words but I heard outside. I'd put my earbuds and a that the phone out there whatever they're saying in Lithuania. I never hear it in English instantly translate is record through the phone is crazy that's pretty cool it's amazing. Forty languages again if the FT mobile which you should because it's it's the best network out there. I have to do is by the phone directly from Google unlocked and and you can put your T-Mobile service Reinemund. Then boom. Some straight if your world traveler I'm not much of the country to country got more the counties counties. Our effort. I guess it doesn't ever vigilant to warn you flip it. It's summit back Atlanta I think the only language in any country that I've ever been in. Where the language was a bit of a barrier in it's written really not a two resorts. But Mexico is probably the only what I was in France want to end that was a little testy that I just stayed away from the French people because I thought he can't spell. And chief French people did not smell. So I just kinda you know I stayed in the USA English crowd. I guess where I'm unaware. Where I local nail salons are a good idea because my friend Rosemary nail you need so I loved Rosemary nailed I don't know what ice. He either doesn't that Rosemary nails. Or Rosemary is snails but she's just Rosemary nail you know. Am it would help that would help. That was very nail her her actual name is rose Grossman nail had her name netted no that's a name for shop ROL. Mean I think you just millennium. It's hit if you go back ten talent. She is a recipe. For odd because. Luckily what she sings so well. Why you did your nails done you this is not American Idol yeah. We're not gonna have Rosemary neo law did it to sing for us it's like you dizzy but Rosemary nail. It's in or. And she sings so amazing Sean today we don't need Rosemary nail on singing got we need a pick it up with and then you put it. I've been and then you can translate whatever and she's at the nice adept at you nailed sing it to five Rosemary. And spa. In California I. He's inflict Marietta California. It's. Pop. Up and I was married nail in our I think. Good. He knows what you're not gonna stay in business long when you do and one mile at a time. How did you take about ten times this do you tell those of us who won in south. Brand to saint your aptly that Rosemary it out. Glad pay. After I do this do let's talk about your erect sounds function story. Or do you not want me to bring it oh. It's got nothing to do with me yeah just well it's a story that was I I wanted me to share. I. Do you want me to bring it. No no way no no no no no no name new no no no the way you said he Jimmy white I know exactly what your intentions were. I you're trying to make it sound like it was me that Iraq I have the problem is an and I need. Discuss this with people I said Vanessa there's just ice it after I do tablet tracks. UN bring happier wrecked our dysfunction story. You're the slump but. Wouldn't that that isn't. Not me. It's a friend Fred one million shares of fractional flow I think he's the only way too much it's a friend it's a threat wink. Are out there you go yeah that's it and block. Hitting let me just the key is. How. Please stop throwing stuff. We're all angry is the playoffs are virtually the whole plan. Galicia here for some of the other teams for the Rockies it's over it's done it ended so quickly last night. Justice. So what happened picture like he was a big deal it is going to be a thing like that pitcher with a big black and standardize. Its. That's what happened. That's amazing you put that make a bunch of perfect that's not the pitcher. And that that's got to place the outfield is named Charlie Black. Which is a picture the picture that they brought out the first inning when he spoke to do so that made him but he didn't have pain don't say no owner. This thing was John Gray yeah. That's Judd Gregg with most is not an amazing what happened. The club picnic. Was that the that long haired guided big cut his hair off maybe is they're getting cut. So messed him feeling that long hair weave that rose Mary's Neil could play. He has long hair I don't know what Jones. We're the worst state shouldn't how. Where. I don't know what that knows anything about this. It just texting engineer bitch. It's. I don't know I'd like commuting into that I. That's needed to hear. Remarks of yeah as long here ago. He still has long here. So I was correct. I don't privacy this story but doesn't April Charlotte are back out okay. But it is this John Gray guy. All my all I. You know yeah. Really didn't deliver a show like this out of body down you could make people rant and OK this is dangerous. To deliver Schilling is that a day like today is dangerous folks on you right back in April yeah you're right you're right eight months ago that. Yeah well. You don't have been able you don't know yeah eight months ago it was yesterday T hot hot. I got without cable could unravel here. That you brought. An editor world here on again I'm. Think I. Anyway ad giant Mattel instead instinct could would Justin Timberlake to reenact it at all you think good one up. He does Super Bowl record one of those things just like we begin TV award like you know what it's. Sutton has to do it and you know it's right we do it. Everybody came due and owing under the present. Apple Randy several here's what you get it. There was a montage of what. Well they can mix master BJ Ian who lives on it got me in a happy afternoon let's do that story get acute. Right now later so confusing hey Adam let's isn't. Our center this giant OK so it's no a putt putt from an ice yet it's actually read. Nine putt tuchman has turned their WS he's the creepy guy from delete listen to this if you ever watch glee like I did and he loved it. What are those guys is curb man that he is that he has it's so gross he pleaded guilty to possession of fifteen. Thousand photos. And videos have had nine to talk about it you know what I mean it just gross. And a he's he's Jared from sublime and so gross. Yes and he's going into a jail for awhile thank god that's yep that's one thing that I do is glued on. That people that. And you know those people legit I don't mind if they just get that tar beaten out of them I'm with you on that idea because I mean I just what goes through your head and you worries seeing some of them. This could either thank you me. And should an excellent shape and it's with the stars there Al over their drama they now like each other and they're gonna dance that we got together at the start like that. That's this is gonna be torture for him and her. He is there now they have to go back because that the network can say hey look well well well well well. Got a contract he can advance. In now they've got to go back and pretend that they like each other but you don't make up that quickly you know because he skipped out on. Knowing we should look bad. So this is going to be very I have to watch. I. See the Weinsteins and with the Harlem pension. You drive on Trenton and show. Ritchie says she gave Scott get sick and he does not one is nineteen year old daughter. Daughter dating that freak. I guess Scott dancing is thirty slower and a gas that reading it. And is that girlfriend so the average seat which is land rich his daughter is only nineteen now in need of a nineteen year old has every single pork. Does she really want a 34 year old male with three kids I think. Now as he's tied to the Kardashians there's another little fault via argue guy you know court. Courtney and all the other girls in and just it's just a circus. So I don't Ritchie seems to be very upstanding person. You know I mean we haven't heard intentionally. Ayers is a father. Yes and that's Tenet crane dot. I'm speaking of the Kardashians yeah hey I have time to madam well I guess the card passions are suing by China. Because like Cheney and rob Kardashian got that frighten them whereas all that crap well what they've done is put restraining orders against each other which means. Now they can't take their show. Though not hard as seen by trying to show you one not. Because they were so it can be around each other. All. So the show was canceled. Long then there's suing for that yet because the show was canceled because they own the rights to the show against. And so they're gonna sue black China to get back the money that robs paying her EXP. That's crazy America. Imus and instead I if you haven't heard about Super Bowl Justin Timberlake is not missing what N'sync. He's not they said that they heard you can missing would Janet Jackson and Janet Jackson's gonna repairs it's off. Which would you rather see. Well cleaners are ugly. So I don't really and so you'd rather see like I don't see where that like you guys he did you like not oh. And you goods that we are. Comatose state run IC a winner like cooking school. You do not predict it and none do you think you'll note that it changed weekday mornings on Alex I.