BJ & Jamie: BJ tricked to post about ED 10/5

Thursday, October 5th

BJ was tricked in to posting a Facebook posts about erectile dysfunction and now everyone thinks he has it.


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Vijay and Jean king I got duped. In just eight. I think it was a secret agendas even apple and the a guide my brilliance that is my intelligence and my IT who would have been duped by FaceBook in a friend. Well tell him and it looked at we'll see if you're you started to ask because your talk about colds. I yeah well this is all we are so here's the thing and theology and is on FaceBook or not to do so I've for the people that put a good thing that says like. Who do you think sexier like Richard Gere are I don't know Tom Cruise boat here and then nobody even participates nobody says anything right. Or that way and it's like if you have a non unison that you'd love to share this now and then nobody shares it. I just feel bad for people of their own polls and no action. And then I said hey well that that reminds you have to because I had a friend requested that I. I put a poll I don't wanna get not a poll but hey hey another post that he had. But they wanna do it but I felt bad not doing it because he's pretty good friend Bryan Wright it was to do with or how to get help. Or erect tile dysfunction. ED. It's like did you Garrity said. If a year you know support people with AD if you let a finance. A cure for EDT I'll share this now rye yeah. Right that type of Paul yeah it's all right yeah I think I'm a good guy that I'm helping out my bread who'll. We have a problem right right now you've done is it makes it look like you participated in the problem like that you have. And Jamie tells me this morning in which now on. Believing it. He's mad thing at this he's his duked it. Does that as an adult I would ask you to share and EDT oh who's he ever he knew that if I did it. That it would appear that I'm the problem that I have a problem here right it is so he's that is like it at eight felt that daddy about instant I think. I don't think he would have. It is you don't think about FaceBook and what the post mean like you know I think it immediately cynicism about him on the bus or mom breast cancer they have so many that they know. So if you shared that he erect our dysfunction I'm I'm actually thinking like you are rare rare Morris you have a sad Wiener. Yeah. And went on Alex I.