BJ & Jamie: Migrating Butterflies and Seans chickens 10/5

Thursday, October 5th

Sean’s desire for chickens has diminished, Jamie said Sean should release his chickens. There is a large amount of butterflies coming through Colorado.


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Speech and you know Jamie I'm glad you also see you've never heard of migrating butterflies and percent I've heard him every all the time. You told me earlier this morning that you and why is you want we look really dumb and just out of that this morning expect. Change your color and everything and. I even knew that they come at a radar image was caused by thousands of migrating butterflies is a crazy I know action and her and I am not and I did say that earlier when BJ bribe while he's being butterfly I HI agree that I like. I heard this my entire life I. Searching through different stories social media yesterday. And I see the term migrating butterflies. And I thought to myself I want to Hillary can about then your right what was the radar thing I have. I know what that was. Image widest post it on her face the page the image was captured on radar and a front range airport and officials say it's a cut it a common site. This time either I cup. In weird they migrate to. Candidate probably Florida in Florida's known as Florida's nicest and you. Hope you noticed okay but here's the sad part. So there are butterflies everywhere all over my neighborhood I mean it was insanity I was like and that's a bad. Which is weird because I know really. Mean like I'm killing deer you know only cued it nobody shooting kills the butterfly I don't mess up badly trying to dodge and everything but then I saw all these birds. And then like all my got a doctor virgin just haven't like decent today owned those and I know him. I don't know I don't need another war they feel dry those wings India. A little to get a guy their little power Rihanna like yeah yes there is a lot of birds. He is hackers and as crazy. The migrating butterflies are a big issue in a big problem according to. As being urology is it out all people that are in the butterflies. Yes but first other birds and then they realized they were migrating butterflies of the cause of yesterday's radar signature. Insects rarely produced. Such a radar signature it's usually birds but there are so many butterflies. In such huge quantities. Millions of them staying close together and to do. In the ground. And that's what all these images showed lo and behold I'm looking at fox 31 right now is just what they're doing it at pitcher Jeremy ever know loan. They're doing a butterfly store they are cutting edge of migrating butterflies is their story I their area as we speak. You know and this shows you how crappy my landscaping as. I did see one butterflies. Not a well you know what I forget about it now it is supposed to blow out your sprinkler systems and there's no reason you do about it now I wonder the butterflies are out on a foggy day like today. The weather being like this if kill him. Grandpa you are killing me right at five. How above and. Because what then the moisture would bring down the wings that went and checked my FaceBook page later today it. I'll give you the answer to that intriguing question that I just put out there for each other human get the butterflies fly in the in the fog they should not a case speaking of you own god. Well you brought it to my attention on what I thought this kid would also put the chickens man you need him in the dark about it tickets. GM's I as I said binder that night did you get access to defeat them all so behind your backs and I just said to be agenda. Weird is I haven't heard a lot about John's mom living in the basement. I certainly haven't heard a lot about his chicken teen never imagined this chicken. He's to be selling the chickens and I and step for the chickens and toys and you know other stuff and it's like they've they've. I don't know it's it's we. Just hit it's it's like they're not even a party your life anymore they shouted yeah Molly's comeback against the. Now it is still out all live chickens out and I am now I even tell sandy Tatum and I don't hate them by. It's just another thing we got to take you hate him now and done has become optional and I get like one naked he hated them. So I've lost the okay let me tell you the truth and. So I about these two frogs write them. And I love those little frogs they're so cute I was gonna do a lot of them like YouTube came on the frogs here that they were so adorable as winner among other crazy. And then every about every fourth or fifth day. That tank would get stinky and so stinking it might mean he found mice until it was dry heaving wow does he get so that is sticky. So every four days at the cleanup the square. Re cousin I'm a bigger Graham to live games one and it attachments you know they hop away. Shrewd. They couldn't coaxing did little coaxing video they hop to it and they look super happy nationalize their free opted not to aptly. And then hop to a little river. Sure that it. Have you seen that video circulated not the guy that police that bird that he he had a chance cat in the cat gets. That's Jamie of draw snow yeah those drugs didn't make it twenty feet. They've made it to be here in game it is too little pond and places yes and they have like little frog he lawn chairs in the umbrella. And there are over there there that is there hang out you know up front feet likely an in a recliner like this. For audience by aliens. See it all the time with the number there's Elaine now. Did that so happy I can't so if you release the chickens can you tell me where where would I release it's I. Possible who I had some places I can make this after a tree and hit album and I Denver tech center and just let them car to do it like key of seem parking lot. Oh yeah. That's what JB would do they. JB's tickets I would release of at a KFC parking lot and yeah. Go see it. Really dialogue with. Each inch is important on Alex I.