Slacker and Steve - GMD: Sheets or No Sheets 10/5

Thursday, October 5th


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Selector and Steve. I am told this is probably one of the most mundane great need to be mean saying well. I don't know if their flight really rises to the love. I'll look great and meet other debris yet but we got Todd Josh and he'll leave home I think we're starting to Josh Josh. Yeah all right guys. Criterion I've been together about a year now man and one of the very strange you certainly. Will bat. People don't actually in the credit. Is that what it's like kudos to you in the face it and say hey site itself. So I found out through her doing her own little hole and thinks look that McCarron we watch the people don't tweet in their bed which she wants. This still seems that you and I asked I still litter they cannot believe how bad we had a lot spent debating and I'd just I'd. Like I said I've never heard of that being changed yeah yeah yeah verplank. And so you sort of ambushed her into coming into on the great need to be to try to make your point and win a second time the complete article in the battle on FaceBook woman to sit with you wanted to win again here. Well I had followed all time haley's. I yeah I what's wrong with you tell the monster puts the sheet. Old apple what do you mean you know half full. They made off of bad you can probably sleep with them for about an hour. The fourth of huddle at the bottom up here that it's inconvenient. I have linked get I don't need it sheep. Early how does this sheets you know all marked at the bottom of the double to blankets don't my sheets are not a flash around athlete like you are yes. Well maybe I rash around a little bit but they. Actually has never worked for me my mom used to give me grief about it when I was young GO because I what are you have to put it out there I have been. The one that goes around the mattress bank. The senator Jim. Not only one of the swum that protects you from your comforter she don't keep washing your comforter that is that is your arguments for a seat is an end and it's not yet you're a dual dry cleaner comforts like fifty bucks you know 2.2. Our Josh I personally don't see how you can stay with a woman like this who I'm not gotten sick it's O. I what I mean more what do you have to say about it. I'm well why not. Call actually went and about what are knocked around. We have issued in the better not. What. I have a question really. Yet. Will you marry me. The second time slowed investing in the sheet did what else could put so. I'm okay so what's the top. Heard you talk it's a while. So I was so happy and well it's the real good today I didn't do here. He told me hey we we actually have a real great Mehta may we have to get to know but little he told me that this guy wanted to use. Great need to napalm. On as many guys as his girl apologize com. Hayley do you really wanna marry a dude who do you have betting issues list and then after that and he would. He would do this to you he would like you and coming on the radio yeah. Yes we have good heat on them that this is. Fine I deeply unpopular that we make things work. All eyes here for you guys in this is smooth congratulation. Congratulation. I shouldn't believe yes. Neil will get whatever whatever she's you register for that's pseudonym will send one or with the. I I actually I should probably apologize to Haley in advance goes much like mediation it's not a big chance crisis. All all you guys who put this doesn't call for in my civil wedding. That is that a little Leo okay congratulations you guys. How long. Can she know. On don't know. I mean I know you and no deaths so I feel weird. No it was gonna happen little did you say do we try this this thing so I was cool now we've tried to think that. Real great may okay he's he's coming out and it is not nearly as light hearted league is about something that's. Pretty much every American household is probably discussing right now yeah and you get to sound off a Audi is here next.