Slacker and Steve - Is Cologne a Thing of the Past 10/5

Thursday, October 5th


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Steve. And so the age. I found something or you actually found something in the studio I mean it's it's still sitting here folks that immigrants. It's a little boxes. It's ace from some other show or somebody it's it's a box of Cologne and it's like blue Cologne sometime doubts his votes simply titled blue. And C gets it down in regular food and says you do you use this brand and unlike. Brandon why. Don't we mean you'll use Cologne. And when you said you know. Do I was shocked I was dumb I don't know what to say. This is the million dollar question there were asking right now. It's Cologne over Knoll. Accord just because you'd know where does that mean it's over I'm just asking the question and make it. You just think it's a popular. Men and women children. Anybody we wanna hear from you if it's over. I just thought it was over when I got to college. I left college to sick. This out I can't let this source Lieberman asked to leave. I'm stupid. Frat boy it was like couldn't cool water on in all its power and two in all the different Cologne and stuff. I just slowly. Ice ice kind of stopped went cold Turkey and then I eight. Would put it on for like a big. And then it just slowly but surely I just weaned myself off because it was like. It's overpowering. Even when you. When you spray it. Dude you're like it's he had you putting you're flying it incorrectly to that didn't help for years you know how to put on clothes that I just because to a temple might risk seeing any spot I wanted to girl to kiss me you were suing you like to ask for money yet know you're supposed to just sprinted into the air and kind of just let the walked over you walk through the load of of spree. Oh that's so much more man they've added. And she your does signal was tyrant but see that I us little heat. I awoke kind of Cologne you know there he's I don't worry they're immortal what sort of figured out once you get marry you want to try anymore you have to try to. That's what it was. My wife puts me where Cologne either which way she's never more so here. Most wives and women girlfriends bide their men the Cologne that they want to amendment to smell like my wife's sister Bonnie Cologne. Okay that's a little personal and what is she I thought she Stater house like a Montessori message surroundings she likes you. Wanted to hook up with. What did you notice you have heard favorites Daytona and then you thought that the weirdness the big star if you read and you know. True there's no true would you think that women that's their way of marking new go to what I liked. I like David also Everyman I get with Behar makes him smell like David off for whatever you have forever go remember royal. Digging gone she fruit was a gift she went ahead and got me some Cologne was like a gift pack. And I like to send she loved assemble after we break up broke up iso had tons of alas like kept wearing it in dude I get compliments from female co workers they love the senate. So why keep wearing it because women love with men Wear Cologne for women. No big grass and women want men to Wear Cologne so this well I yards so this is why nobody had some chasm now. I'd welcome what's your should do what you wanna smell a smell like my deodorant snow ice annoyed cool ocean breeze went in knowing you're new you body wash. No neither of you smell like according to Texas this is it definitely a 5050 debate are real half of them are saying absolutely over unless your my grandpa wearing old. I. Cinco all people so I was talking to are interred here and she's got a younger yeah generation. She said no I don't know any woman that buys a man cloned two point worse she knows a lot of her free moral friends Tony will Wear perfume or deodorant. She gets the word no race no. It's. We know and that's why I sound like act sprayed like the act spray revolution are all those bodies for is now more lights that's an effort to eject for women choose. So that's why we Wear it's true strong dude you're. We wouldn't real women are actually turned on by real world is this smell of the real man hug your choice where there aren't really Carol Owens was Sarah moan don't do. Does your cover it up with this center of play to let the tracks that's when rumors the minute you want to exit the. You guys you want Colonna now he's dead is it still alive is a viable what are we doing with Cologne. You want Condit a huge turn kind used Manning. Armageddon like like a really nice expensive Cologne that not too overpowering. Obviously GAAP and my sixteen year old son. Definitely likes Cologne. It's because women like Cologne rights era. Well I thank you mark your mayor do you buy him a sense that you like in the US a where that's coming marking their president. I'll keep have a good case are any. You know Sarah that's a sense and human beings the most powerful since the lever up so send yeah okay I didn't call Sarah. Eat your little lobbying that you're doing what your own little sexier joining. This. Is all you got Derek voters since its record but what are our market. Michelle with the guy you want to own film. When Maurice I mean this is why I immediately decided that she's news righty okay. The island's. Roman times makes Michelle so do you. You got we got two losers to call and you know we're losing representing everybody kind of you know I think killed Cologne was fourteen year old boys axe body spray. I was giving you its actually starting to put so much on bachelor I stopped me. I walk into a room and there'd be all these person per and it's just like. Notice the notice her leave in the room with ladies do you work. Yeah. Oh yeah I guess here's a day and we got to pick a bar. This is where I if they keep I. I'm gonna get here are more applicable are you douse yourself and all the colonial and now we Sino and then I'll go win would just mom mainly ceremonial. Equipment and Little League comes in an action we see America. But I grabbed my money's.