BJ & Jamie: First Break This has been a long week. 10/6

Friday, October 6th

Bj is over hearing he has a sad wiener and this has felt like a very long week       


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Vijay and Jane I had a friend requested that I put a post that he had it was still do winners of how to get help. Or erect tile dysfunction. AG and it's like dead ten Jamie tells me this morning and we should now on believing and he's mad I think that the because he just duped thank you yeah. Does shadows and going to ask do you share and EDT Colmes. It is you don't think about FaceBook and what the post means so do you share in the next eight. Erect tile dysfunction I'm I'm actually thinking like you have rare rare Morris you have Chad Wiener. In a weekend mornings on Alex. I thought and. Yeah give me a favor essar could eliminate that probably just play play sack and a I don't like to start the day hearing Jamie Sale have a sad Wiener gas eyes got into it. Don't not a way to certainly can't get data out there doesn't get me all fired up at the weekend if you're relatively rare rare and again. Players. Acts that from big key system we've mined out and never play again. Six it is Friday Friday Raddatz thank goodness me and it seems like it's been a long week. It has felt like a week and it it's because Jamie's attitude. He thinks excellency that's what's caused he's been so long a weakness with you that is that war and even this week. Is the ball it is dragged grant. I it was the winter for me again without sickness room. I. This is the studio that weather won't bother. On. At that and Aggies on Friday probably just go and just added some old huge guns blah. I'm just telling Sean that this week is flown by thanks to your attitude. YouTube that such a sweet person that comes bragging about you. Knicks need no do not say a word 51059. Called out of the pits not on I would just in early voting 38 and actually Maryland. And it's an actor and I think. That it got past and a not to aren't welcome there intentional. No I was just telling Sean that we just flown by yeah just a crazy week because. So much fun on the weekends here at hotel bathroom again if I really it's going to be fantastic what the they couldn't yes so is it a losing week. I don't know I I heard a rumor that it might be of use we in this weekend I don't know who you're talking about really yeah well and why don't we take a break. Combat with me I have to cut back and address this. It says so sit by inch. And more on Alex.