BJ & Jamie: Jamie and Columbus are over the Garlic knot gave it away. 10/6

Friday, October 6th

Jamie loves popcorn.. Bj is feeling sad this morning because the Columbus Day weekend is canceled.. but more than that Bj is feeling like Jamie is playing him.. and the weekend is not canceled… but now he thinks she is not. And now he really thinks he is not coming after all..  Because she has been off her diet meaning she is not trying to get skinny!    


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Vijay and Jamie little and bring in popcorn Popper is weird food you can't stop. Yeah you know to me you. It's like scandals you know I can't stop what's kittles either they're weird foods Dirita yeah let is predicted what's your I can't stop it yeah. Rain Man. Kids. Or he knows you just can't stop because I can't believe the whole pack. Call me at one time and then I'll just be seeing. A lot Ali tides higher. It felt like I'm throwing it away get to thinking that just makes things that shout she goes does that for me tonight to two guys got that and you have hills and I don't Liechtenstein. I hate get that cheesy stuff that you get on your peers that I loved and ally announced. No problem speaking of food yes. And it's coffee while she is a pop court not to sweat like a picnic. Speaking of food. Sat you know its exact vote. What was trying to. Wiener that was sad today nag your whole physical BS will you stop about the said later tricky second and look at it. Yeah I'm sad because. In the back online. This whole Columbus. He in this guy coming here this weekend of we've been planning this week we SA witty and well I'd like you're part of the system it's been a part of the show right so I feel like it's way. It's been playing for a ambulance for at bird back when you guys first started texting each earned him an exclusive which easily with the but nevertheless it was planned in the back from a mud all this week and no expert on again off again on again off. Begin a while look in the back of a mind comes as I felt like. It's happening. And you're just playing me. A you know adamant that that it's cut and he's gonna happen is going to be here nothing's ever change I didn't know on again off again a play being guess what beach is kind of guy that. I just let alone the past few weeks right yes you let something happen that the well that. Convince me yeah that you've not been playing and make it to withdraw the but when that have labels something has occurred up. That has given me absolute confirmation. That that you do not come that he's not coming. And I guess getting yet yeah. Are you searching math well I'd get a feeling you know. Not yet. No clue whatsoever I do it at all. And hit me like a ton of bricks as I know exactly. I don't think you know this is the car permission then he is not com. Having because whenever I've been doing for the last like month. But you couldn't say OK so have been card free for the lastly my dress preparing. Port Columbus Day with a guy coming and yeah preparing Korea because I've been carb free. And it's been ridiculously well carves out guard Ivan rapid David cheeseburgers and let it. He needs a model Shay act and regular rock supermodel now an upper bar bottle yet not long ladies in remarkable shape. But in less. But he genuine issue announcing yet lick it Jamie Watson here this morning and starts bragging my. About how delicious garlic knots are at pop job I did hello I. She told me she ripped through an entire order because the car scenes out the window I do which he said yeah I'd cry and I thought. I'd like oh might cause it's odd happening he's not coming bits she just confirmed it would garner. And jaw up. Yeah because I could tell us it's stupid card quietly got licked the death. I don't know what I thought the I just like the top the right way to don't mean it's been seen in anyway instead cheeseburgers and wrapped and that is a big dilemma. But you've been saying all like OK have I went off this and I know I'm I'm meeting there are some blood about complying that was part of the ski home. That you're you don't play media and I thought OK she's doing she's just doing this to be. But when you walk in here this morning. Ireland and cut the smelling of garlic knots I. Yeah probably get through it puts. It all had to get a it is job. Lithia. He convinced me it has they have like the buyer and the garlic and the bottom of that bag container and I just took pieces stock. Dill weed I mean the daily bread I ever had garlic knots and I looked at my family or improper John's last night. You know it's a good meal for blood year old girl in and out. And vegetables and happy to get so he's fine so anyway. So I'm Mike. And Nadia had an apparel beaten so I ordered him in the bottom loses rounds bore. Of just butter and garlic. And it sees in the body and into what you do is do you act like you heard little garlic knot is secure rotisserie. You were rotated rotate all through that little. The river of butter and garlic. Until it's like drip in January and the next three days. While you're not fly fishing tournament namely they were warm and not fly fishing. Just I just said again. The next three days while you're not united nation because that was part of the plan with Christopher Columbus to the talents are what you think about your garlic knots all that makes you happy. I'm going to be this weekend I am at. And bulked up for the way you just laugh and I know you're feeling pain right now. He's you you're just like I'm feeling the pain of this not happen this weekend are more tied to him that I was I yeah I just think you're masking it guy caught stealing motions to. I'm asking what are you from you regarding the paying to do so campaigning Garth. I didn't predict garlic butter. So I think you're paying daughter even on well he could've been hot tea. You're just swapping the one out for the other. I'm U haul our hello hello hold up. And now I am snack. With the I am dream. Is there they're gonna have got married Papa John apple I don't get it. More on Alex I.