BJ & Jamie: Cam Newton says Sorry. 10/6

Friday, October 6th

Cam Newton upset a female reporter saying its funny hearing a female talk about Routes, Now he say he is sorry in an Instagram video.


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Vijay and gene and Cam Newton has issued a hot or he gave their heart let's play first of all why he is apologizing. He is ask a question from eight female reporter which kind of surprises him. Take up a lot of I didn't see your sooners' final round then there's this thing really embrace but the caddie. This grabs and it's. The guys they get here. Earlier enjoyment it's. Funny to hear he moved talk about it. Routes by. Something funny it's funny it. It's funny. Al funny it was a funny now I guess he loves his yogurt to endorsement he. Did the younger people are like. Regular pompous that it did when you start losing money then you need to apologize yet and I got to feel the mostly yogurt that consumers are females for sure they act so therefore they pulled immediately. Lost that so camp decided to say I'm sorry. A deterrent at all understand it bit my our choice was extremely. Degraded and disrespectful. But so. Be honest that was not my decisions and it and if you are person. Took offense. To what I see it I sincerely apologize. Jamie he's apologized I mean like Harvey wrote that. Part one seed I think and we're gonna be back later to. Gergen oh Steinberg you're you're only broad talking about the purpose but yeah. Like Apollo and also we hear and ever all our heads you know although we barely get me again just as you can tell the Harvey and it. To turn out well I understand. That no word choice was extremely. Degraded and disrespectful. But to look beyond his that was not my intentions and it if you are person. So could fix soon what I see it. Sincerely apologize to. Yeah yeah I was RB RPM all aren't sure you heard it at that appeals and couldn't write your name really right to left the I agree with him I don't think he really meant to offend people believe I don't think yeah I don't think. He does she did not look quite. A bit I wouldn't stand by their bottom percent what are. Pop is he's a bit or anything in the act up and even went like this last you that have happened and he had a putt that jobs. But I think now. He was yes. Being ignorant now. And he's a processor lives trying to be a little money now he wasn't really wasn't it was taken out. If he went again and just has no he's like that's what he really thought of this woman like. Bet you have no idea what you're talking about right now that's what he said zednik came out different. Food while he just apologized to me take the apology that was written the well here to get. All eyes are way here's what is Harvey and re saying is after the company canceled my contract. Carlo presented. That lower choice was extremely. Degraded and just certain. But to look beyond that was not my decisions and it if you are person. So could fix to what I see it I sincerely apologized. I'm making a defended. Not anymore though but not anymore now that you've just paraded behind not notice then yeah yeah yeah. I mean doesn't have not confident that it but I'm not gonna look at the guy because I don't think he really minutes away. But yes. I don't know why I know I don't. I don't think Jimenez accent. Wouldn't. In. More on Alex I.