Slacker and Steve - Shopping is Better Than Sex 10/6

Friday, October 6th


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Steve I ever. Point and hiring know what kind of person you're going to be whatever I'm inquisitive person. That's not downloads and as you I was just curious are you really win in. Cool who really really really really love shopping like really makes you left the did you have. If it's. This is if we said the word shopping yeah you're like oh my god that's so great that they said that I love shopping at a duty to shiver yes we need you. We we wanna talk to you about this study met just came out. And I am they've they're analyzing the brain waves them. Of women. As it relates. To their shopping. And downed. I don't wanna say what is until we get a couple women's token a couple shoppers on the phone but might show you zesty new questions about your household you at all. I can tell you right now. Brian Weis is probably closer to this study all internal all bar give you a hug do not meet triggered it always. Person who loves to shop there's always saying broke quick I want you also a group limited did you ruins it. It's not my life ever done it's not. The column you just shot but really yes just because we really need it does he wanna you do things. Tell us that this study is sure you know. Little news taking his time. Oh yeah you would get Terry Terry. Guy you love shot. A lot. A lot of lot of things it makes your Diddy gives you shiver went you think about chopping him and why. Then we'll do you love shopping more than you love relations. AB yeah you marry me we don't put us. Well now. Researchers analyze people's brain waves its own 84% of people who love shopping more get pleasure from it at more pleasure from shopping in the due from having relations. Like literally the brains I don't have to say hold their brains supplement had a had relations and then hunter brings it to the same thing how to walk through Nordstrom and hammer. Bud Light. Somehow. Would you if you if I told you right now you can never have relations again or never shop again with whom would you do. Pro and never relations Leah. Not as you can do that on your realm I concede that that was a good actually good choice what are you tell you married or do you have a boyfriend. Otis you know let us keep. A little. It's good for guests dear Mary did you Seal Beach and ask did you call Kerry we got to know shopper here Emily. Yeah I your shopper. You married. Got a boyfriend you push and yet. Do you like shopping more than you like you know. The so you know it's not sure. 84% of people this is what made me so mad when I think about it is men and women urges women I think it's. It's just people who love to shop. It's huge studio as a sexist I am I just as soon as when I need to know dude who loves. No. One dude on the planet like with the show more usually a great girl home both. It's not well know. If you had to choose one or the other which you take. I. Wow this is set your guys draw the dudes because at that how it goes likes like earlier goes up because immediately children is not how do you WTO because I do know. 'cause the women who aren't wired wrong. Or South Dakota State do you call in the way we want more and then I just there's proving this drug. So far too for two women who love to shop. Would shoe shopping our relations. Let me guess Steve you don't need any woman who's ever been ended down by you about with me that you did you both. I think. I don't know what I mean I just take you shopping after this thing is I guess he's just throw money at this day there are victorious. I CIA chopper. On an idea. Since you and I don't remember just thinking about it are you shopping right now. Working it out I let out from Maine if you had to give one out shopping your relations which when he given up at alligator okay. She diaries slump is your guy know that means is I just want to get him are you sure he doesn't tell us say I'm pretty sure my Weis wouldn't would choose they give up the relation of these guys are with the wrong guy. If he can't beat out shopping than your with the wrong guy oh yeah and he's actually that you can now or what's at. Like shopping until now doesn't while he gets he was sorry to be did you give him relations Africa is that your do you give him relations are you guys spend much money to the. I don't believe there really Stenavich of any bad and we need to get them. Sometimes. Aren't you golf are so what I need and I know we don't have time to get calls between women who slept with Steve what she sipped a cup. Should exist any effects as saying that it's not. It's his big shopping better no because though though we shot. Everyone I'm really what I was hitting it that this is happening in my own life and you're your doing that thing you do I don't I don't. Rice is this no player is all right I would admit I am number. One in your ways that we all should we are you so we go shopping day after relations in recent. Barbara Biden. No you don't pop. To. Worried all the some weird I go there oh there I so you think it's and it's my thought if I were better relations expert I would not specifically you just all man if you're better than her going out buying shoes and yet you helped mark her brain is doing it's a brain wave it's like and there's like a thing that happens you know like I study is. Rationalizations and spoon. You want to listen rumor no extra knots.