Slacker and Steve - OPP: Single Mom Starting to Date 10/6

Friday, October 6th


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I. Today's Hokies team needs some help from Moscow to get back doubting too yeah. New world my guess is she's back I'm here in the singles them I guess. Jackie's. Yeah I tell us what's going on maybe maybe we can help you look back out here Jacqui about you to know he did not react to her life story and. I can't sell Ali potentially. Contributing I your high school act it out very unique. And my when he Q and my final and you're happy. He's got an age where I can leave them on solid ground on her and you know go out but the thing is is it's contained wiring and I don't really have any ready because I had any. You know out of the pool with the pregnancy and able though like I didn't rain and all so including me I believe he. I declare a different or iron and I'll. Dilapidated. I didn't multiple well I have no idea. When he played like it might be and look at Nicole. In the dating world. In other words Jackie you don't know any other man but. That one you're you you haven't been with any other. I didn't and I like that on. On this so. You need help make your single mom trying Digg did you do once. And were you married guys. All of you are alone thought oh I'm sorry you had to kids get hurt and now you're he's completely out of the picture and what do what I'm okay how are we gave you. Back on the scene and cannot do you know the next question is and I know that. This is something their women and men have to do how many dates in before you dropped the bombshell that your mom. Scroll winced when you're dating is Tom I'm 62 she took her first day. Played you know an aunt and my good they are moderate. I mean how and lay law. You know Ali well I don't know what appear to know how to handle it I don't know where you're looking now like it's their situation doesn't aren't doing all you. Jacqui I don't know where does not suggest you don't do Molly and hit a rave we can't teach you from zero to six Mali and the hitter or. 42 year old didn't see Jacqui we can't take you from zero to sixty you're right you just said that we got to these things back in here I don't know how beyond. You have no friends that's there's nobody stood at our. Just go you know and you don't want a slight bright you don't wanna do that whole thing Satinder let's too fast let's guy so that grew. Like that they're really. You progress on our opening for LA LA and I would be one. That they're looking for deeper relationship here but LA still property like I don't know property needed and I certainly don't know how to meet anybody. I don't. Your lap and I met. In the groceries I don't know where we. I wouldn't know where to start at that generation what is what our it is swiping stuff for you 122 year old do you want somebody older you opened any thing I. Okay yeah I love I don't know wanted to younger to connect to other Libyan you know being a mom and I like 818 year old. Yeah I an open and age lion. OK I armed swim half year old son your 22. Really ease you back we got easier NN and we got ease the guys back to him because night. Most 22 year old women don't have a kid so they're gonna they're dating her going to your high. I like once in the ninth it's like I T yes I got to go home to my son there is that there's so you're gonna have to be up front I mean. Yeah I think I'm finally being at Trent I think there are at it like a local how I mean I don't you know I had yeah. Where I mean I. I don't need I don't like. I guess we're just and if we if we takes. Online dating and it's apps out of the picture here what does. Jackie have laughs I don't have any idea what that would be for them to did you write that. Even 300 no good. It's something we're just like a little hook up you know I mean. I don't mean I know you want your army was a kid you don't want you don't wanna bunch of one night stands right now you wanna sarcoma in my next. But she drove what is now and then just a day I don't think that's what she's into you wanna relationship right. I would like experience propagating in hopes that the results in her gracious. Proper data and you don't sound like you're 22 year old ya I mean but I get a few yeah you got it together he had. That's you did you guys mature faster than Aaron you're age I'm out. Well Jackie I mean more to try to find new hope and help from other. Promoter single moms is opening anymore advice on how to get back on the dating world period and we're all guys like now. What are the guise of her jets can data Tony's zero bro she can't. No twenty year old is ready for and a truck Jacki for Jim the next word for her baggage or here's your son is not baggage. But 22 year old boys. He's gonna treat you like you've got while an albatross around me. And and I can deal breaker for army like if you. Do and I'm not asking anyone to come in and got it and he played I am not and it's not bad at all is it just. You can yell fat nearly let time and I I'd rather not waste my. Bob. All right well armed. Hang tight and we're gonna try to find other single mommies who had to get back out there dome roof I like what she said the last that that. Her son's going to be the priority personally I love when I'm not her priority when she hasn't club records does that teach you lost a whole we're talking about her generation of guys who that's gonna hurt her I think because it. Like you said they just want to hook up with her no hitter but the package deal. All right well if you're a single mom especially young single mom and you've gotten back out there and you've got your feet wet your start in Dayton all that stuff. Jackie knees know how to. How to start weird and I. Wanna do the apps right. So is it the groceries or her search her kids there nobody gonna hit hundreds grocery store was standards and whether I don't think this is going to be tougher I think it's I don't know that -- Iranian Neitzel were begging you if you can help a single mom wants Tony to get back out on the dating scene and getting proper dates. We need your help Lindsay. I what do you think. I want the same I had my first and it's funny and I expect greater credit data about a year later. And I violated a whole year to get like my all the other opponent yet again. And and I guess. I mean I'll be your friend you know I'm twenty now I know that I know I don't I'll leave it greatly added I can't go to in the grade I even find older. You an idea good. OK okay so you found some media work. I don't lend but I knew how does Elena how I wanted to. No judge and you hear you know you're on soccer in SpinRite doesn't like this is the judgment we can judge anybody can as we got too much to be judged on is really our thanks so. Your happy right. Arrogant and it turned out great you know Brett. I don't go I'll anymore either you know I'm like entertainer earlier you heard he outran and author like how one night when the suspect. Add edit break. When you gotta get involved but I think the audience from the very beginning because my I would think about my body so it's very solid anyone else if you can't tell us that they need you categorically. Been busy soccer so it's uninteresting earlier how she needs to Kyra. Signed an older guy someone that's not her eight no 22 year old is going to be able to handle what she's got talent. Is. It yeah Abbott I ran and updating air poultry and let those in your older. Oh okay though because there. You're right the more established. Yeah do you have kids are but he got yeah apparently a child right. Years later we got there. While. Yeah you don't let let me. What I love about your stories sounds like you have your kid at the same age seemly so I think Jack he's probably here and you and realize and at the very least that there's hope for herself thanks for the call. Jordan. But he isn't. I think the mob I have the same problem like you I was into Denver without any brand kind of an adult world. And I was trying to like not getting nowhere to meet people I didn't have a friend that word that and it being so I. I'm my friend and a death that aren't my thing but I think that that you want something that's not an insult. I'm so you're looking for something serious long term you have had a peak and I just try to like immerse yourself any. My hobbies are finger passionate about it to go to the enjoy like the club. The and they had a need keep organically that way and then only if they get hanging out people like you always kind of. Put down like concert and party but the northeast they get what you need people and that's kind of my boyfriend and even get a. We just don't force it take you as it comes with so many it's so cliche but there's a reason basically should stop looking for it and know how do you do got to go target if you're never gonna find if you don't do anything different as you just come home stay in your house and teach every kid feel sorry it happened you gotta go. Figure out what turns you Warren and mentally fashion your dad and then the guy wolves. Hopefully. Be there thank you very culture is such awesome you Golar figuring this out Katie. I what do you think. Yeah he alert alert and clearly were barely continue what do you sand. Am might act a bit I mean I think the ongoing U. And I can add their mom or that air in the main kitchen and Paris. I it was that single mom and I had went and met my husband and now I didn't. Everything during another single mom and so. Okay. I don't if this sounds weird but are single mom groups they're not only pity parties are not latest. A women's syndrome going on I got carting you know you don't understand my support there uplifting they're not depressing or to lose the. At bat split I met and you know we've got our kids together and land on. And the play date that I can I get the movie like. Talk perfect all right takes you through because JD and I we got a guy in here and once you do the suggestions well from bricks. Yeah yeah as I. I was gonna say you're a local gym are just part of the change you can go to different areas. Beat a whole lot of new people you can be fresh. Smart oh did you get locked into one suburb yucky ms. Your child there and you know predict chair or for a while you're working out there healthy environment. As well as buddy I know you already have a trial. Wow Rick's it's now. Awesome I'm recently joined the gym and work out. I we have like three from mums on the phone offering up their sons as dates all so it's turning into way we were picked Jackson went from zero until Friday July. It was able card is full.