BJ & Jamie: Tom Petty tributes over weekend. 10/9

Monday, October 9th

Jason Aldean did a tribute to Tom Petty on Saturday Night Live and the Tom Petty fans went crazy. Jason was on stage when the shooting happened in Las Vegas and people say he had no right to sing that song and he also did a bad job. People are also upset because Jason declined to perform at a tribute concert in Las Vegas for the survivors of the shooting, the next day he played on SNL.  There was also a whole stadium that sang Won’t Back Down together.  


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Vijay and yeah. I just quickly mention this. Jason dean which I thought was great on SNL. That killer job well. It is this and sanitized. I'm you know it's funny to make and I posted about the student at that's fantastic going to be about like you know this peaceful. People make me crazy you know I I don't know what it is about that Alabama is now we'll see the listening to you vented at first I thought I was the weather didn't really do have some creepy friends. A well now that and then people drove me crazy doesn't like he gets slaughtered at. Donald Tom Petty thing and went to tell that word ache and then being in it was beautiful I thought it was fantastic to be like around I would he did to Tom patties means think that. Hard disk you're not an artist. It was Tom Petty. OK I mean I'm Betty did a great job he was a good artist you know what I am hurt Tom Eddie's name until he died for the past three years. You don't saying I've seen in the top paid people are going nuts over this stuff right so soon it posted on there and let him rest in peace and I've had a it's like to know he would be roll over in his grave face our country music artist. Doing his music this guy was on stage in Las Vegas when the shootings occur he ran from the stage. He barely got out alive. And did he lead it's gets on Saturday Night Live and he sings I won't back down. Are actually at Jim you better store for Jason in Atlanta in of people it was war. It's well now. It started with the president the USC. You know how this guy works into it I guess there was a big event in Vegas here's what I'm understated. In Vegas over the weekend. And a lot of the survivors that were at the concert originally were to be a part of this a celebration. Geez penalty was asked to perform. He declined. He gave a statement in declined. His statement was that because of the shooting seems to rattled by the shooting to perform and that he might not even perform live again. Okay the very next night he's on Saturday Night Live. So the main organizers along with the survivors. And are saying well wait a minute you'd just told us that you dug an apartment yet yet the very next night you go to New York Euro on SNL. On live television. And here we sit and we asked you to perform and you turned to stay out. That maybe. That's different and maybe he's having anxiety and friendly huge crowd maybe just performing in front of fifty people have been searched and you know blinded in all except maybe that that's a different venue for him and he doesn't have the anxiety. Furious and I know what I asked you what our thinking on the same line this year. It's a whole different environments in a studio. SNL the security advocates at the NBC studios are Rockefeller one of the two. And it's a big deal on security there and he felt comfortable in enclosed. In that environment. Rates and to go back outdoors again. At the same location we get later to be on and it. I get that maybe he should be explained it better to these people in Los Vegas but they open look pure ice in realized this guy this was a dramatic event. Can't say it was prey. Did you see the video of the 90000. People singing that song in Florida. I didn't I saw you posted it was amazing. For here you 90000. People at a Florida Gators football game. They rolled the same song I won't back down and they all sang god. What Jim lives. It was. Rocket those people were. Rocketed out. You know it's sad is that if I was that that Tampa Florida Gators and stadium if I think handling a part of let alone match that I don't really know the words. And had to leave him. And I'm just being honest yes I was a big Tom Petty thing and I just I don't know that I think immediately is a bit like. Man and I am. Again that. Blum acting out yeah that's all the city. I'm not sure can name another dump that he saw and besides that man bag that I am looking at the. That's the way I wouldn't I can't get let's see there's Herrera. There but that will back down yeah there's still a little better than I think you proved your point and a little bit but before but I doubt any I don't know money. The Tom Petty thing I mean it's vicious on non. If if you if you do anything that's anti topic which I mean there's a reason to the guys died but what Tom Petty fans have come out of the woodwork I tell. Over the weekend Liz weird is. Overcome can't let me determine. Sue them. None can beat her so I have a friend you guys and she anything herself. It. She anxiety. And she. She's kind of like I'm Shonn in a way where she doesn't she can't do anything about her husband you know because he's like her anxiety blanket does that make sense yes it does yet so she always has because she has such anxiety. So. We can't do evening that her husband. No way to me she she will do things with you. That's a good enough. I can't even get enough blanket she asked ever has. It's major because. Oh and then I said Timberlake we have good at this you know fared just our boys to see as a boy and pricing in too much instead. You've traveled by herself with Pete suddenly get an egg travel and what am I gonna do it just the governments don't like single mom. I'm not gonna add might not take my buddhism and began the don't have may end its. Well I don't understand. I I get that's. If you've been married for a long period of time she asked India yet if you didn't marry prolonged period of time he got into a groove he depended on this one person. And this person is there every time you turn around that I could see were the dependence is is also there. More so than the mostly. Like so I was like I asymmetric like in my weird that I had died travel with my son all alone it's like you yet kind of that's weird. Now knows what women would take their little boy to Australia or wherever it like that he'd be surprised like. Women do that don't match. It when he's supposed to do appears singled to set their. Give us and then she was kind of bitchy she goes. Will baby got hurt your problem like why you're single loan because you don't need a man maybe need one. It appeared urged her face. Don't think she's right and. I think he I think I mean I didn't need to somebody I don't know eat at the TV she said that's my problem I can pay CEO light at a problem. And that we can from I don't like I don't feel it and leave it. Someone who do you feel like you need to do. Certainly good news about who who. Yet he didn't really turned me. Right now do you eat it. Well I didn't see that guy that's story. And more on Alex I.