Slacker and Steve - OPP: Kids Think I’m a B**** 10/13

Friday, October 13th


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I. So I guess RO PP two days dealing with dad ever popular boomerang issue okay when the kids move back to multiple X. Why does that become popular after I had kids. My parents we was like red notice you're out of our house are you meet are right. How was like my eighteenth but anyway I just celebrations for now do your kids won't even leave the house and as good as it is stated clearly mean go aren't you'll be living here. And coming out. We wish section president. Processor speed and raise my Harris is that I'm going around with a man and apparently it's it's a little more serious and were making a sort stock to her amendment. Yeah I. Tell us about what's going on. Well that's because there are nineteen and one create. If I love them a great kid. There are those who living home. And I'm I'm I'm. I was an accident. Some years ago and I'm not able to work them my homeland is the only one you are telling working with kept current school would you agree I'm really glad they're getting educations were all totally in favor of that but I. I'm more I'm having a hard time. Getting the kids to understand. Definition of responsibility like they're leaving the TV's on all day even when they're not home or even late on my water bill on cue the groups and. Basically on the cover not just a giant DA in this situation because my husband. Always want to be the good guy for the kid he always has he's not a disciplinarian and he always. We don't see it hit some sugar you know like that that's just his role. Your entire enemies he's good don't go it's. Yeah I. I sort of feel like they should be getting jobs and contributing you know at its expensive I think for people living under one group and just. You know they're not quite grown up that area all not to work a little bit and contribute and yeah and it's not exactly. Fast times in the land. And she's. Really backing me on that good spree against one and I don't hammer him around. Our why is your husband up Matthew what's his site he he thinks that the two should not word want kids to be angry. At. I mean a look at the better side to nab you did your your lashing out in I understandably you feel like your. The salmon swimming upstream but he doesn't have anything. Anymore valid argument legacy are why why why can't they give jobs what white what's. What's his side of our. I can tell I really I'm not lashing out really as best I can tell wood popped up with a lot his argument comes down to very young. And I don't like it when they're here with me. Please let's talk today outs for a little bit and then come back is this boomerang situation of these stayed there all time this. They've got the twenty year old named after two and a half years I. Eighteen year old lived up six months you can read back home and like it at all. So wait so your husband just wants a little free load off review and and you want them to contribute. And might get jobs get out of the house what do you think estate estate if they would if they were working they couldn't. What I guess the Indian is if they finish school building about ten and if that's the case and I'm kind of imam husband's side because then it's like. It's their work in a job and try to credits may take less credits in Symbian for your degree or wholeness. Certain degree I'm so that was in getting that. He's only. So the goal would. Not gonna get full time job but I am I work while I was at least the light saw him while he was in college like. I think that they could and first of all contributed a household but it just being a little bit more responsible with Souter under the electricity needs by and conclude we're paying for all of bear fruit. And I don't think it's unreasonable to ask. Keep people who are over the age of eighteen if you work ten hours a week and contribute to the truth but it. Hookah I mean it works full time and I was yeah I've experienced broadcasting school full time job. OK so some. I got in I was one that was not get getting this right. So the kids his job is to take care of college get good grades and concentrate on our that's dads we can secure its focus should be. There's always tease him for me in trouble OK as long I don't know him favorably to. Either so good I just think the and you were also paying for their college. We cannot pay for everything while you know we're gonna have to retire someday and I have medical bills that are hot. That's right in the near conditions you okay I'm. While. So we're gonna try to Jason help I don't know what does help is gonna see you just feel like computers taken advantage and here's the deal now. How might have greens slightly oil sold to Larry I don't. And it sounds like your husband is is cool with them being that way as long as you're giving up on as long as you're the bad cop and he gets to be a hero you so. Well this might be my last chance to instill some meat and I. It's a component values in them and if that's important I they're great guys I really can't emphasize enough there once saw young well also it. We haven't painted and that as a picture for us today you Pena and I am so I know are wonderful takers themselves or yes there consumers. Are you on the I mean I was a jerk when I was nineteen I'm sure that but. I like you they do a little bet this is the forum I really need to she's still the mom yeah still trying to do you know mom I love. No I am trying to train them but I'm gonna yell articles do and how are your. I'm so close clarifying some sort of railroad car to put men and if you watch from ran out of town hang on Amanda didn't need groceries at Arizona and contribute and stopping responds I I think sticking hang on. She's right. How do you change it needs its if your partner Eileen you. And they're very at this age by now you'd expect them to have to get. The values in those I don't wanna be ready but when you would you tell them to go get a job they're gonna go what you get a job she's like I can't because of the accident and then there is just as soon as old. If you've got some disrespect to hold full bloom luring these type things and has what do you Heidi here. She is you know what to do you have to please stand up on she's fully ganged up on and she needs your help. He lost. Hi you guys he's thanks. All right so my story and I'm twenty years old I'm into my mom about the sixteen and made it back engineered the battle. Leaving a 16100 dollars at them to Lauren how it all between her and I accept that we pay Eden. Spreading every corner. We'd pay it didn't I contribute little Grotrian I even thought they're actually get by even their car for whatever reason and so not on daddy's side totally on mom's side especially with her having a nineteen year old and a 23 year old. They've been all but knocked out of jobs than they were thinking your goals like. If they're gonna get good grades in the insert career is shouldn't that be their focus they shouldn't really half the reason they move back home now they wouldn't have to get job I'll pay for. Don't even think that it is college in a decision. It's not something that every parent should expect from their child but at the child want to go to College Station Dave Cabrera college and it worked there waiter college. He's won a silver they don't that's not the world works now one gets the numbers don't. It's it's true thank you for the call caring and yes it sounds like you got yours yes and I screwed on correctly. And Katie. Knight who do you thinks. You know unfortunately. I feel RAQ. Trying to send anything bad. At what let me know what our game they're just to not tied to being able to get a job and taking a couple thousand but they don't start it all out. Don't know they're not going to be a particular eventually enrolled into the cellular Larry graduate college. Tell them colleagues is if I agree to go to college that means I get to slack for four more years yes it's like I don't have to get a job and it's like. My my parents when I was thirteen. And somebody offered me a job being in Gardiner at their motel they were like okay do it and then they they stop buying my closest and like really this is my crazy mad money no lights no this now where oh no no you make your money. Let us know we went we did and I was like what people now don't think like that brought you think my parents have to take care of me. Until I've proven beyond a reasonable doubt but I can take your myself. And so the longer write delay that I going to college and taken internships and do all the stuff. But then I don't have to secure myself kitty thank you for doing it on the parents for enabling the kids totally true yeah the kids beats. I was looking for a handout and I gave little if parents get a cure and that's what they gonna. All you so good but it's one against free Katie watching what can Amanda do. There aren't actually the mom and how foolish initiative how low light snow. That you weren't those capped peaks they need very good job to even. She and Clinton and it went you know and that would work in most houses because the husband would either she basically shut up. Horror banker wholeheartedly or Kirk and you know he's not he's actually going oh honey. Come on commodity we need to concentrate on their studies they they need those contexts yes. Sugars low. It what I do is he's signed up to have those kids that their Thomas forty and beyond I don't start doing something. It would take advantage of it killed. The Conte Maurice. You guys who do you thanks. On it you know what you want your kids go to school and you help monthly beach and I don't I can't. That's a sweet yeah we thought we want plates and agent now hair out you'll feel a little hole in the near. They don't their own company. All work the jobs they want one it's finishing up to be that doctor. Yarder to chemical engineering to pull it out there are worried. Each chip dare. And they need help. You're you're totally on dad's side like keep. For lack of better word Amanda didn't actually see is for Wrigley keep coddling them and eventually you'll chaos. I'm not even coddling know that they're getting their kinetic and get that air and that's the truth they all very good. I'm education very good engineering. Chemical actually. A doctor and one that works with animal pension plan accusing you its work ever changed out another one I don't his company and getting larger and larger. So. It was earlier in your chance it's yeah we know is that all on the comes you guys did very stable is the one about the exile while race still. Yeah I could you have a nice. Yet so I seem to bad you want and take responsibility. As well as you know helping out and I'm Hala not you know like I'm. Heat it eat condemn a bill every month bill one month one I don't have the water well at a month yet. Oh that's O. Yeah however you figure out how to pace for its own hero lenders are you at least one thing you're responsible for security and this time. Our goal embrace the idea down when the month gas spills like oh crap big ones coming up next month I got a leg to exact gonna say routed army charged against Phil and I see some way smaller in the house with the gasoline well. A this. That is a great idea like take more like data on our FaceBook needs.