Slacker and Steve - OPP: Whose Side Do I Choose 10/17

Tuesday, October 17th


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Staying on day. This is all those times where we're gonna do and OPP well with somebody who has caught the middle and when we're done so she. She's still an economist. Now I don't know that we're going to help smooth as all new but we can try candy. They are you there. Herb Pope who you are disguised and I know candies not your name yet so when you tell us what's going on. We can't module on. Monday was in the mind reliving it does bear arms. He's got laid off through your to have. My mother son. All you've been just aren't there something going through all lately. You know. If you meet these big girl law and I feel like I'm forced to have. Credit should use one side or the other bird could play devil's advocate I I don't know whether I'm tired of playing both quiet commute getting you enjoy it not not even my problem. Dating you in trouble always either your mom or your man mirror mirror. Paul. Should recruit our way overboard. I know you're trying to keep your identity is secret here and we're doing everything we can but can you give us any examples of such stupid stuff they're fighting over or. Likes is just sober living arrangement Stosur what is it. Don't think it will public mood. Toward walked arm era can make you know the morning. You'd be smarter than the other but more importantly create. A bit too little. There are always just normal kind of adjusting you regional Rudy Tennessee it's like in college when you meet your dorm mates for the first time getting you know. And and aren't they aren't they each literally. Asking you to late. Will you formally survivor like alliance with me are they saying like who cited yarn. Or L Barton not only so. We believe like. You know people pick remark he the other kind of both of them and that. On people who make their mark and it bothered me you know maybe you know are popular in conflict. A PU feature permanent withdrawal or unpopular minority here I can't I can't stand it anymore. You can't afford to move out. Nora Nora. You're living with your parents are under under under their graces so as an external H you have to take her side well tiger or is there are rules. Aren't Smart around anymore my you don't use very strict and stern and who you know everywhere who have been rumored group who you know. The Bill Clinton. Arms. I know you're probably going to say this either but who's this yes yeah it's probably we love more will. Hello who's normally right do you do you have a site or do you just not one even. Did emboldening in these arguments is your mom do you Teddy is your boyfriend Ian Kennedy or is it is a bolster loan depending on based upon. Our guy alone you know what that is you know if you say sexual tension and I watch you are in the brain I was just throw it OK Otis was it that you might want. We just have a simple TP quits she says she's Evan Ellis said it's like. Did your mom are doing very well it sounds like that's okay it does have an error isn't life just because it's and we hate each other from the tee and easy I wanted to eliminate that right are brought up yet there's no chance there's always an energy look I get that out votes didn't you're okay and your mom because because he wouldn't say the first humans he was handling question I mean you think the buyers are no chance to. It really the moon be a better mood today where it's easier to deploy were moms and ago guys this is a working out for any of us you need to leave. And green about 10-Q if you want to narrow and all the social ties him to break up with him. Lou while. If you're forced to choose would you leave with him or release him to Columbia. Who's that's a lot of silence right there. Wait let's do the same day or even. Search candy now. I get it into word I mean we've really Jerry and worse we just piled on you we are they try to make you choose between the two of them and that's a whole crux of your entire thing is true and where. God we are total diesel though. The bombs. All right so. Basically then you're looking for advice from other people who had to do that boomerang thing you know policy to take forever when you get along. Or for everyone to yes and not get along and have to who arms. Hang on candy yeah on decent advice. I am. I know you were chanting but there's a chance. It's pathetic that that's I mean assay albeit long shot when two people. It's I watched him with my own eyes I don't like I so hate damn in his ass and you do notice the opposite but let's pretend. Danny's mom is not sleeping with a voice yeah you're right do your son's. Tons of families and had to move back news with parents in mid to get by in this tension exists and there it's a power play it's now I have been her mom for her whole life you've been her boyfriend's from last year so. I'm gonna win and he's like jab. I'm her future can lure her past sins legally she's my wife is right so. What if how idea should he just. Just realize his place in just go geek duel with the program for a little while just appease the mom. You're there under their Griese is true okay I mean I'm with you it's it's it's but I don't think there's a lot of us. I don't know I'm I'm just assuming normal meals or whatever and I don't think there's a lot of people who. Who take it as like under your grace is that you have to let us thank you she's your daughter who receive you know what I mean so I'll. Our bottom line is candies moved back in with her boyfriend 'cause they can't afford a place. Boyfriend and mom not getting along and she's always in the middle that's a that's a Tug O war she doesn't wanna be there are so if you billionaire help her Alex Sarah. Yeah I what do you think. Well I look at illustrate that boyfriend here either watch you all are his others are fighting now father. And at bay hill or by an error I get back in the middle you know and between an agreement with the that they we're ready Eric that whole like dominant feature Eric. On it. You know race he won't need that believes he needed her anger trial a fair full circle she's gonna call it bringing her normally she had a sheep. I like she. And your mom because otherwise she's homeless house in the Moonie so. Pushing the whole economic ties with Al boyfriend being called bigger budgets escalate into Eric what they reached we. The rule on culture all at that they feel like I have to shoot eight or a little. YouTube will try to get a long trip back if your ability we have about that conversation at our house or at bat secure them. Well like all our. You're both adults here figured out Selanne at the and pat truly worried that they are we haven't had a problem. You still live in the triangle now. We Delray pilot each year on year from cancer felt like fat elite. You know keep it but we prepare you shout are you figure out. Wow you know. Sit don't have an adult conversation off the truth. Is communicating its peers are most so deep he is is it but that's what people come Oscars they're trying to avoid doing yeah. And grass I don't I don't want every adult conversation how to get out of the hole a slacker and boom there are. Eric you got to elect and he had his strip the NL in era and it's true and faithful church he is it a lot. And now. You've got thicker probably play from being you know kind of a crap that your mom your mom would panic that attacking early Chet why the next step below. Only one Tony you have myelin which is you can't Hillary Clinton is definitely not been getting better over. Name Sarah this this is indicative of what the press love relationships going to be like take you for the call Sarah we do appreciate it Shawna. Yeah yeah I what do you think. I think he needs. Two BE. Well you know and then respond very well there are back but he is not respecting his girlfriend the mother lemur which is. Imminent saying due to the fact that she is putting a whooped over its. Absolutely. Yeah well there she. Yet each each state broke out today she's still little waited exactly you have a job now you can another bad. Bothered. She needs to work are a lot chartered out signed a job. Yeah and get out and back down on your own this woman is doing you save herself and even if she's in the wrong in every single argument can still hold her under certain races in this. 00. This good for you thank you Sean means. That's the answer to how do you convince they do a delight there it is do you keep digging your heels Arizona's tough time you just being homeless is you what all you're always seeking your mom's so ride my mom is giving me a lot what are you you'll. Terrance. To ask you guys who you thinks. I don't know he heads has been and it's her without that he can't comment thinking OK your boyfriend actor Glenn and he knew weren't too hot to me that I feel really pinpoint how begin allowing her mom dad at and then you're me out but if you're gonna lose that. Messy hair and even then nothing bad he let us know and has been theme convocation at my. If he wanted to get back there and here's to happy air that appeared not only long pledge had any Hispanic a perfect but he accommodation with me. It only to complain about him you gotta keep it here. Old have you had to have that conversation yourself. I have not lip. A break and an amount that with a trip and my nomad and not. So cool that you just see you had to lay it out and then how. This guy I Levy about. And when you complain to me that carry it puts a lot of chat on our relationship that. And my first I end they eat it can't be that mean I guess parody and it all. Well your very mature gases beyond doctor yard my still freely as another radio shows 'cause I'm ER. We don't waive many years this is very good at the Betty sue over the college Deron had greeted by these incredible bias. Bottom line is you keep candy remove yourself makes. Tell too immature people there and and one of those oversized T shirts and settlement front line in the leg one T shirt to. Together mr. Forstmann and a leg sit there aren't talking and working out and you'll also know whether or not they're sleeping with one another as if they might get a dog ladies. You're in Stern's.