Slacker and Steve - OPP: Baby Bachelorette 2/29

Monday, February 29th

Bachelorette parties usually involve bar hopping, lots of alcohol, and even wild acts of rebellion. Today's ‪#‎OPP‬ is from Amy, a bachelorette whose friend wants to bring her 3 month old along for the entire evening. How would you handle this?

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Selector in Steve's son today. Yeah and bachelorette. In. It's just it's a good deeds are pretty big keeps like Spencer's gifts and error. Phallic shaped candy business and go wait yeah oxides. OK EI UN RA's site. You're in Steven getting married in my bachelorette party is a few days before. What are my bridesmaids recently just had a baby after having a lot of miscarriages. I'm very happy for her and her husband. She's going back to work for maternity leave the week of my wedding. She wants to attend all the events in May bachelorette party which is dinner cocktails and crafts and then bar hopping but bring her baby with us. He's about three months old so we've mostly sleeps but it is a bachelorette party. She's insisting she's she's since she's going back to working she'll be at work all day that she can't come attend without picking them up from daycare. Granted she is breastfeeding so why see your point but I have two kids just pump when I needed to be away from from them. She won't do that she also claims her child doesn't do good with her husband so her being a first time mom I feel like she's going a little bit overboard. I feel bad for asking her not to bring your baby but I mean it is a bachelorette party. There's that just killed revive some of the other bridesmaids are annoyed she's bringing him to. I need some advice I don't really know what to do and it's like a week away help. This is remaining. Tuesday is the that I forget. Non. Here while did you hold on what some DNY huh. That was such a slow go do know who was his close is okay. She canceled wedding day and at the end it's like so we would now own pride did decline laid claim to like. And we talked about Brady flew. Why did you Aires. Daily though. Yeah I did not know. You're right this is good today you throw the parties and appreciation for the everybody your bridal party right this is where that you know the bride to make sure your royals them here on Imus in that snow you guys are best friends. And you want her being erratic. We numeral this so PP. You. Am speaking to you I know it's you know it's like I'm I'm projecting on the death. You you took the time to write she's had a bunch of miscarriages. So. Even you understand how much is being mean store yeah you have to sit. You ask you do you do you think she's going overboard. Trying to have a right to go overboard when she lost a bunch of babies. But she's earned the right to to be a little bit muddy about it I have so I don't know I do we gotta tackle this from like three of the place is one. Bachelor parties can anybody breed kid could she bring your kids just the early soft and little. We were in trying to get her on the year but dot tour. End of the girl only wants to bring the baby to the dinner Oka and the crowd's noise and crass and she didn't go Barak and you know she's gonna go home. Was just a rumor that. Yeah exodus of women the two other stuffs both swore and then they hit the bar then they go clotting so I was gonna say. Yeah I can't she take part in the nine boo Z this woman doesn't want she just doesn't want the baby there for any of it she's like it's like you said it's my day. Okay and I don't wanna baby there she has to do bronze like I did that you know you're not. It's not a baby shower it's I'm getting married shower and herb bachelorette party yet he's. You'll wanna hear a baby via. Three month old babies. Well you're eating a crap out of the before you go it's gonna sleep the whole time yeah as you said most you can just leave this little seat carrier and you see this thing over his head news sends a borrow from the corner and I went. So I didn't say that's hard all okay but it just didn't. Overall maybe change table now Sony did go to the yeah. I don't know that we don't do it takes a village just with the the. I think I get and I think there's two ways we look at this we talked to other people. Who've been around Macs are parties and should the bride be a little bit more accommodating or is it another day and it's hurt it's it's per day. Is she cleaning the one who wrote to us so she's like. Join a right to demand is so we we want to tackle her problem will also wanna tackle the other problem. Is there one where you intervene on mom. Who's. Just she's the first time mom and she's just a hard place and she did lose she had a lot of mysterious Jim labor for you can place all right so easy. Did it does Amy have the right to hit her in the head with a baseball bat of each one night off from your kid he's gonna love it. But if you looked at bat in the way they like. Did it tonight and and. It's not. As you say the other bridesmaid Zarko will be annoyed as well you care early but this is her best friend in you do everything you to accommodate your best friend. To have her in your wedding you memory you're saying yeah I named Bryce is at -- they do give a little with the compromise on some stuff this. Jail I think that's what makes you so. To have their best easy out but this is where your best she's bad she's asked for and kind of what it's like you said do there's there's a ceremony the actual wedding in this is just that. Party. You would still this studio shoot you with your best scene is not coming please I can see you do one or you've always dreamed of your wedding day and you've probably dreamed a little bit of fuel. On your bachelorette party Arabs wouldn't dream of did you did you want him anymore that's other questioner when asked if I'd. Would you and I drank for a living when you go to events are a lot so the idea of Jeannie on a bus or doing something and when my friends in my cabinet gold from Bart Bart thanks literary and there's jobs in dude I feel now there's going to be a shot he's. Tenet everyone was designed. I feel bad when I bachelorette party comes into easy you have to leave the best are through the feels like cancer strange yeah I do says he India. We can't British cranked up high tech that's okay so again we're we're asking several questions to Kenya and a right to show discriminate she doesn't want a baby at a bachelor party. So does that can she can and incest and zest. And girls is not comment and in this your best friend and you know your best friends history she's had a bunch of missed hers she's finally hasn't so much so you wrote it you know. Asks so you know that this baby means a lot tour so. Help Amy get her friend the way she wants it or help me detainees friend if you if you can help get our first time mom. Over that hump and feeling better about all I believe that's hard we're just looking in the duke. Bachelorette party with a baby or is that just totally off limits caffeine. Are you guys but he isn't. I think she is concerned about how much attention abated any yet. Oh it's serious attention on her my god I hate to you guys at the bachelorette trysts. It takes. I easier for our hardest Spain. And she looked got to try to reach down and can handle you a different matter come. With some TV intentions I often know it's her day and she wants everybody to be like she wants to Wear the veil when they want to through at the door of each. Restaurant or bar anywhere they go every the room stops. I'm sorry the room stops even faster for three month old baby just even like gone. At the now why do you see the mommy's going overboard. Or is this is it justified because there miscarriages and stuff. I don't think should I know reporter all because. I remember how Iowa for my first kid and I barely left out. Every Mamas get training and now their mom go to movie didn't do every. Can you see it's a good mom would take a three month old child into a booze GM just. Years all this talk to crown season do you like this on Robson always just it's your lights on Saturday and bracelets and drinking wine it's not a light. PI is not always hear how. And really. Grinder and even the Chinese throwing stars or not. Not bad now since Lou do you utilize our adds a lot of confidence even though actually maybe it's pretty serious I always tiger bachelorette she still may go. Did you two talk sort of and it's maybe it's hard to quit not talk to crafts. Not so my gods of the reasons now it's up for humanity. And it's a clear my skill so I'm here that they've really go either way yeah. Sarah. Yeah I he's what do you think's. And I think that that's actually intervene. I think station actions speak meant that aren't because that's going to be actually a part of that and meet. And stationed just can not even mother child doesn't. I can you gonna call you G Osi gonna get used and are. I'm very Chile desk and have to learn how to be with a child by itself so far he has a summer is just you guys actually you're right Sarah but. I hate my wife had a miscarriage. And the baby that was born after a miscarriage. Was all bets are off man you change because. Thank god thank god you hear it like you lived in your steering yea and it's like TJ coming in though. I think he should regulate your friends and old navy but it's it's a tough. Europe Friday he eventually needs to have that the united that it these and it's I'm sorry I'm so focused on miscarriages but. We only had one. And it messed tossup for this woman to have had a girlfriend calls us in many a lot of business and I don't know anybody has but it. We're all concerned about the rights of a woman who wants to go do shots before she gets married but as opposed to the rights of a woman who writes you just wants to be with her diva I sympathize with that with that woman because she's trying to make her best friend happy the bride to be by showing up to the stuff I'm sort of come. Yeah I don't remember AJ but I got this kid now over here trying to close this is superimposed MySpace and grand scheme of things which thing is important her baby to her. Yeah now. You want on divided attention while painting a flower and do when shots are strange guys chat. Makes. In my I mean right sure I mean I know your Ryan your suggestion. Is amazing but don't you think if we if we can't find. A solution. Didn't. Seen the need these types. Many cards with actual and back brattle solid and look at that and does not guard and compromise and to not go our arch and anxious. Aaron. Yeah I NRA maybe you should make a compromise. I think actual bright and maybe she should condom I she's got the whole year and she does but shouldn't have and that's. I do know what makes me crazy is brides and expect to their friends to blow all those of lost days for showers planning showers. Wedding planning my old high party sometimes it's a region in Vegas and it's like fern ridge he and I'm your friend not your sling newsdesk good points while. You can't. And I haven't been married yet so I don't know any other. Don't do it. It's a terrible you'll turn into a total beast trust million dollars us into her car Sarah. 280. Yeah I breeze thanks. I think she should letter friend bring your baby it's specially issued only gonna save for the first portion of her. Bachelorette party anyway I feel like the bachelorette party doesn't start until you're going to the club anyways I don't see what the problem is to bring her child whether. You're right I mean Blake but if you don't it's just more of those things where. Ever did that night where you get a baby sitter. And your friends' latest actors I've done this to people before like our friends friends of mine got to babysit we told we are mean and for dinner. And it was a miscommunication. So they got a baby sitter and they came to the restaurant as a team watching any realized he was my wife and I and our two kids and it was like. Oh. Just changes. The conversation it changes the dynamic and Euro PP Ryder. I think when late though he was talked to talk to her she's like. I don't have to watch my now also in whatever it's like it's a three month old you can save you a sort of mess sergeant picked it up yeah but it is still just. You wanna beef fat. So how old person around they just don't just change is it and we need is if someone is down one person brings a baby you're right. You ruin my party. Plus there was no pretension of the baby and nuts that's best known as rice theories that's that could be yet. It's about you think maybe she's afraid of people paying too much attention and maybe. Could be I think she's being view might this is my day it is not about me I think even the whole thing is being foul. Maybe not gonna pick up on that to be in it and it's more or less the bridal showers though they're having dinner I mean you really enemy. Cutting up with Norman being Garrity when you're having dinner and oppose you when you're at the caught getting way it. So bring that may be really and wine around the baby it doesn't hurt anything okay I mean I'm we took our kids like I I told you like weeks. Second we do you know we don't we went our favorite sushi restaurant with a kid on a booster seat upside down still it's little like ten detained. For hours dress and then who bird home and then we had comfortable waiting for is a mean it's perfect you can make it work you can't make it work it's the bride disconnect I think. And so did you really common when I know a lot of people on FaceBook or going the other way of saying the baby momma needs to make it work I don't think so. Yeah I just I don't like people I just. I'm sorry I her bridal what are you doing that spectacular you're bright you're gaining notice yeah you'll just horror. That's all these IQ do you. Want me I don't think the bush what are your morals. These attacks that he could just tell you always say when we celebrate birthdays and what did you do on your birthday. You did enough good things he's. Did you hear today. Mom is alive very this is something truly deserving or he's survived another year or this guy nobody since this isn't he did not save. I'm really in a bad mood today Josh. Yes. When you think. So I actually in the father the kid of eighty and I know all the bridesmaids and it it's one last night of freedom before you get married like when I got married I loved my bachelor party are. And when they bring if you bring a baby it kind of just takes away from Matt. So you you're the dad of the baby in question urine or you're marrying Amy. No I'm actually bothered Amy kid but I am not marrying Amy Alltel use other names to its house so I and you happen to be listening you know the whole story. Our briefly yes okay so so you're saying but after do you nerd Josh had to add. Crafts and cocktails is a baby really you know blow I did it when you're snapping the whale tail somebody in shop and one dollar bills in their special place for us. The baby but having dinner and it and painting something is it is MTV really ruin it. You know I mean no but at the same time it's kind of just like it's supposed to be. Brandon and I haven't I mean like when we went where her friend's bachelor or bachelorette party we had leave archived at home. So I think it was dinner and stuff prayers and and we ran ads aren't quite at least suddenly begins at home. For me if you like that reminder of what I'm getting into in the next symptom or impending crises media that's why these other one that's I don't know I and I remarried somebody raises. Cookie I just well it's looking like most people have said yeah mom. And it's not gonna happen but let's get we gotta get trees in your trees. Hot hot hot. Clara and also was sentenced. What do you think is a baby coming or not. The may be accommodating. More classy. She kinda yeah and she realized very quickly that you probably didn't make their decision by bringing it to be littler and world even as they sort of going to be sleeping consumer thought and conversation at Federer attacks. And as far as you know her history of our difficulty getting pregnant. That's took her to share that Jerry with the other girls that are there are saying out. And I realize that Bob Byrd. She might you know I think can be a good learning moments. Of the name. The bottom line being a mom trumps being a bachelorette. He well I know that's not practice it urinate lemmings. Is it absolutely street. You're sorry Dustin now they're doing body shots off of the strippers belly is not as important as this mom who's connected to her baby she lost a few she if she wants if she can't put a baby down. She can either bow by any means you have to go with eight or Amy you have to be called the baby but you cannot force a mom to not bring your baby somewhere you can't. Totally agree totally agree. I think she should bring I think Paris French a lot of bring or maybe just knowing in the back of her mind that it could be a good moment for them out realize it was a bad idea on her aunt. And then she won't bring your anymore but let her do it on the front. Lol thank you for the cause trees this is the bachelorette. Sorry. Sort of funky stripper part where you and I show up and Paolo says it's not if you still wanna give this advice on this line reach out on FaceBook FaceBook dot com slash slacker and Steve seance.