Slacker and Steve - OPP: I Posted #MeToo 10/25

Wednesday, October 25th


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I. To a guy then no PP here that's about some of well obviously one of the big. Trending things out there in the universe that hash tag be too which once again. Every woman that displays that she's saying that somewhere in her life. Someone has. And sexually advanced on her right yes and had a sexual would not yes assault. Right yeah so cut so arms. That's the subject here and candy is going to tell us how it affects her life. And because it's so personal and whatnot she's asked to beat these guys and obviously candy is not her name so candy. And I. Thank you for current. We know this is kind of a big personal thing so what what's going on. Yeah so. You know about how contact me through their nuclear. Been going around there in the problem. So yeah hot button here who are Wimbledon you know how awhile ago Adam Miller I kind of you know go with oh my own and whatever and kind of moved on. Well I thought it because I wanted to ensure women were currently going through it order. Are you know that haven't been able to talk to anybody. Armed I was with spam and supporting it and not let them know what they're going. Arm for the my point where my current boyfriend far in. He'd do you shoot. You've been very concerned parent. Keep asking me questions and like you can kind of like look the guy I'm gonna go eat about. Palm. Well I you know being. The three point that critics. I am trying to be like to know if it over can we do Mubarak and Adam. I don't need to talk about a few out of my pocket outwit you know girlfriend would have been properly and then you know and certainly as an Atlantic. We would've wanted to know and invited them you know what can I tell him to kind of get them too well. I'm talking about it and then now we'll leave either you know could umpire in. Tom. Soul the source he ever heard of something bad happening to you. Was Sarah social media posts but you never you never told him anything you just. You just put passion I need to out there and you you get how that would make somebody feel right. Think human spirit that was posted this to a couple share everything in. Immediate steps to personal I didn't get a yacht that's you don't have to divulge everybody's gonna divulge everybody that. Do the whole thing the whole thing about perhaps I think you're thing is that bad. We didn't like what month multiple women have gone through their errands. If you can not something that we talk about the people because reviewed or push our owner but I never thought about him. People either don't think we both words are like oh that what about and kind of unique nothing out of this. And so I think I've just learned and unfortunately that way. It's not a proper got to put up I don't need to speak up there with my boyfriend. Would you announce to the world well that's that's where I don't know could. You you did you call everybody sort. Support for my fellow female. If what I am doing. Right. I just I am I I don't want but so now we live in this world where I don't want to press you on this because. It's your own personal thing but if I were your boyfriend I iced. I I don't wanna say he's right but it I would be hurt too because this site. I get it if you don't tell anybody in the end and whatever but if you're gonna tell the world shouldn't you have pulled me aside first and said. Paid this even if you don't wanna double somebody just Columbia like my god I'm gonna I. I'm about to Hashemi to end my age is who's gonna reflect bad on your current boyfriend who's the world gonna think that he's responsible for those. That's one option. Mean at least he wasn't a reason you need to write you have to weigh in your photos and Danielle put every woman that told us that releasing some Werner pass she's been sexually assaulted. I teed that is the guy you're with right now is doing it's that's the way I see that yeah. So yeah. We've got to commute Edward Darden don't under there and felt like. You know if it most of them women have been brought current. Thrown yes we can put out a lot of its requirement that's happening right now if it were happening I feel like women are a little bit more comfortable you feel like no do get out of my life. Either I think it's either promote my girlfriend but I thought you. You're very wise. In the top ten years ago when their power or a couple months ago or whatever it's not a code in Spain and blood that are permanent. They leave my friend like dirt dirt getting the support that they need. Sooner than the whole Finland just to show people how many people have been a ball that. Rice and uncles and I will now sooner they wanted to reported a way. Are there the pulpit pretty well as a whole point is. Hey guys look at you were put bigger people how many are starting Q well I think if. I don't I don't eruption even so now we're back to. Your boyfriend wants to go beat the crap out of this guy from your past how do we get him off of his last time we get. You guys are sixers are any somebody's touch somebody I love and we go through I wanna I wanna at least know who they are. And no serious position of authority and topple them I wanna you know. Harvey Weinstein is getting exactly. You know he's not just he's still he's not getting when he deserves he deserves much worse actually is like he's still innocent till proven he'll write your your boyfriend wants to topple this isn't right Sandra. No matter what right now I don't know I don't know how I couldn't let communicate either without like completely sharing my entire story. Or earth. What not like how I can get them to know that I hope they met at the milky situation and respect him and hand. And then you know protection of Meehan and who worry of local machine. But I don't know how to avoid that without being like. Our prime you're involved in these you know. Right so and so just saying it's it's that's just it's something does its mind and just saying it's not your view on this is not your bit in your business but in a nice way same kind of in your business and just because your together now. Does that make him automatically his business. Pay. Well. That's that's that's the real thing thank it's just the true answer is no it's not his business but like if you. If you get in a relationship like I shared my dirt. With my Weis likes the stuff that I haven't told anybody else as you just that's what bringing a life together if you just boyfriend girlfriend. And you're not sure he's the one they knew he has every right to like not know he doesn't have any right to know I guess veterans say that I just don't. Where ha I don't know what I mean I know there are what this sucks but it should show because there is. I mean I see me choose from people that I know and I wanna go to go real weak but I don't want to and I. It's not it's in my business is just like they put out there and it is but it is and I'm not eating any of that. You rightly so if someone puts something out on social media to blasted it to the world to announce some in the world it's still a private thing and it's still not the business of certain this is funny you say that you glass and into millions of people but it still private. Yeah about ten or in my heart I'm gonna do if you got it's easy to confuse. Yes. I do not giving it to somebody quote that's saying a play. You know go pick her breed. I hadn't YouTube does not mean that we wanna talk about it if you do not apt when questioned about it but the book local pool they're really needed to to make everybody aware. How is symbolically as well yes yeah. And 04 under there my boyfriend and third. Wright and Aaron burning fuel. Yet Blake gets about a fifth guy here you know whatever. Prize Arnold's. I don't know how to talking about it with arrow. You know hurting feeling better and oh yeah. It's ready to use some help just I know there's other people and I don't see any I don't know how many people are gonna wanna talk about it right but it. If you wanna try to get TV some advice she posted. Past techniques you never mentioned it to her boyfriend and all and now she's like you are with the rest of the world right and tell me who was I wanna do some about it she's like no. Report it was a husband that might deal little steeper as opposed to a might do but it still went. Just stiff as a board bristles say it's none of his business even if it does 1% of his business focus we saw us. But it's just hours to tell your boyfriend is it's none of his business is is just between me and it's a conversation killer though likes it thank you posted. You said. I am this traumatic childhood thing that happened me. I'm never gonna tell you why did you bring it out. Scene or back it's a conversation Joseph six or go all I'm somebody loves you who wants to help you through things and and you're just. You're you're giving me headlining knowing you'll never get to know the rest that's. Yeah conversation killer and it could be a relationship killer but it's still as you said we sold already its none in his business while so you can help TNT. We would love your advice Jessica. Yeah I'd cut arm or what do you think. Hope you are someone who are crucially they include virtual polls are contrary is our our our recruits who he. And then Omar husband or any Warren Intel. We think you're married with my confidence blow who are you ready. I'm not even die you know trauma care and who can walk and now. Your your brain trying to cope with the trauma and from garden Europe or didn't allow you to. Okay. Well. Would you tell candy and I mean this hurt me and have any. Right to this information. I'd say here Derek only understand why you'd be concurrent with the woman who are. I'm I think it's very important per people who work survivor on the to beat the corn ball or anyone else but we're them oh when you already. Armor I don't think it's so they took her all you are pretty neat being familiar are you. I understand what you come from working very very. Wanted to share. With other women that you've been through it. She's not a drinker we will Brady could talk through eco. Okay that's where I was getting confused and hung up on is that aspect but that idea I don't wanna make you Jessica who's been through this. You'll any worse but she didn't just share with other women she shared it with the work every morning. Women who are in her parents her followers her coworkers she shared with everyone and as somebody who. You. I would I would want you. You know to share. Even the hash tag me to just say just say look we put this on social media tell me. Sixteen seconds before you do it but don't tell the world before you told me. That's. I can't not get that other thing aren't you worried that other people how to worry over. What happened you. OK. Okay how ordinary how they're right. Urge you to this article. Who you're sharing work when you're sharing with them. They don't it's just I think generally you just. You have to you have to understand that it hurts it's a relationship conversation killer. The U center myself more comfortable to telling world grand ams on FaceBook and I didn't tell you lay in bed next to you or. At a dinner or in front of the fireplace where sites where you pay in recent past and I want you know that that's happening who don't want to share with you what happened. But I want you to know that when I'm ready. Alitalia third us. And I don't agree with I think for example eat cucumber insurance exchange. Do you think about it and trying to put a little bit block all. Or do you think there when she's ready and when my apartment ready to go to you could tell him you know I didn't quote there. Affect your feelings. Or hurt your feelings and partly your feelings got hurt we always refused. Just something that I read and write a hybrid thinking differently about it. Thank you know call we do procedures. You know it with this her man's guns and I just I realize it until I do it all the time. He made he took something happened to her and he's making an attempt what they're saying on text here that's its. Do you say I'm sorry did any about you right eating consciously intentionally do that he was just acting out emotionally mature right. It snack isn't about him to do so did exit Jenna. Hi guys who I am a talent. I am even if it's just that clip sent Kirsch and there's that trust factor that in between parent and signal within its aid doesn't talent. While. I. I think it would be terrible reason and a relationship but I did he he's feeling hurt. That she couldn't share a yankees. And they even caught he's internal rising something the that's not his but at the same time it say. I mean it's sad you feel more comfortable anonymously writings not anonymously right. Say something everybody then can you do to me it's it's tough Jesse. I he's. Armed and I'm kind of or one that I Kirk you I'm not err I mean I need. Have bed bath. And being urged wealthier and Erie only her guilt however when the did happen to it we're not eerie angle and I know me. Got it you know Kurt and I'll kill it out without him about that. He was of course add much tribal act and he is you know what. And do what I kind of tactic how and why it. Look out on a community content com purple. Or my own I'll open not outlet app and you how happy loop as well. See you at Scott and yeah it could be at an understanding. And you know back here cooling their jets and Atlanta and I. If you can. Link. I don't finally at point if you. Act in Germany and Acker it. That you're in Charlotte I was older I tell you. Wow. That is. That is probably the Lal. And you know what. Even still at that point he would still angry at her I thought. Are you well this is something you elaborate Mac app and I. Look at you know and that's where she they'll let you know I teach you how are you what their brain you know. Remember I had to take that and I'm from what I would bring Leo so if you're out a way. Should be OK with it and Ernie and because they're not on. Every channel I tell you about it because it's not really. They're actually saying out loud it'd re while. Cassie Jesse honestly I appreciate your insight and wow ons. This is how super hot button and it if you dare you can go to our FaceBook page pretty hot over there it sounds. Please try this is a super serious women's issue just did each others the respect that both victims. And it's. Outsiders please let's have a healthy discussion about hash tag me too on the slacker in Steve FaceBook page.