Slacker and Steve - Cultural Appropriation Costumes 10/25

Wednesday, October 25th


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Selector and Steve. The moment since I commencement of the amiss insult. I think we got to see your something out this I don't wanna be captain bring down here but there is. Halloween is not very far away and we're now being told redbook. These two words drive me so crazy and maybe as a white male. I do I just don't get it. I'm sure hunt what actually. Start over as a white male I'm positive I don't get Oca. But I have friends who are from Hawaii them they're Japanese and they're from Hawaii nice bomb. I don't think they would have a problem with. What people haven't Reynolds riddle magazine is saying I didn't. White girls cannot dress as marijuana for Halloween. Mon none moon. You know I have tried Mo Nunn on Mon. I don't know if she's a new character. Mon I don't what ever we know we're talking about one of tough CD. I know he's got logos are I think my kids didn't even finish in the united coming out of watch a movie a thousand times amass Boca your daughter. A beautiful little less four year old student. Plus more loves her to death would she dress is Mona absolutely. In the end what's wrong you racist pig. You don't understand according redbook you don't understand. What it's like to BMO wanna. You don't yet the Streisand tomorrow wonders of the world saw Pocahontas. Of the world. Pocahontas who spoke contest site poke at them who you don't know. So. For you to appropriate. Their culture. And dress. As that character. Is rude and insensitive. According to redbook in Boca according to people the police who say. What is. Insensitive and what is not. In so this is the moment where we're going to ask you. Whether you're Hawaiian. Samoan. White. Suit little white girls. Dress. As I'm I don't know why I'm talking socially it's because I'm so I am holding back danger Tim little white girls dress. As the one up more wanna poke most concern and can you help Steve turn around some of the characters soon. This this is. Commitment and what's he on T on. What was he on an emotional scene am having. T none of the princess in the fraud we Asians African while she's black yes and there to include her you can you're not allowed to why you can't dress like her majesty your until I just got to get on SO buster to hit second most. If we really want everybody if we go to this all to be a big melting pot and we all want to we we what we don't wanna see color. And shouldn't. Little girls looking up to more wanna be a good things wouldn't it be or do you saying. Little white girl you're different and Mauna and so you're not allowed to be like her and she's like I don't see the difference she was a little girl who saved the islands. I'm a little girl. Is it a little white girl I did the size. As she Yana or as more wanna. That's a good things don't go oh I can never dresses her because she doesn't look like me. But the people who know. You are different race you can steal my car isn't that. Perpetuating the whole thing we're trying to stop in my crazy. Noisy dog that makes perfect sense I get. I don't what is first heard it might somebody. Got in trouble it was like a car dashing and somebody and god knows I don't hear about them but she had corn Rosen. Armor that. It was like oh my god culture appropriations zinc all of there a cultural or he owned that hairstyle unknown else ought to know that. And I'll be facetious no. That's that's a black person things specifically yes and if any other race yes it's a corn row or braids her hair though that's certainly been your your disrespect Oca. I but I don't edit I am not trying to be ignorant and I'm not trying to be incessant. As a white person asked if I say that I might be shooting ourselves in the foot by eight by saying. But I don't get it but I don't get it. Well good question. So then whose jobs are your your jobs of current to sit your seven year old down and explain this whole cultural appropriation. And limits in the conversation the seven year old daughter's gonna go. So get candy right. Alley I. I saw it he had me encourage your children to take a step back and realize there are a wash and privileges. That's a real small one is NT on as of the world will likely never see because our world is full of racist. Eight holes OK so when you're taking hormone wanna core customer wait ask you leasing these words in the shall understand right. Okay and then you pull aside in the cost him store it and say. These are the white girls you're allowed to pretend being while. I. Is I can't tell you how much that makes my blood boil it it's the most ridiculous so then you don't hold why in girl dress up Noah battle. No I. Sure nobody can because her probation just when that I well it's both what British ex. Is it princess my little girl wants to be. Real. That's finish appropriation shocks that Jordan. How was the dumbest thing I think I don't I don't like seeing things are down that's down well. Tee is up first Haiti. Hi guys. Oh I'm so old that I am with you on the flatly yelling in my your will all kinds. Not act people with speed. Oh my god I'm so angry right now it is our argue why. I am not a lot of new and wanna haired blue light white skinned girl he's above. That means you don't understand though we don't. I'm not trying to be cool and let you know I don't like you can't make an argument to Jordy haven't linked them. Number no no no you're my argument. Number one. Halloween. It'd I did a 100% of the time. Black hole. Like you are somebody else you may be a need that you are someone else eat brother and it cost them I'm sorry I don't know any little boy there are well why did they get it for about that that's not a lot. Extra. Second of all. Do you feel leash start trading at all or you can't do get credit not part of door culture. That's the moment that we perpetuate stereotypes that we perpetuate racism that we make it OK QB rate that. Yeah I heard it if you actually want to continue that argument. The way you Buick if by educating your kids about that culture. Mac and Q and Japanese children and teach them about that she ceremony if they wanted to be a good shot. Teach them about the history of the Hawaiian Islands and there no apology and careful eat and what they're people have gone through if they spoke. You more educate your child about COLT jerk. Don't let them blindly continue to perpetuate the stereotypes that are society want to impose on them. Those who is eager booster Purcell talk about Halloween. Good call yeah we got some Hawaiian people almost all okay critics like. Real or talk to they're not allowed religiously super girl and if you're Hawaiian no she wasn't a lion but they're not appropriating a cosponsor or normal. Looking woman who don't want argument which great reporting let me say this. To the other side than to be the devil's advocate oh so. You're gonna dress shop like small one today so you just can't pretend to be core Hawaiian girl for its debt and that's wrong. Actually read books argument you don't get to pretend for a little bit. You're either. Dressed up and Halloween costume. Or you're not asleep TNT ready. Our news. Yet yeah I guys you are. From what I am native Hawaiian can and I totally agree wit that backed the yes. Anyone should be able to Wear whatever costume and aged. He left making a big deal big tires there YE. That's like saying that only white people get dressed up like that chick from broken and how old Rick Ankiel list that. Speed up its armed. I guess you're allowed to say it because you are co Y Campbell. Out. Mean and anyone want to dress up like marijuana sold for it if you wanna learn normal course or how the United States. Dole well I eat goat or. Maha oh yeah asks if you're content. I need your constant say how nominee told me I too buys a simple thing that you had come honeydew. Should I not. At all. I don't like these two little girls who are gonna need dressing. You know we're not thinking about cultural code and there'd be a dollar. How should Howell you know she's a strong determined you know beautiful young threat and they wanted to beat. Do you like her there not be about how she told why pinch. Do you about how she did a pertinent knowledge he would like you know determined did you lobby and change how appreciated. That all of these kind of things are not looking I heard they gained. All I wanna be OY increase at thirty hour I want a beach like how she ended up purse. Edit. Erin redbook wants us to see her not as a hero. Not as a princess. But as her race. SARS yet they want us to see that above every her accomplishments don't matter. Her race is really no. And you know that. Do you people know that you gotta tell your daughters this now to don't don't pay attention to somebody who succeeded in life. If there are different racing you you can't look up to them you can't admire them and you can't. Emulate them because. Insulating them would be stealing their culture and no one of the big. It's beyond sad thank you for the call big popular costume not only wonder woman's going to be super girl. Yes but she's from Krypton and no one else's you know I swear I see anybody last year. Yeah. Johnstone these suck. Yeah yeah. I'm only start this theme in our little complicated and meet because I am Y eight to. Would be why isn't gone yet but I'm completely Latina. It's so why would I do or what I'm like I don't expect the you know turn all of I always do it she do you monitor at. Or she is now I have to tell you know. You ask you have to explain the whole cultural appropriation. Things to work through a man. The Isa. Not allowed to talk about white people because I am Latina but I look quite it's a very complicated. Show us you can read book I don't know where you could cripple. Were hurting redbook suddenly they. I hope we're hurting them this view is so the opposite of what they thought they were going mom they thought they were trying to bring us all together and it's like you're the one drawn money while. Sarah. Yeah I nice. So my account black house why it would affectionate you spoke to shop oh my gosh. How identical white typical black holes can't can you curly hair. You'll be decided he didn't wanna be tabloids yet I didn't want to be cleaned up at home who do I needed talent he can't carry around that story. And bolster Robert Downey junior and Don Cheadle have played a has been in the iron man's suit so I think that's the only appropriate thing that they need to do this is the only costume that bolster. Black people there and white knuckle gin winner wallow police officer that that works as well okay we have to take our kids in in the window that we don't we don't know Gagne you have got a he's got test does real cops in Ontario I'll talk with the Sierra we feel freely ask you say god. This end we sort of this a trick or treat right.