Slacker and Steve - Hit With My Car 10/26

Thursday, October 26th


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Selector in Steve's son today. Yeah you don't know typically I Don T bad and it's there's no doubt about when you when your car you are there's this story this in the news right now this this person. We see strong. He says that's the only expert bright she slammed she fell asleep in in her car in Pasadena. Goodwill story can you say slam into the store would mean late. She's hit the front of the store all Knoll she's close is he GMT all the ways it until the store now the owner Jack you are. Jaguar into. How many. Taurus or so to me in that picture that I saw it was so mentally sitting before a judge well. I always seemed yes no answer jaguar. Jack you are. I don't know Ian was saying it won't affect its. The I think car company actually calls it the way that the ensuing you do jaguar yes OK we would do quoted the judge you'll I was just gonna say you have to like whisper it when you say it is. Sure. Jeff Glock took when you crashed to really good windstorm I won't do we need to enjoy a lot. X. She ate it up among the racks of clothing inside a building shot clock at no one was injured in the collision. On the and then when she got out like she got out of her car. And donated a copy. Maker Sheraton brand new mr. coffee machine all my car that's why she went to the good Wilson she didn't know later. I don't think she was planning on doing and you don't interject you are instead take my job you hard park to hear a million truly haven't. Do McAleese. You know a good well you know immediately can be there are certain days were like. It's kind of intensity and all I know right it's it's an amazing to her church are already a dollar 99 when we did that right. I dress you for ten months you dress me for embarks I don't banged up. I spent like well. I like six house to draw blue the blue items shock July. All anybody else find it ironic she fell asleep behind the wheel going to donate a coffeemaker. That is really what she was going I just wasn't going to do that I don't think oh that was her room is achieved 37 AM she wasn't going net right Jim I. Yes I think she probably had a coffeemaker in her car. She trashed and she's like I script restore at least I can do is in your coffeemaker that was I feel like it was her tennis ball Erica here's your cure rig what are your views from your current and. Let's see what's now what. You saw your car and I always so same story and you were with me we read a story events I parked my truck. In a parking lot and then we came back out after the sporting event that some Joseph Mo had parked his car between the lanes of cars so knowing that there's ten cars couldn't back up because this guy would sit in their that you remember that. Like a parking lot attendant told him parked there no doubt it's got no well yes there is no more spaces left who he made his own space home trying to get. I have cars there there was that one otherwise I could never mind I could never gotten now then boom so anyway that car was parked behind my truck. And so I backed up into it. Forwards back. Called for. How does this car renewal hopes like in taken on in my away selected get out. That was on their duty and you know it. You can't blame me I can and I can't. Was one of the most psychotic things and so was I gonna have to sit there and wait till this guy came back to his car no you have to do the 7000 I think I turned it would've been like back out move for an inch back up that night. So when you might wind was down it. Actually no matter all I'm. I let you did move a car with your try to rent but that wasn't by accident that was intentional and then he doesn't have to be linked. What we really are stories of what you run into. With your car can be absolutely intentional it can be you were asleep trends are good well. What's another thing your little quick economic sorrows so the same story to their hours ago I was your gonna be in high school UW old steep to beat her parents' view clouded night. Wolf I think you must been been drinking with his buddies because at the end of the night billion up literally plowing into the side. Rick apartment buildings whose end of the out of the picture on the front page of the newspaper the next day the front end of those of the suburban was literally hanging over this guy's bad. Nobody got hurt nobody got hurt and out into an apartment believe I've plowed in Sioux. Jenny how many parked cars I've hit its least she knew but I think for some reason I feel like it's three easy and seals or I was there were different different excuses. Each time ho hum who won the first time was page's car her parents lived around the corner from me. I was going to early morning Dan practice and I came around the corner and the sun was really bright are my really RO windshield it was like. You see so I'm sure I am looking out my side door to try to judge how far off the curb I am and I was almost Arnett a clip. Pages father had parked his Cadillac all yeah you wind guards all Clinton did you ski did you have a good run there would only stayed below then wanna go to Mac and practice and he opens march method. Tom did the next time I was driving home from work. Wit and a box. Came to slot a league there's a wind burst and eight box literally landed on my windshield in stuck to was like the it's nice to cover my windshield perfectly perfectly I didn't there's no way. Do that's scary so I tried my same trick of all. Cadillacs pages dads can argue you know this is a Massey Ferguson tractor and she. Don't know why I want that's an amateur cooked it now that was a car my parents had a Massey Ferguson tractor so what. My parents live on the streets there is a straight streets in home in Colorado. For. Twenty miles folks you guys. Straight history of the it is it is with out doubt it is the north star of streets Haiti's streets be in tie your time. Except for one curves. Right dramatic. Off if they can you guys so you know we we would pick up a car in our front yard every Friday night from drug is kind. Oh yeah. Eventually my parents had a Massey Ferguson tractor and they parked it in front of their house hold pets on the curves on Sikes who's who who's tight we were tired of like taking up the pedestrians in humans out of our front yards it was nineteen. Parked tractor I do it today and eating he always do your nasty east back. And I'd be hard to host is so and we don't want absolutely takes about it's only Thompson house he's entitled the current history just so. So once it's just so you can still don't know. What you want this message to produce a trend. It's the for the iron bloodstains on the night. Tuesday carjacked her with Dallas and then what complements the I'm so you some when your car I guess is what we're talking about. The biggest best weirdest wildest injuries with your car we'd love to hear your story let's start with candy. I you are disguised would you would your car. Yeah my friend got an outdoor weddings. And they were parking all the cars in my fifty year old behind where everything was going on. And I was trying to back out to get to the paid by accidentally hit. Big gas is the Braves are Graham true fans as to read it -- upon to do with behind where my friends. We're getting married all rights. In in your daughter are yes. In my heart it's like harp on and they were getting married right back there would create. Always stood he's still getting married or do they have to wait for the tow truck to new. Dick your car out of the drink the. It would have been out there. They had to remove the wedding to a different area all other yeah it would it would offer a. Off. What were you on drugs or something how do you hit the gas instead of the brake have never I 20. Think. This is what I have been told they wouldn't feel good to have all outdoors it would just peels and Mike Hart kept getting late so we you'll with getting. You know break up a field in my car whether it would look a little tiny period and whether really meant to go into dot com or call home but yeah no I was trying to not get it. Thought it just caught that my we'll catch Billy I thought I had to break on and I just always do what. Yeah right now who backward and I think it's not ideal air Shia tribes are. It's a little excited really think that is all new Rudolph or that is awful stage you for the call genie meals. Yeah I hit when your car. Well I get another charge car but the green and why is because of earth mop. Types loan injured my window Pinochet. House needed jerk and we home land and took our car and I ended up totaling the car and I still hat I think just skated off. Okay. Here you I glory in age fast on what I would tighten up. Well look who went site about what happened and realized I stop loss order like slaughtering around like totally just. To stop the crap out of that saying you. Yeah. He's not an innocent students could well I think he deserted there's little you can often I just paid off my karma. Yeah someone's got to take drugs you know there life. We I I. That's a rental car my gap with me but what. All of Europe and mocked that and it's stupid mom. Are night and the monsters to prove you're a small performances are at nine and thank you for the Columbia. Us Amanda. Would you guys. I don't care about their I had my breath on that they're less than 24 hour. Are you tried your trip and it came up on a birdie and company in the. Highway decide to take offer that came up on and in my Carla the bowling ball exploded everywhere. I went to the shop for the first we can out of that. Our cars tainted forever I ask you there are all losers you think they ever actually old ladies and gentlemen welcome buzzard to rewrite it's it ice I swore I was in the duty new band names and that's I don't know buzzard TV music because it's got multiple mean it's really good. Right you don't certainly gets out about well that is awesome debut for the golf. Hidden birds you think doesn't do his mind but it does it's Aaliyah. And G. Yeah. Day when your car would you do. Earning less regard to lanes of traffic. Totally clear but this guy came flying out of the parking lot. Actually Ngo and he broke my actual no I don't trying to actual like Grand Slam on the brakes and couldn't put it imparts her neutral or drive I was sixteen. She jumped a curb and flew into the big windows that the threat of a pawn shop. All why he's our senior. Oh an editorial Annette my sister leaned Taco Bell on the backs most didn't go. Those cheers all looked at my parents saw Laura Michael. We'll ask wow Susan it looks like you soiled yourself yeah. Jon heck yeah. I think that there's something about that since this and yeah. Though you and insurance it was no good reason hero you know did what. I went up because I got ticketed by the please how certain he can really get my ticket you because the guys who hit and he didn't have a license could have been revoked any old mom's car. Mastered that sauces and thank you for sharing your payment is Angie JD. Are you guys that we your car. Now we ask you admire what I see you back getting their car. Three times. Back to your head scarves and us air out she didn't actually used by the job my Grand Cherokee. Seattle on their origin didn't do it get diverted. Get down on one occasion she drove into it like I don't see and since you know I didn't I didn't but that style with Mitch. Yeah it's. All right god deploying New York. You know why you're not done anything yet. I'll give her jam yeah you didn't tank for sure some some thing that I'm horror. Yeah that's no way to thank you JD the send us. I. Hey you would you are. I am so I did in college and we had borrowed my little toaster I went on the data for the weekend at bickered chip wrap RD. Went just wrap party till April 8 and we had my parents big conversion mayhem. In the higher on the back and he's off the tired. And I backed into a dumpster. And we couldn't get off which we are trying to pull it off then they didn't that we did drill whatever yeah. And I. Do not. Yeah. I know you'll mainly let's. Hi there can version Manuel is a conversion mail and pulling. A dump your.