Slacker and Steve - Dating Deal Breakers 10/26

Thursday, October 26th


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Staying. At there was reason broker was already in Britain was on because they turkeys there's a million I don't see hater which eight. Everything we're yes for the right to drum public to each she was doing that she's such a pretty girl but we should let us or items on grass like why I don't know I'm. Oh my god you look just a while sometimes. Yeah we think it was a thing where com. It is basically dating deal breakers. Yet. A person is perfect. And then there's that one thing and it takes them for most people you could overlooking it hmm. Put your just your focus or you focus on once you find things that might be your dating deal breaker. It does sucked as you can't then suddenly you don't seem leading us into pretty earlier talking about I remember her. She pitched great for now everything about her was awesome. Once you've re it's like it's just in your brain in your legs even when she's not eating all of your brain does is no. Remember her address on you know I own and that's all right I'm one negativity from you it's focused on some people were talking about. She this woman ditched boyfriend because he claimed to be allergic Thomas and she loved Thomas More than she loves him. All while. Not eating Thomas was her dating. Deal breaker that's a little well. Remember broke up but I have my dating deal breakers. She looked like Steve Perry from journey I know you'd realize until nearly mid quarters or something right you were just she was so beautiful. And we got along great and our personalities were perfect and just unfortunately one of the times. The mix that was playing in the background while we are having sweet passionate relations. A journey song came on and I looked down manner and it was like. Christie fan okay. She didn't look like Steve Perry. The moment shed long. Dark flowing hair and just like in I was stop with your saying at a Steve Perry. Awful she read it but it was like that was my doing or did so that you couldn't tell her that season are just gonna go ghost on the release activated I did facilitates heat there's no more relations after that yet because you can never yeah I was astonished you have. Two back to back or. If that something's come on. Other things a divorce anonymous credits read more. Noodle breast. Noodle breasts I did the what does that. She certainly is something for some reason their breath reminded them of noodles due to lose sight. It shut down screen to breath yeah I ate dudes. I can't remember what they're called smelled like. Wasn't even a breath think she was actually girl which who you I mean. You know actually smells like gonna go homer total news to you know it's a Walsh it's like any. It's like. How would you describe to truly it's again it's like. Can we all kind of things are lol yeah yeah. Things up and she smelled like it yeah and again yeah I'm starting to realize that I am probably the most shallow human being on the face of the planet earth. The Juli thank. Dating deal breaker does the arm. Was oh shoot like Steve Perry you the other one was on I just lost it. My cowboys Fredricka that other girl even more shallower know plus my brother broke up with a girl because he realizes she's. There was number 262. Q do you are really here bill that is good source summaries saying he didn't he never thought and she. They were getting passionate and she got up and said I'll be right back. And he's like that's him once he realized that she kudos to keep up with. So many other reasons we want your student so you've got to dating deal breaker somebody was perfect a it was a it was a starter you absolutely beautiful girl that my friends were trying to set me up west and I seen her on stage. On the shoes dancer OK and when she came walking up to mediums like. Just I couldn't imagine squeaky voice and I think it's could you do not know. I. I uncle I wouldn't be in a relationship but I would I couldn't not even go one not even not even more I'm dead serious while it was. Steve I T I T I don't need to know piercing it was just an it was it was Khartoum might so ticked. To deep so high intimate with somebody who the whole time was sounding like slacker. Am I wanna do either. If somebody else wrote they're dating deal breaker she still Diet Coke in my car. Now to drive and a nice car. She should you should even matter to have a beverage in your nice car to begin let Poland or do you really not my girls are shaping your you know if it. Are you being serious right now there was a time that in my Audi I would not even go through drive through to get food. At all so wouldn't. Yeah I would not outlet if some girl was like he just comes and gets in your car with a little sparkling water whatever like I wouldn't hauled Bob food around in my view or beverages. By Coke cup holders are pristine. Are you being serious or know what okay I'll take a step further I was broke over the girls wanna go my 2012. She slammed into words she was a swimmer door slam. And I just couldn't such so I always hold the door open for a lady and a day. Yeah but for her it was additional risks and so she. And so what touch your clutch my endorsement and after that she didn't succeed when you touch the glass yes she would yes she would always close and open it from the wing Democrat yeah. Now if you're listening and you don't understand was doing honor Steve was driving and he still does an Audi a slide and Audi S five George doesn't have metal around the top doesn't need your just touching the glad yes and she would touch the glass instead of the metal door they have a door handle on the dual wheel we told all the ground you have to bend over to close a door here. I would so die had to say just why do I do like go girl 'cause she's such a wrong parts you don't. I got beat your day deals anyway disloyal led to you're slam doors a good chunk of time. I'm what are some wheels broke up with someone at their dating deal breaker was they did so messed up and injuring. All that wasn't even there were within the reality was a dream I've actually known people who do that yet how old its legs. The intensity why it's so much it's I think it's no man would never beat us but unlike a woman has that intense he cheated on me kind of dream. Oh mistakes and aren't yet kit ha she's just site. I can't again get pass it he didn't like beyoncé was a dating deal breaker okay so I mean and do the tears. I'm sorry I offended you okay anyways I'm mr. Sackett I can do to Dallas bank Oakmont I don't dislike urban. They got a site because he didn't want you drinking green tea what's wrong routine he was Mormon and who haven't yet this actually don't tactically ever one thinks that those Eliezer mormons against caffeine they're really not you can drink you can't yeah. Do you can drink coffee or you can drink soda. You're patsy and that's one of the sodas that they own they have huge stock and indeed the Dell if you stuck in both. Hi so this aren't dating deal breaker is we're going ought not to take that. Just. More used to it should on the if there's some sort of there's a reason you don't somebody or you just it's it was a red flag in your relationship he was the re it's stupid. But it was the deal breaker for you. We want your dating deal breaker story Sarah. Yup yeah. No I don't I find that I'm pipe dream looking at are smaller than my lean on them. Yeah I can tell that's not shallow. His. Casinos were smaller than you're that's. In reply to my and I can't help but to urging him to talk to them right. You're saying you played when did you notice it makes you or your good until the first time you're like. Walking down the beach and holding hands I put a hell does that. Yeah we weren't blocking the back in public Toto we're walking around now among you may end up like how old. Not. All the I will say this there is a good there is a woman that I thought was very very attractive. Armed. And then I saw her hands and she had home my age. Steering huge man here it is it's your hands are kind of I never sought hands were a big deal for me. But there are bigger deal than I realized was she does when you saw her with millions yeah it's yeah you don't want a picture yourself being naked in the enemy all don't touch me woods again and they go meet Clark comes at such a thing but that's. That's kind of dating deal breaker did you call Sarah joke. Norah your high you are on this guy is dating deal breaker. Or are you are you Pro Bowl and clear what floor of remarkable courage you parachute broader return books. What would you were drew brought you got to throw for all of them here. We are there blue blogger who billboard. One air what is important pool water. Is. I can feel like. What are you what can you know global war few people you can you do garner broad oh succulent proportion can walk through Georgia click here to report. The report you'll be here order. You're the finger at a at this are you a hair. There are important market. New board marine armored door to greater when we're sure yes. Smoker. And you stop picturing the lone grove it's like this big thing we were yeah. Always sort of mirror and you don't just everything else's daughter is awesome and your likes. I TT over the crazy here. Nor there are rerouted a Europe voted to remove. I'm getting your just got a loan. Yeah I guess could you still isn't good if she's it's Netanyahu I would may get out the one lone parent infect ten you have to you don't prevent. It's instead to assert tosses her FaceBook profile Lola original hair is gone yeah. That is a deal breaker to thank you jokes it's elite. Guy dating deal breaker. So he won't like Carly cap Linda. Alien. We get so wild who have got to know these guys are you must think kidding that was his actual geeks. It actual day like I can president about any that he got on the physical therapy about it would make it even worse. I'm not but pat I just couldn't get over it. You knew why he had to know why. He I know I tightening meant that. I went after I confronted him about I'm sure they eat you know help. Erica but you can't be seen in public with a guy who Mississippi your hand avoids staring you can't help you Judy the penguins all through the. Taking your you know when you're walking into like goalie get that you're late. I just can't do it. Yeah prison in relations. But he's doing now all's weird thing at all. Church there to shoot at all unmanned. I'm not really can defend you read about what and that would help OK. And everything else about him was great. Wonderful like he has some really good friend but even going out to dinner with them when it comes to town I can't get over has blocked. Doll all right we took a lot of critics. Rick Shawn for a specific episode in these celebs from place to my business and while that's. You really call you that I was justified well that's not cool melons or do you can't help your deeds could she judo guy. New and yeah I you don't know my beating deal breaker is sold my father's. I'm terrible so what's your daily deal breaker. I don't remember what Mubarak. I like puppy. Wouldn't touch vegetables and every time we win how you would normally. Inch even. When did Scott dean. I got a pretty apparent accident late Elantra are he would spend his right by. Yeah this man. The you'll understand you're describing my partner you. DC. Doesn't ever put anything if it's green it doesn't known is you don't know what are you righty that's. Aren't you actually proved that they think I'm read them many. Oh yeah snacks morning and apparently just lost somebody I can't I can't be right back. I'm odds Delray here forty. You've heard the call it. Little part of me feels like she was dating you know I you know do I even when you get a salad and you kick. Done but likely worsen it's like. Still what's he got it's got mostly all crap it's bad for you on about a lettuce and I'm just gonna scraped the top and that's this. I think you're right date indicated and you're in Turkey in blue cheese isn't much you eat and then there's his bed of lettuce. Well did you want your sound just good bacon and egg still. Sarah is up next Sarah. I dating deal breakers. So I won't say either drag this group. Well was there's stigma what does that mean serheo momentum threat to the Super Bowl what's that Y know these are you what went. I. Other computer I ever I ever really come into contact on the road early just in general attended lectures and annoying turned in under really crappy tracker. Do you think I don't Olmert on a solo. Well you brain surgeon. Hot supermodel looking dude comes up duties again let's go to dinner he pulls up in his outback and you're like peace and conflict with. Honestly NY outback of all cars do you can happen early bringing third hints not that much money. Dreading it Superman knew it I didn't like it out Europe and eaten. Only tell you aren't just about as shallow as they come I love with both the Mac is a so you're awesome and you know we're airlines are now safe. That's an odd day you saw what she sports car wins UST LWR excellence no that was was rebound out Amy. Yeah yeah I do hold on Tony real quick did you just call Subaru bad announces that one we have to see what. I know I Israel to clarify you may be back turns bad ass guess what I don't she's your zone for sue and right there between. It is bad as well. So I broke a slip of the absolute perfect guy and everywhere because he has the ugly it's belly button ever. Yeah and an eight and eleven an Audi it was like he was attempting to smuggle an oversized lifesaver under his skin. Oh yeah so descriptive wow. Certainly not clean I don't like I knew it would dare even when he was close them liked. It definitely belly button. Yeah my scenario we run that's you know few remaining but that little Arab. And so it was the first time you guys maybe Hammel specialties is time you're like what is that he. Hurdle into Canada Raman Nan Nan Hispanic and I'm like well what's going on here. Free.