Slacker and Steve - OPP: Credit Stealing Friend 10/27

Friday, October 27th


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You. BP arms and I'm not really sure how we're gonna do let's just talk tour guys figure out what's going on you guys you know Maureen. And yeah I have how can we help. Oh my. Friend made it is a Friday deal higher. Don't know how to hurt I don't mean it's like dealing mainly. Credit it credit card credit. Is okay. Like ever met a weirdo like output in a lot I'm different England and still pay. Credit and I'd like her friend rare or like our box April late break bald B we worked together. And the other day where is our boxes birthday. I went around everybody got to credit and got a birthday card targeted hanging whit about it at Koppel layers. And they are in that they I had heard it crap and get credit for it like the holes. I lose I'm Brad all of that. She doesn't say like oh no my Maureen helps plan the whole thing she just says yeah. Our. House. The one and I'm like we went out. Who lack legally drink it are crawl trench. And you know people already appetite but I was at our order pretty during peak of the drinking eight area everything back to that people that he hasn't carried his drink and who. A live brain and dream she got everybody around. Third. Sold can wait while people are literally saying thanks meg or they just saying thanks meg for enemy to drink or they beat you seeing that they own a sleeping did she bought you know. Pat Wheatley are. It happen top eight so new we can typically when they are not very and I might I like it just gotten word has weakened the couch with our mutual friend Al. And our annual look at the right to be sure we had any discriminate between Carly long I though they come over to my house at like. Thirty minutes before anybody out there right heel little light weight act boldly and Ehrlich now ain't. Gonna definitely glad that a couple of double layered and people are mean and and I am not going to clean looks great eight and. As we see her hey you know don't lose your personally. Okay I can. Know you know I didn't wait you never truly weird for you go they separate job earlier. This many people. And while our friend Heather you know they are he's like oh my god anger that I agree. Is it like in the marine thank you for teens. I neck pain he had done all of that out. And that really nice hired he made banker and need to keeping it open my. Lol lol. Do you think this meg is doing this I mean she's these opportunities are perfect her she really planning imply an. Diabolical it is as she is planning this plot mess. She. What that's where I need your help me like address it without me like he's he's back god. I dashed. I go on the air we using your real name without voice disguise her and dogs and it feels like maybe you're addressing your right now. I don't honestly don't I don't know how I would house to address it. You don't address it when it's happening in it you look really pay no Latino tear must pay just. Source follow up on something I would you know that. I'm the one went around the offense and got her when you sign the card and I actually sit Major League you look it's nice. Oh it's okay we'll sink you then it makes you look even worse than in the eyes of everywhere you will only do we. Look I feel like it I like all the other people are giving make RB. Accolade I awkward and weird when I like knowing it was and he placed even in the end yeah I can sit. Like why can't I get I ate I think there. Are you miss UK your and you're right so are you ever stepped up to go later like we just describe what you're saying in the moment say. Stopped everything it was me hey guys that was my you look right so the only recourse you have us. Is to go to managing go. Dude this send somebody says thank you think you've got to tell them pay yeah I did all the work to do and I didn't mug this sounds incredible match. You wanna not be friends are there anymore because I serum would that conversation is is a relationship Keller. No but I steely yet. I don't know I didn't have my dipping its like a slap in the eighth and the like need to Enoch ex friend knows. And like not to say that I like my dinner is overlooked but it does feel like eight. Don't work and any name you are making projecting good work relations says. Guess our unit got ten may be actually or an I'm kind of like OK. I your new right it's not shoot her. It's not it's not. But if she's hurting you in your workplace do that she's getting credit for stuff everywhere yeah that's not cool to young were placed on her we go to south tests so guys I am now committed to selling okay but I don't have any because I'm passive aggressive and every zero I don't think I'd say your whole name and where she lives in the there's no doubt at all. I thought. Maureen where it should die sooner we are you sound really fun and there are good sport about it we can hurt somebody takes her from you once. But this is twice streets it's a pattern it's not gonna pay hang tag or help you out. She's how's it 'cause it is she goes and meg and knows the friendship resorts guide you gotta tell you they make my just don't what I did doormat yes you're right in the gets so worked together. So if this goes ugly personally its regularly work and uglier and every wish him perform Maureen has a credit stealing friends. How can she get some of the credit back to you did in your shoes would you really use your help I'm Jesse. You guys who do you think. I don't think I don't believe this op are a host name and that are even keep doing. Eventually people are gonna go to make it there. He's doing this. Although she did you. Another great maybe Charlotte you did last let alone Conan really sits with the gods SIA is not a bad idea you just burning her and her own game but so then. The past is past she Jane credits for any of the things she's done my boss birthday party or the baby shower Lorena she's she's she's around. Become bargaining like I'm never gonna beat. You let. A million don't know that it was or I actually was due to take so long so that's punishment. Yeah I wanted to happens few I want my gratification and if you marine domes meg is a friend and she medals are doing this even more problems by yeah. I would I would still can she's suppose I yeah I realize it but she's a coach or is well right now. That's your be careful with destiny. You guys I don't know it's a credit to Marines. You can't get twisted around and you actually think her for doing something or new logo like the balloon. You say oh thank you thanks for putting those three Belinda or beasts. That's only a few that I cover the rest of memory guys that elderly why I love you put a number of balloons that Americans care. I didn't did you see the balloons for so blowing up three total balloons for real he's got saving them as I ask you to do you know you see. That's sad you I don't Randy does this do you heard and where do you get the. Actually I. I yeah I I've had a couple friends you have done that and I'm done and make it solid no rain and I'm like oh thank you so much we're doing that. Below mini. Not so inning. All mean you that's bad that's good thank you for the car listening you diabolical guys are Christie. Yeah. But either. If so then ninety Britain seventeen to nineteen clean her if anything anymore. You really diabolical virgin speed to claim something completely toppled everyone hate. And then he takes the credit bush. Currency zone in the cup. Hello we are looking for not play in the worst party but isn't the only gloves on the credit when it's a good thing it's easy so Maureen does this whole thing may not gonna jump and go you know I did motivate those awful good decent place. You were. The trick is to make I think it often and making her like I thought the party you're standing there and don't really. And then seem like other synthetic imparted any alleged fine and then turn that aptly awful. Think that the whilst you guys are you know I was like the diabolical nature of that when they do actually we have another diabolical move a team. And I what would you do for Maureen to you'll credit. Scroll move may just surprise party. How what does that do. Our end it's my third I'm the plane I I mean it is spectacular and hurt. Ultra trying to search each candidate. I had to do it are about. That's pretty good to move did all the same elements go away are all the same bells and whistles and decides this feels like him a little. America doesn't make. Us that's. Not bad thank you for the call nicely done we estimated decision and what's. Daniels on the Tom O this is we're looking for diabolical. Daniel can usually come up with a home you know blacks blacks Jews are usually he's very very dark solutions harder I don't. Are you wanna risk your time with whatever you feel. Our annual think that's what I know I was sort of solution for this Daniel you. Three late always a solution now. That's her down she cannot go to the other person without looking like just drenched so she have to have a third party getting involved. And give her the accolades somebody sympathetic I. So yeah it's outside personal goal my guide was it's so great party marine drill. Right none are very solid so she told worksheet a bit cheated on. I like that so well loves Israel merry go. And you'll thank you.